10 Great Slim Wallets for Your Front Pocket


10 Great Men’s Slim Wallets for Your Front Pocket

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Your wallet is important fellas.  Not only do you carry it everywhere you go, it holds some of your most important and (very literally) valuable things.  For those reasons it should not be a neglected afterthought you put as much brain power into as that fifth evite you got for your weekly staff meeting.  It should be something you enjoy using, something you enjoy looking at, and something that is so comfortable you barely noticeit.  I recently got into the slim wallet game, and I couldn’t be happier with them.  They’re way less bulky than that trifold potato you sit on, and they’re sleeker and sexier than that traditional bifold you’ve had since high school.  Because slim wallets are so cool and comfortable, they belong in your front pocket.  So for you guys out there looking to get into the slim game, I, the new Slim Sherpa, have compiled a list of 10 good slim wallets, all available on Amazon, for your front pocket.  Most of them are in the mid-price range, which is around $30, with a few being cheaper and higher priced wallet.  Read on and I’ll guide you to peak of slim wallets.


  1. Space Wallet Push

The Push by Space Wallet is a cool mid-price range option with both style and flexibility.  It has an elastic-style band that can hold up to 15 cards, a small sleeve that can hold a solid amount of folded cash, and a handy little leather pocket with a snap that can hold extra coins or keys or other small trinkets.  The whole package is nice and compact and secure, so it fits nicely in your pocket.  It’s easy to use with clearly defined areas for each type of item.  It also seems to be made of nice quality material, both the elastic and leather.  And just to put a cherry on top it comes in a few different colors that all look cool.  It has a different style than most slim wallets around which will help you stand out if that matters to you.  The only downside is that it doesn’t have RFID protection, but that isn’t important to me, so I loved it.  I definitely recommend the Space Wallet Push for those looking for something unique and useful.


  1. Sharkborough Men’s Bifold Compact Wallet

This slim wallet by Sharkborough looks a little more traditional than other slim wallets, for those of you still clinging on to your bifold days.  It is a leather mid-priced bifold wallet with five card sleeves and space for some cash. You can probably end up holding around 10-15 cards if you stack them on top of each other.  It’s made of high quality leather and looks very traditional, but slightly sleeker than other bifold wallets due to its slim profile.  It is very comfortable in your front pocket.  Overall, I like the style and quality of the Sharkborough, but it isn’t the easiest to access you cards or cash, and it doesn’t have RFID protection.  I think this is a good slim wallet for those hesitant to make the transition as it provides a comfortable bridge into the unknown (and scary).


  1. Nomatic Basics Slim Minimalist Wallet

The Basics Slim Wallet by Nomatic is a simple mid-range choice for people who aren’t flashy.  It is made of an elastic type material available in a few colors, and has space for up to 15 cards and some cash or other small items.  It has two places to insert your cards, and leaves your four favorite ones exposed for easy access.  It also has a pull tab that allows you to get your cards even easier, and you can even fan out these cards so you can see them all and pick one.  How handy!  It is made of high quality elastic and fits very nicely in your pocket.  A downside is it doesn’t have RFID protection and like I said before, it isn’t flashy, at least not for my style tastes.  I prefer my wallet to look a little nicer.  I guess it is flashy in terms of functionality though.  Anyway, I would recommend the Nomatic Basics slim wallet for those looking for excellent ease of use.


  1. Vaultskin Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet

The Chelsea is a sleeve style slim wallet (meaning it doesn’t fold) in the mid-price range.  It has a more traditional and classy leather-style look than other sleeve wallets and comes in a few color options.  It has two pockets on the outside for access to your favorite cards or cash, and a larger pocket in the middle to hold more cards.  It can hold up to 10 cards in total.  It’s made of high quality leather and has RFID protection, albeit only in the middle pocket.  I really like the way this slim wallet looks and feels, but everything is sort of jammed in some tight slots and the RFID is only for the cards you don’t have easy access to.  All in all, I would recommend the Vaultskin Chelsea to those looking for a very slim and sexy wallet who don’t care about the absolute best functionality.


  1. Serman Brands RFID Blocking Bifold

The Serman Bifold is kind of like an all-in-one slim wallet.  It offers a little bit of everything.  It is a mid-price leather bifold wallet offered in a few colors.  It has a slot on the outside for access to your favorite card, two more slots inside for easy access, a clear slot for your ID, and one additional pocket with a pull tab for a few more cards.  It also has RFID protection, a nice slim profile, and an optional clip to hold your cash on the inside of the bifold.  But that is one of the caveats of this wallet.  If you use the cash clip, like I do, half of the cash blocks your ID in the clear sleeve, completely eliminating the point of the sleeve in the first place.  Also, this wallet can only hold 6-8 cards, which isn’t very many compared to others on this list.  Overall, I would recommend the Serman Bifold to those looking for great flexibility and style in their slim wallet, but who don’t usually carry any cash around.


  1. Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet

The Travelambo is a sleeve wallet that is cheaper than most.  It is made of leather and comes in tons of different color options.  It is designed to hold only 6 cards and some cash, with each card having its own slot.  It has a very minimalist and sleek design, and is among the slimmest of slim wallets to come across mine eye.  It also offers RFID protection, which is a nice bonus.  For how cheap it is, it seems to be made of nice leather, but I can’t tell for sure as I haven’t had it for long enough to test longevity.  I think the Travelambo is a great minimalist slim wallet with style and simplicity, with the only downside being its carrying capacity.  I would recommend it to those who carry around very little or for people looking for like a second travel wallet, as it would serve you greatly in that arena.


  1. SimpacX Ultimate Slim Mini Wallet

The SimpacX Ultimate Slim is probably the most traditional looking wallet on this list.  It is a cheaper leather bifold offered in three colors.  It has a traditional cash slot on the top, a clear sleeve for your ID, and five different slots for other card, three of them being for easy access.  It can hold about a total of 10 card if you really stretch it, and it has RFID protection to top it off.  It seems like nice leather, though I can’t testify to its longevity yet.  It functions very much like a regular bifold, just much slimmer.  Nothing noteworthy or unique, just a solid product.  The biggest problem for me is that it’s just not that interesting.  But I would recommend it to those looking for almost more of the same, with just a little fat trimmed off.


  1. Huskk RFID Front Pocket Card Holder Sleeve

The Huskk Sleeve is a cheaper slim sleeve wallet that comes in various colors.  It is made of leather and has RFID protection.  It can hold up to 10 cards amongst three different slots and has a very slim profile in your pocket.  The most unique part about this slim wallet is that it has a clear sleeve on the outside for your ID, so it is always visible.  Kind of makes you feel like an FBI agent or something.  Or an IRS agent.  I actually don’t know if either of those are bonuses come to think of it.  Anyway, it has nice functionality, solid quality, and RIFD to boot.  The cards can get a little tight together when you have several in each slot.  Overall, I would recommend the Huskk Sleeve to those who want a little different style.


  1. Conceal Plus Minimalist Wallet

This Conceal Plus Wallet is for someone who is a true minimalist.  It is actually just a card holder rather than a full wallet.  It is made of metal, is in the mid-price range, and is available in several different colors.  It has a cool and unique design in that it’s metal, which you don’t see very often.  It has RFID protection and a very useful lever on the bottom that pushes all your cards out for easy access.  The obvious drawbacks are that there is no room for cash and can only hold up to 6 cards, which is very little.  But it looks pretty damn cool, is durable and slim, and very functional for what it offers.  I could recommend the Conceal Plus to people who don’t carry cash or already like to use a separate money clip for their cash, and want something cool and unique for their cards.


  1. Bellroy Note Sleeve

Finally, here is fancy cream of the crop.  The pricey slim wallet for the larger-pocketed audiences.  Or the slimmer-pocketed with larger bank accounts.  Was that confusing?  Either way, the Bellroy Note Sleeve is a higher-end leather slim wallet that is available in several colors.  It can hold up to 11 cards and has three easy access slots for your most used cards.  It also has a traditional pocket for your cash and smaller items.  It is sleek and sexy, feels nice and is clearly made of excellent leather.  It also feels just fine in your pocket.  There aren’t any designed or easy methods to access your cards, it’s more like a traditional wallet in that way.  Which is the only problem with this wallet besides its much higher price tag than any other slim wallets on this list.  I recommend the Bellroy Note Sleeve for anyone looking for a higher quality slim wallet just to have one, as any of the others on this list are fine quality themselves.

I hope you guys liked my list of slim wallets.  It’s designed to include many different needs or preferences, and I believe that all the products here are quality products.  You guys should give slim wallets a try if you haven’t yet, and if you already own one, I hope this list may expand your slim horizons.  Slim Sherpa out.