The 15 Best BBQ Grills

There is no easier way to become the most popular man in the neighbourhood than to host a bbq party. And there is no easier way than to cement your legend as the best bbq chef than with a top cooking grill. We have done our research and compiled a list that feature the best brands and the best products.

Our Recommendations

Value Pick

The Smokey Joey is a lightweight grill that is light on your pocket as well. The only issue is the limited cooking space.

Premium Pick

This wood pellet smoker is the best investment you will make when it comes to the bbq grills. But it is a heavyweight; difficult for one person to manoeuver alone.

Best Pick

Few can match the Table Top for versatility and grilling ability. The only issue is that braces that hold the inner basin are not as sturdy as they should be.

Buying Guide

Whether you are a rookie or a top chef, buying the best bbq grill requires you to consider important features such as the preferred cooking fuel, the dimensions of the grill, the build quality, and the cost. The list we compiled takes into account these considerations that are a hallmark of the best brands.

The 15 Best BBQ Grills

Top all-round performer

What makes the Smoke Hollow one of the best bbq grills is its ability to wear many hats and excel in each and every one of them. It works just fine as a backyard grill when you invite your friends over; and it will work just as fine on your camping trip, when you wish to bbq in the woods.

The Smoke Hollow delivers 10,000 BTUs of pure heat, allowing you to cook quick. The body is constructed from abrasion resistant stainless steel that comes with a long shelf life. The foldable legs enable you to transport the grill without breaking a sweat.

The issue with the Table Top is that the braces that hold the burner and interior basin in place is not as sturdy as it should be.

  • Easy portability.
  • Quick cooking.
  • Braces not sturdy enough.
  • Relatively smaller in size.

Honours the A,driven tradition of grills

The Char Broiler comes from a long American tradition of heavy-duty grills that do not compromise either on power or on quality.

One of the best barbecue grills comes with a 36,000 BTU power system and four burners to use as you please. The grills’ engineering delivers heat while reducing  the propane consumption. The superior engineering is also reflected in the single flick ignition that guarantees that the first click will ignite the flame.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the Char Broil adheres to it with a durable stainless steel construction that insulates the heat.

The one issue here is that the knobs can get hot quick because of the immense power the grill generates.

  • Quality engineering.
  • Single flick ignition.
  • Knobs can heat up quick.

Quality and power combine for a terrific grill experience

When it comes to gas grilling, Weber is easily one of the best grills. Few of the peers combine the brand’s innate ability to combine quality with impressive power. The Spirit II is a fine example of that.

A large cooking space enables you to invite the entire neighbourhood and cook up the food in absolutely no time. The grill’s flexible ten-foot hose gives you the flexibility of storing the gas source at a safe distance, while keeping the cooking space close to you. The wheels are adept at handling different terrain – from grass to mud to concrete – making the Spirit II easy to move back and forth.

Perhaps the best feature of the Weber Spirit is how easy it is to wash off the dirt and grime, thanks to the porcelain-enameled cast iron gates.

The only issue here is that the paint job on the body is prone to easy scratching.

  • Large cooking space.
  • High quality wheels.
  • Free assembly.
  • Paint job prone to scratching.

For the serious grillers

If you are not serious about grilling, or not passionate about grilling, please scroll down to the next item on the list. The Royal Gourmet has been created for the serious men who like to grill.

You will find 8 burners on this beauty, with each capable of producing 13,000 BTUs of heat and power. That is a grand total of 104,000 BTUs for the entire grill. The burgers and chops you lay on the best bbq grill will love getting cooked on it. The wide cooking space comes with foldable steel tables that can be used to hold plates, glasses, and other bbq essentials you may require.

The issue with the Royal Gourmet is its size. For those of you looking for a casual backyard grill, the Gourmet will feel heavy and awkward to move around.

  • Large cooking space.
  • Immense power.
  • Product arrives with dents and scratches.

Easy to use, easy to clean, just an easy bbq grill

The Classic is an essential reminder of why we love grilling meat and hosting BBQs in the first place. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and just an easy appliance overall to have in your backyard.

The Classic comes with a Piezo Ignition System that turns on the grill with a simple one-two click. The incline burners manage an even distribution of heat across the cooking surface, allowing you to focus only on the grilling.

One of the best features of the grill are the side trays. You can keep multiple items – from plates to cooking accessories – that will save you multiple trips in and out of the house.

What makes the Classic a little less appealing is its top heavy design and the wheels that can wear out quick.

  • Easy to use.
  • Inline burners keeps the heat evenly distributed.
  • Wheels wear out quick.

High on style, high on performance

If you are looking to impress a style statement along with your grilling skills, the Fuego Element is just the thing you are looking for.

Where most grills are rectangular in shape, one of the best bbq grills is cylindrical with a compact, circular cooking space. It does seem futuristic, which is one of its many appeals. The other highlights include a heating grill that warms up nice and fast – 500F in under 5 minutes. For comparison, think of the Porsche going from 0 to 60.

The Fuego Element is an interesting choice when it comes to top rated grills; however, it does face an issue of being extremely hot to handle. A pair of mitts is advised while grilling.

  • Futuristic design.
  • Heats up real quick.
  • Too hot to handle without mitts.

Alternative grill option that is environment-friendly

For those of you looking for a grilling alternative that is neither heavy nor uses gas, the George Forman is an ideal choice. All you need is an electric supply and you are good to go. The 240-square inches pop cooking space is enough to lay on burgers and chops and even some veggies. The multi functionality of the Forman allows the grill to be used outdoors, indoors, and even on the table top, making it a popular choice even for personal family diners.

Where the George Forman falters a bit is in its nonstick coating, which is  a bit fragile and needs to be handled with care.

  • Versatile.
  • Easy to use.
  • Non stick coating is fragile.

Compact, lightweight, but has a small cooking surface

Another über portable grill makes our list thanks to its compact, lightweight nature. The Beau Jaron may be a mouthful to pronounce, but the portable grill is as easy as they come. The brand has simply stuck to the basics to produce an accessory that is sure to create one of the best bbq experiences you will have. The porcelain-enameled interior bowl ensures this by distributing heat evenly.

The one issue you will face is with the relatively small cooking surface. Cooking time may be extended because of that.

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Small cooking surface.

Old school grill with a modern twist

If you an old-school kinda guy, then you will love the old-school Kettle Grill. It is a throwback to a time when charcoal was used to grill meat; some still consider charcoal to be the ideal fuel for the best bbq. Weber manages to marry the old and the new with a basin that does a terrific job of retaining heat and cooking the food through and through. You also have an expert ventilation system that keeps the grill from overheating.

On the downside, the Kettle Grill can pose a problem with cleaning because of the cooking grates.  

  • Basin retains heat for better grilling.
  • Difficult to clean.

A new-age grill for the new-age man

There are those who stand by charcoal. There are those who vote for gas. And then there are those who swear by wood pellets as the ultimate fuel for grilling. Z Grills has created a beauty of a machine for its connoisseurs.

The reason why wood pellets are heralded as the next generation of grilling is because of the unique flavour it bestows on the meat. Z Grills enhances this aspect with a stainless steel cooking surface cooks the meat to a tender. You can vary the temperature from 180 F to 475 F with an accurate LED thermostat.
Where the Z Grills rules is the large 700 square inch cooking surface that will be more than enough even if you are feeding the entire neighbourhood.

The large cooking capacity is also its drawback as the machine is too heavy to manoeuver for a single person.

  • Easy to clean because of its water oil drip tray.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Heavy to manoeuver around.

Total value for money

The Smokey Joey is the ideal grill for those who want to get started on the whole bbq experience. It is lightweight, extremely portable, and extremely easy to use. You don’t have to worry about the serious stuff here like temperature control and durable wheel barrows; all you need to worry about is your meat and how to cook it to perfection.

When it comes to the best barbecue grills, the Smokey Joey offers an inexpensive option that is simply hard to resist.

The issue with the portable grill is that the cooking surface is smallest among peers.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Smallest cooking surface.

A full capacity grill that comes at a budget price

Backyard Grill has attempted a rare feat: Produce a full capacity grill at an economical price. And the brand has almost managed to pull it off.

The 3-burner comes with all the bells and whistles you tend to associate with the best bbq grills. You have a wide cooking area, temperature controls, side trays to store cooking accessories, and the option to use either gas or charcoal. Plus the 3 burners allow a generators amount of food to be cooked pretty quick.

The issue with the Backyard Grill is its top-heavy design. It can be quite the task to steady the grill before cooking. The temperature gauges too don’t offer accurate readings. 

  • Economical.
  • Side burners.
  • Top-heavy design.
  • Temperature gauges are inaccurate.

A pure performer

Another quality grill from the house of Weber. The Genesis II takes everything that you love about grilling and delivers a high grade machine that speaks pure performance.

A single click is all the Infinity Ignition System needs to turn on the heat. The stainless steel body insulates the rising temperatures, allowing you to work around the cooking area without breaking a sweat.

The attention to detail in the Genesis II is priceless with a small LED light that turns on when you open the cooking lid, and automatically shuts off when you close the lid.

One of the few issues with the grill is that it is difficult to clean.

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Built-in handle LED light.
  • Wheel locks poorly.
  • Difficult to clean.

Multi-faceted grill machine

Think of the E310 as a one-stop grill machine. It offers enough storage space to hold all your cooking accessories in one space. The generous cooking space aside, the grill provides a sizeable warming tray to keep your food fresh before consumption.

One of the highlights of the E310 is its ability to limit gas consumption, giving  the grill an environment-friendly face.

The issue with the Gas Grill is that it comes with a steep price tag.

  • Limits gas consumption.
  • Free assembly.
  • Expensive.

Cutting-edge grill technology in a compact body

An ideal grill for those looking for a medium-sized appliance that offers the full range of the bigger sized models. The Spirit E210 gets most things right: Cutting edge Ignition system, generous cooking space, and a 10 year warranty out to prove its top quality. The grill is easy to clean too.

What the E210 does not get right is its thermostat: Expect a 50-degree difference between the reading and the actual cooking temperature.

  • Ignition system.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Inaccurate thermostat.

Barbecue Grill Review – Expert Speak

When it comes to choosing the best bbq, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Brand - Take a look at bbq grill reviews across the web and you will find that the best brands rank the highest. This is not without reason. The better the brand, the better the engineering and the longer the shelf life. Think of a grill as a lifelong investment. You would not want it to run out of steam in a year or two.
  • Size - Depending on how many people you are planning to feed, the size of the grill plays an important role. The experts suggest you choose a cooking range that is easy to handle and easy to transport. Choosing an appropriate size also depends on whether you plan to bbq indoors or outdoors, and the size of your backyard. No point in buying a large, heavy duty grill for a small backyard.
  • Price - Quality comes at a price. Any number of barbecue grills reviews will attest to that fact. What you need to figure is how much you would like to invest. The more serious grill enthusiasts among you may wish to invest more. It is always better to think of the grill as a lifetime investment, as we mentioned before. A cheaper option may seem more attractive, but it will surely not last the distance, nor give you the performance of a more valued product.

And The Winner Is…

Having reviewed some of the top, top products, the winner in this category is the Smoke Hollow Table Top. The reason we picked this particular grill is because of of its versatility and all-round ability. A great grill for your weekend and holiday bbq.