What we do


1.  Before the Label is bringing new fashion to life.  

Before the Label is the first fashion based crowdfunding platform that lets consumers decide what should be “in fashion.”  How it works is simple:  you like a product, you back it by pledging to buy it, and if it meets it’s production goal it gets made and ships off to be in your closet.  If it doesn’t, then the design is not meant to be.

2.  We believe that there should be a demand for each product made. 

As a designer, why produce something just hoping that it will sell?  And as a customer, why be limited only to the options available to you in the local store, that are “pre-selected” for you?  Fashion was and should always be about a collaboration between what the customer wants and the beauty that designers create.  Before the Label allows designers to put their designs up on our platform to assess consumer demand.  If there is a demand, the product is produced.  It’s the perfect cycle.

3.  This is how fashion used to be done. 

Our concept is so simple it goes back to the days of dressmakers and tailors:  designs were only made into real garments when someone put in an order for it.  This ensured that: (1) the design was exquisite and unique, made only for a select number of people; and (2) the designer was able to fund their business.  This made fashion something you coveted – because not everyone could have what you have.  Before the Label is an extension of that age-old process, just with a more tech-savvy perspective.

4.  Backing a design gives you what you want, not just a perk. 

We love supporting other companies, but there are only so many t-shirt perks we can stash away.  Before the Label gives you the chance to back a design and get exactly what you back: the designed item itself.  It’s a win-win situation because you get the warm fuzzy feeling of helping a designer and a fabulous new edition for your closet.  Now that’s a story to tell over brunch.

5.  This is real eco-friendly fashion.

Before the Label is about no-waste production, which we think is the most responsible way to be eco-friendly in the fashion world.  What does that mean exactly?  Products are only made when there is a demand for them.  This ensures that excess inventory will not languish for months before they become fabric waste.  Think of how much waste we can save this way!

6.  Designers keep complete ownership of their design, but we ensure quality. 

Unlike other crowd funding sites, Before the Label wants to make sure that the process is seamless for both the designers and the customer.  So once a product reaches it’s goal and goes into production, we make sure that the product is shipped to the customer.  This eases the burden on the designer and ensures that customers will get their wardrobe addition as quickly as possible.

7.  The “warm fuzzy” happens. 

Before the Label is not just about fashion – it’s about knowing that you made a difference.  How?  You helped set a trend, create a job, keep a designer in business, and saved the environment.  Now, if that’s not a warm-fuzzy feeling… we can one up that.  Before the Label also works with non-profits to crowdfund designs made by impoverished or underprivileged communities.  We like warm fuzzy feelings, and we think you might also.

So – let’s do this.  


More information on how it works for designers.