ATIRE Hardwear Snapback Caps

The ATIRE [All That Is Real Exists] HardWear Snap-back Caps will be the foundation, for a new and exciting clothing line known as…

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Michel Delon Dress

This dress is a stand out favorite for it’s simplicity but sophistication. It is woman friendly and functional for a variety of different body types. My…

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Artisan Earrings – the Amara Collection

The Amara Collection is crafted by artisans bringing back the elegance of a bygone era. This Artisan earring is gold toned with  green stones and filigree. We always try to give sophisticated edge to our customer.…

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spiked ear cuff crowdfunding indie designer emerging designer before the label

Rail Spike Ear Cuff by Rail Theory

The Rail Spike Ear Cuff by Rail Theory is a statement piece, with class. There will be only 3 available in gold. Because not everyone can rock spikes –…

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before the label crowdfunding fashion jewelry emerging designers

Geometric Blue Stone Necklace by Illume

The Geometric Blue Stone necklace by Illume is a true limited edition – there will be only 3 available in gold with blue stones.  Why?  Because the last thing we want is…

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Kerri Skirt – #WashableFashion – by Thistle Tavern

Spring 2015 trend: color blocked full skirts.  We think that trends should be affordable and washable!  Here’s your chance to help make it happen, and get it before anyone else.  This time, it’s all about washable fashion meets…

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