Best Agility Ladder – Boost Your Fitness

Fitness…being fit, staying fit was once considered the exclusive purview of elite or professional athletes. Today, each and every man has the information, and more importantly, the right tools to help him burn the excess fat and sport a chiseled physique. There is perhaps no better companion in the quest for a fit, healthy lifestyle than the best agility ladder. No longer do you need expensive gym memberships; all you need is the ladder and a space to lay it out.

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

The Mantra is a class apart when it comes to agility ladders. It offers an entire suite of fitness accessories that will elevate your workout session. The drawback is that it is a bit difficult to lug around.

Premium Pick

The Scandinavian ticks all the right boxes and then some more. A near-perfect accessory. The only negative is the limited warranty.

Best Bang For Your Buck

The Ohuhu Multi Rung is our pick for an affordable agility ladder. It is easy to carry around, and allows for a full workout. The only issue is that it is more suited for an indoor environment.

Mini Shopping Guide

All that a sports ladder has to do is lay down straight on the floor so that you can do your drills. But the simple things are often the most difficult. The best agility ladder needs to provide a stable platform for your workouts. We have taken into consideration portability, adjustable rungs, and warranty to curate a list of the top agility ladders.      

The Best Agility Ladder

There are sports agility ladders, and then there is the Mantra. What sets this particular brand and fitness accessory apart from the rest is their genuine commitment to providing a piece of equipment that will not only stand the test of time, or the intensity of your workouts, but also inspire you to transform into a fitter, healthier version of your own self.

Constructed from  high quality nylon, one of the key benefits of the Mantra is that you can use it just about anywhere you go: Right from your home, to the gym, to an outdoor field, to even the mountains; if you prefer altitude training. The material is as comfortable in any challenging environment, allowing you to focus solely on your workout.

Run, skip, jump, sprint…the Mantra sticks right with you.

Another impressive feature of the accessory is that you get an additional set of cones to boost your workout and upgrade your performance.

The only issue with the fitness accessory is that transporting it around could be a problem, because of its heavy-duty nature.

  • Versatile.
  • High quality.
  • Economical.
  • Difficult to carry around.

If you are someone who prefers to train in a variety of environments because one particular setting will bore you, then the Ohuhu Multi Rung is among the best agility ladder you can own.

The accessory is second to none when it comes to flexibility and easy transport. Flex it, fold it, stuff it in your bag, and you can carry it everywhere you go. So much so that you could even carry it when you travel abroad.

Just because it is flexible, doesn’t mean that the equipment is made from lightweight material. Constructed from top-grade PP fabric, the fitness accessory will last as long as your passion for staying fit.

An impressive feature about the Ohuhu is that you can adjust each rung of the ladder to suit your specific workout. You could shorten the distance between the rungs for a sprint session, or lengthen the rungs for a jump session.

The one concern with the Multi Rung is that, because of its lightweight, flexible nature, the equipment is more comfortable in an indoor environment than the outdoors.

  • Easy to carry around.
  • Adjustable.
  • More suited for an indoor environment.

Now this is a piece of equipment that is near perfect if you are just starting out on your fitness journey.

The Yes4All agility ladder delivers a straightforward, no-nonsense performance, and it is just as easy to use. All you have to do is take it out of the bag, roll it on the floor, and you are good to go. The impressive bit is that for such a simple looking accessory, you can do just about all the drills that will increase endurance, stamina, and speed: Right from sprints to jumps to push ups. All you need is the Yes4All.

Because the ladder provides a full body workout, it is an ideal accessory to carry wherever you go. And the impressive bit is that you can just pack it and take it with you even on a holiday.

A negative trait about the Yes4All is that the more advanced users will not be able to adjust the rungs to their specific needs, like in other models.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Economical.
  • Rungs cannot be adjusted.

Featuring high grade materials and a commitment to improving your performance, the SKLZ is for the true fitness enthusiast.

The accessory has been designed specifically to boost core strength, while enabling you to train for speed and stamina. There are 11 heavy-duty plastic rungs that are set on a 15-foot long ladder. The distance between each rung has been carefully measured by the manufacturer to provide the ideal stepping stone for sweat-inducing workouts.

The space between each rung allows for a variety of drills that you can perform; starting with side sprints, step aways, jumps, as well as push ups and handstand walks.

For a speed and agility equipment, the SKLZ ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the quality of the product. One issue that you may face is that the rungs cannot be adjusted: Something that the other models allow. The other concern is its price. The SKLZ is easily one of the more expensive options on our list of best agility ladder.

  • Ideal for advanced users.
  • Flat rung design.
  • Rungs cannot be adjusted.
  • Expensive.

Agility ladders may seem like simple fitness equipment; but with the right kind of dimensions, they can transform into a tool that maximises your performance. The accessory’s True-Fit geometry enables you to begin with the basic, simple drills and then pump up the tempo to more advanced routines in the same workout session, using the same agility ladder.

The GOLME Pro carries with it the added benefit of allowing, not just an individual, but an entire team to work on their fitness drills.

Another impressive feature of the Pro is its 3D rungs. Lay it out on any kind of surface, including uneven terrain, and the ladder will present a steady, straight platform for your workout.

The GOLME stands apart from its peers because of the attention it pays to minor details. Take the drill matrix, for instance. Imprinted on the carry bag, the matrix provides inspiration and ideas for a variety of exercises that you can perform on the Pro.

The one negative trait with the GOLME is that the warranty for the product lasts for only a year.

  • True-Fit geometry
  • 3D rungs.
  • Drill matrix.
  • Limited warranty.

The GHB is the blue collar worker among fitness accessories: It gets straight to work, offers minimum fuss, and focuses on getting the job done. The Speed Flat has one and only concern in life: to provide you the best workout possible.

Manufactured from tough, durable nylon, the GHB is perhaps one of the most flexible accessories that you can own. You can use it just about anywhere you wish to workout – at home, in your front yard, at the gym, or on an outdoor field. You could even use it in the cool, crisp mountain air for some heavy-duty altitude training.

One of its most impressive features is that you can simply fold it and stuff it in your carry-on bag. At the site of the workout, just unwind the equipment and lay it out on the floor.

With its flexibility and durable nature, it is no surprise that the Speed Flat makes it our list of the best agility ladder.

The one drawback of the GHB is that its lightweight nature may not suit windy conditions.

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not suited for windy conditions.

There is perhaps no better sports ladder to conclude our list than the Scandinavian.

It is one of those rare products that offers a complete range of features for a budget-friendly price. The best part is that beginners will find the manual and exercise drills included with the accessory extremely useful to begin their fitness journey; the more advanced athletes will certainly find the adjustable rungs an exciting feature that enable them to improve their performance.

The one complaint you can have with a workout ladder is that they can feel a bit loose when you lay them on an outdoor field. You will find no such problem with the Scandinavian. The ladder comes with hooks that you can insert into the bottom ends, which will hold the equipment in place even on a windy day.

The only negative about the Scandinavian is that it offers a limited period of warranty.

  • Manual and training drill booklet.
  • Carry bag provided.
  • Adjustable rungs.
  • Limited warranty.

The Best Agility Ladder – Experts Speak

When it comes to working out with agility ladders, there are three important aspects:


The sports ladder you choose should ideally be lightweight and be easy enough to transport, according to the experts. Though portability is an important feature, it also depends on where you like to workout. Some of you may prefer the stable indoors, while some may prefer to take it outdoors. Depending on your preference, you should choose a ladder that suits your specific needs.

Adjustable Rungs

A ladder that comes with adjustable rungs allows you to move up the fitness ‘ladder’, from beginner to advanced. Another benefit of having adjustable rungs is that you can do much more with the same ladder, switching between drills in one repetition itself. The experts opine that while the feature is an impressive addition, beginners can still opt for a sports ladder that does not come with switchable rungs.


Warranty may not seem like an important aspect at first, especially for speed and agility equipment. However, considering that you will use these ladders for intense workouts in a variety of conditions, it is always better to have the product come with a warranty. There are three different varieties here: lifetime, 5 years, and 1 year.

Best Agility Ladder – The Winner

It can sometimes be difficult for the layperson to tell one agility ladder form another. And that is exactly why we did our research and compiled the list. When it comes to crowning the best, the Scandinavian comes out as the winner. The workout ladder boasts of an impressive range of features and is available at a pocket-friendly price tag.