Breathe Easier With The Best Air Quality Monitor

Are you breathing clean air in your home? The question would have seemed redundant a couple of decades ago. But with rising pollution levels and increased toxic elements present in the air, you and your family are better protected with the best air quality monitor.

The monitors can give you an accurate reading of the air quality in your house, with detailed reports of the kind of toxins and chemicals that are present, if any. A quality air sensor helps you to breathe easier, and live a healthier life.

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

The Awair presents a geeky style with some neat functions, including scanning a whole variety of harmful elements. But it offers too many product suggestions, which can seem irritating and intrusive. 

Premium Pick

The Foobot Indoor Monitor has got it all: Sleek style, smart connectivity, and a great retail price. However, it has a set of limited features.

Best Bang for Your Buck

The EG Air represents one of the most economical options. The best part is that it portable too. The only issue is that the machine is not as smart enabled as its peers.

Mini Shopping Guide

Air quality monitors need to ensure that they provide an accurate reading of any harmful toxins that are present in your home. In order to do that, the monitors require to present a detailed report of the toxins along with an ability to trace a variety of harmful elements that may make their way to your house. We have considered these very features while curating our list of the best monitors.

The Best Air Quality Monitor

Modern minimalist machine with basic features

The first item on our list looks straight out of science fiction. In many ways, the Foobot could very well come to represent the future of the segment. For now, however, the air quality monitor represents a first step, a first iteration. It performs all the basic functions required of a quality monitor with an added bit of chutzpah and style. The minimalist, modern look of the machine will certainly appeal to the younger generation of millennials.

Another feature that will certainly appeal to almost everyone is just how easy it is to set up and use the monitor. The intuitive AI enables to start, set up, and go in a matter of minutes. The machine connects with more than a 100 IoT devices, meaning that Siri and Alexa will have no problem in communicating with it. And this allows you to check the air quality right on your phone, even if you are away at work.

The negative side of the Foobot is that it is very much a basic machine. Some may find its features limited.       

  • Easy connectivity.
  • Accurate readings.
  • Basic features.

Highly accurate machine, but expensive

This is the home air quality monitor that dreams are made of. Sample this: the machine applies precision laser technology to measure the presence of particulate matter in your home. Laser technology. Then you have an industrial grade CO2 sensor as well. The truly impressive bit is that we are just getting started with the IQAir.

You will find air quality monitors and you will find some really good ones. But the Pro is in a league of its own. In the entire segment, there is perhaps no other machine that performs a mere accurate reading of indoor air quality. What makes it even better is that the same machine can tell you the outdoor air quality, while comparing it to your house.

The AirVisual’s performance is second to none; and this is backed up with an even more impressive user interface.

A large, easy-to-read LED screen presents all the readings that can be quickly understood with a single glance. The design team has used basic design elements to communicate even the most complex information in the simplest of manners: Smiley faces and colour coded systems can be understood even by your kids.

With an impressive array of features, the only drawback to the AirVisual Pro is that it is an expensive investment.

  • Accurate PM2.5 readings.
  • Can be used with or without a smartphone.

Offers a wide range of readings, but with intrusive suggestions

At first glance, the Awair looks like an old-school radio. You may even wonder whether this machine will be able to tell temperature, forget air quality. But, you should never judge a book by its cover, and our Awair review will tell you why.

The machine is, in fact, one of the most accurate and comprehensive monitors in the markets today. It certainly helps that the radio-style look appeals to the modern men and women. They find the retro appeal an easy fit with their décor.

The looks apart, where the Awair truly marks its territory is in the comprehensive range of readings. Right from temperature to humidity to toxins and chemicals. The machine can track fine dust particles as well as CO2 levels. If this doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what will.

Most monitors present a simple reading of indoor air quality. What makes the Awair one of the best air quality monitor is that it also gives you insights on what the particular reading suggests. The detailed information is presented in an easy-to-read manner right on your smartphone.

Where the machine earns negative points is that it offers too many suggestions; which could seem as irritating or even intrusive.

  • Attractive LED display.
  • Easy connectivity.
  • Too many product suggestions.

Game changing portable monitor; does not track CO2

Think of the Plume as a game changer in the air monitor segment. Up until now, you had machines that you could place at home, or at the office, and it would tell you about the quality of the air you breathe. With the Plume, you can breathe fresh air wherever you go.

The portable air quality monitor looks like more than just a cool gadget to carry around, what with environmental pollution on the rise and deteriorating air quality. The Plume combines trusted old-school techniques with modern, new-age technology. The outer shell contains perforations that allow air to pass through as you walk. Simple enough. The real science then happens as the air flows through the portable machine. Laser sensors inside the Plume analyse the air for toxins and pollutants and present an accurate reading on your phone.

Because it has been primarily designed to be a mobile machine, the Plume focuses on three primary measurements – Nitrogen Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, And Particulate Matter.

One issue you will face with the portable Plume Labs Flow is that it doesn’t track CO2 levels.

  • Portable.
  • High style.
  • Does not track CO2 levels.

Budget friendly and portable, but does not track CO2

The EG is a throwback to an age when machines were just getting a taste of the digital life. There was no internet around and no fancy touchscreens to play around with. All you had were blue collar buttons that got the job done. The EG AIR is a reminder of simpler times.

Now when say simple, it should not be confused with basic or plain. The AIR may look more like a TV remote from the 90s, but it functions just like the best indoor air quality monitor. One of its unique advantages is that you don’t have any fancy connections to make or any apps to download. Just turn the machine on, and it will read the quality of the air you breathe. Since there are no touchscreens, you will have to make do with the good ol’ buttons.

The EG’s other unique advantage is portability. You can carry it with you anywhere you go. The benefit is no matter where you are, you can take the machine out, turn it on, and the AIR will give you an instant reading.

In a day and age of touch machines, the EG’s buttons-only style may feel a bit outdated. Another issue with the machine is that it does not read CO2 levels.

  • Budget friendly.
  • Sharp LED display.
  • No touchscreen.
  • Limited connectivity to smart devices.

A beautiful machine to look at, however, only reads CO2

The Neatatmo is a neat air quality machine, providing a wide range of functions for a pocket-friendly price. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find another machine that provides the range of smart features for a budget.

One of the Neatatmo’s most impressive qualities is that it has three different modes: Family, Baby, and Asthmatic. The readings will inform you when the air quality becomes a concern for the people in the room. This is especially beneficial for those of you who suffer from breath-related ailments.

The other feature about the machine that will instantly grab your attention is its style. Coloured in sparkling rose-gold, the sleek, cylinder shape will only add to your décor, all the while monitoring the air quality.

Where the Neatatmo fails is that it reads only CO2 levels, leaving out Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds.

  • Sleek design.
  • Three different modes.
  • Reads only CO2.

The Best Air Quality Monitor – Expert Speak

Air quality monitors perform a simple, yet vital, function. When choosing the best monitor, here are the three most important factors you need to consider:

Smart Connectivity

With our lives centred around our phones, the monitor must be able to connect to your smartphone as soon as it turns on. But it’s not just about the smartphone anymore. With the Internet of Things introducing us to digital assistants – Alexa, Siri – the air monitor needs to manage multiple connections without breaking a sweat. The quicker the monitor manages connections, the better for your home.


The monitor needs to do a bit more than just tell you that there are toxic particles floating about. The information, usually delivered via app on the phone, needs to inform you about the kind of toxins and chemical present in your home, and what you could do to eliminate them. A healthier, cleaner air results in a healthier you.

Toxin Check

Different monitors are able to read and trace different kinds of toxins and chemicals. CO2 levels are the bare minimum that a monitor should be able to detect. The best air quality monitor, according to the experts, should be able to give an accurate reading of other harmful elements such as Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds. Experts opine that the wider the range of the monitor, the more effective it is for your home.

Best Air Quality Monitor – The Winner

There are many impressive monitors out there, and you are sure to find some top quality ones on our list as well. But if we had to pick one, it would be the Foobot Indoor Monitor. The machine tracks various kinds of toxins and pollutants and is easy to connect to smart devices. A real value addition to your home.