The 9 Best Combat Boots For Men

Today, combat boots have gradually gained mainstream acceptance to become a staple footwear for the modern man in the 21st Century. Indeed, just about every noteworthy brand is out here producing them. From Balenciaga, to Gucci, to Forever 21. But there was a time—not so long ago—that combat boots were solely reserved for the non-conformists of society.

You know, the proverbial bad boys donning their thick leather jackets, with silk smooth hair running down to their shoulders. And dare we forget their bike of choice? A classic 1960’s Harley Davidson that could put any biking connoisseur to shame. Interestingly, the love for military boots didn’t even begin here.

Time warp ourselves back to the early 1900s, and we’ll find that combat boots were solely designed for military purposes. The objective was to protect the vulnerable feet of men who were out in the thick of things fighting for the freedom of their respective countries. Call it their ‘Achilles heel’ if you like (pun intended).

You see, war was a labor-intensive affair. You had to dig muddy trenches, climb god-forsaken hills, crouch under thickets infested with unfathomable critters, and walk over terrain so devilish, that even the blazing-coal challenged seemed like a great idea.

Fortunately, we’re not living in such times. Today, combat boots, unlike the more bulky and purpose-serving mountaineering boots,  have become a fashion sensation. And it’s a must that every man has at least two pairs of combat boots in his wardrobe.

As such, we will be providing a candid review of the 9 best combat boots to buy in 2019. We will also provide a concise buyer’s guide on what to consider before purchasing your preferred boot of choice.

Let’s begin:

Top 9 Combat Boots For Men

For generations, Smith & Weston have dabbled in quality footwear production, cementing a long-lasting heritage well-known for durability and attention to detail.

Despite gaining popularity from their firearm business, this company has proven time and again how indispensable they are when it comes to manufacturing the best military boots in the market.

As a matter of fact, they have specialized in tactical boots, and the Men’s Breach 2.o is the quintessential example of sturdiness blended with fashion. Despite being compact, this boot is designed for all-day-wear with its surprisingly lightweight design; enabling you to stay adventurous while traversing the outdoors!

  • The boot is crafted with an EVA midsole for sturdiness and still boasts a lightweight design.
  • The inclusion of a steel shank guarantees extra support even in the toughest of terrains.
  • The boot comes with a gusseted tongue to keep debris and dirt from entering and irritating the feet.
  • The presence of a PU collar makes cleaning the shoe as simple as your ABCs.
  • After exposing the boots to a tough terrain for a month or two, you will begin to notice a few threads that are subject to wear and tear escaping from the seams.
  • The exterior boasts sturdiness, but the interior is a total letdown with its rapid wear and tear.

Voted one of the most popular men’s combat boots among military personnel, The Maelstrom 8 Inch Landship Work Boot is a marvel in itself. The presence of a breathable air mesh guarantees your feet remain cool, well-ventilated, with ample space for maximum comfort. High quality leather encapsulating the foot ensures that vulnerable areas remain protected and compactly held.

As for athletic individuals, you don’t have to worry foregoing your agility for the sake of some nifty boots. This boot is engineered with state-of-the-art shock-absorbing cushions to provide flexibility in the most rugged of terrains.

As for desert dwellers, the boot is fashioned with light foam padding perforated for ample circulation and to prevent the feet from heating up when temperatures rise. With such an efficient moisture handling system in place, it’s no wonder these boots are a fan-favorite in wet environments thanks to an effective wicking lining that keeps moisture at bay and prevents a myriad of bacterial-related infections.

  • To prevent irritants such as water and sand making their way into the insole, the boot is designed with a paddled collar for effective moisture prevention.
  • The outsole of the boots are designed with exceptionally deep threads to enhance grip in unfathomable terrain.
  • Thankfully, a lightweight design ensures this boot does not enhance sturdiness at the expense of weight.
  • Two to three months down the line, wear and tear will definitely begin to show its ugly colors.
  • Even in smaller shoe-sizes, the boots are exceptionally long. They look like shoes straight out of a Disney narrative especially for people of short stature.

What happens when you blend a high-end leather with Cordura? You get the Rkc050 tactical boot. Indeed, this piece of ingenuity boasts water and flame resistance thanks to enhanced PTFE protection that safeguards your foot even in the most unforgiving heat. Drainage vents fused with S2V technology ensure your feet gets ample air circulation as well as eliminating excess water from the shoe.

In terms of toughness, these combat boot mens apparel does not disappoint. Engineered with triple-stitch construction, they guarantee to keep you as agile and stable in the most unforgiving terrain. Another exceptional feature of this gem of a boot is its one of a kind microbe air shield.

Designed by Aegis, this feature works towards ridding your foot of accumulated bacteria as well as unforgiving foot odor. So, you don’t have to give your wife any more excuses…

Additionally, the leather uppers are crafted from Vibram sole to ensure pressure is stabilized on both feet for maximum stability.

  • These combat boots have one of the best arch supports on the list due to hi-tech fiberglass shanks.
  • The interior of the instep panel is crafted from leather for enhanced comfort on your feet.
  • In regions where moisture is in plenty, the inner lining is designed by Wicking Dri-Lex ensuring your feet remain dry and cool.
  • The interior seam can be quite irritating because it regularly digs into the heel.
  • After wearing the boots for a couple of weeks, you’ll notice that the ventilation holes on both feet are prone to wear and tear.
  • These boots can be a head turner due to all the squeaking they make.

One of the many high-quality men’s shoes hailing from the eccentric shores of Italy, these combat boots became popular during the turn of the 21st Century. In fact, the Garmont T8 Bifida is considered one of the best military boots for environment-intensive activities such as traversing difficult terrains, and navigating muddy trails.

To ensure your feet get the air circulation they need, these boots come with excellent ventilation features; ideal for both wet and dry climates. And when your feet are feeling cold, the boots are a perfect accessory to have thanks to space-age GORE_TEX insulation ensuring your feet remain warm and dry.

  • Sturdy metallic eyelets are fitted at the laces for added durability.
  • State-of-the-art traction outsoles guarantee your feet remain comfortable and well-gripped in difficult terrain.
  • A backward slanting design enables you to easily insert or remove your foot without struggling.
  • Hi-tech precision stitching guarantees even distribution to both feet for stable maneuvering.
  • Unfortunately, the sturdy eyelets are a mere two inches apart which means that the boots can feel a bit suffocating if tied too tightly
  • In extremely cold weather, the boots might feel like a ton of bricks because of how hard they get.

For decades, Bates has been crafting exceptionally high-quality combat boots mens editions for both army and civilian purposes. One of their most celebrated works is the side zipper GX-8 Composite toe that comes with a sturdy rubber outsole for enhanced grip in the toughest terrains.

Manufactured from high-end Wolverine warrior leather that is finished off with a sturdy nylon layer, these boots guarantee maximum protection and superior water-resistance. A highly pronounced composite toe further protects your vulnerable feet from impact injuries. As for air circulation, these combat boots come with a breathable mesh lining for cool feet; which further prevent water from penetrating the boot.

  • The nylon-zipper enables you to easily insert and remove your foot from the shoe.
  • The boot comes with added-resistance from oil and dust accumulations.
  • The presence of a padded collar greatly minimizes the effects of chaffing.
  • Option to purchase from three color variants: Beige, Desert, or Sage coating.
  • A bit too massive and heavy for the average person.
  • The zipper might at times snag leaving you struggling for minutes to secure the boot.

The Magnum 8.0 is one of the most elite men’s military boots in the market and is considered a personal favorite of the United States Military. For added water resistance, the magnums come fashioned with sturdy nylon uppers, as well as durable suede to ensure your foot remains stable and compact in tough terrain.

The presence of an aero mesh lining guarantees that there is full air circulation within the boots; preventing your feet from overheating in arid conditions. To soothe your feet during long treks, the magnums are fashioned with a removable liner and an outer sole crafted from Vibram for enhanced comfort.

  • Magnums are manufactured with a lightweight design making it 20 percent lighter than most commercial boots in the industry.
  • The presence of EVA midsoles enhances your stability and comfort.
  • An added cushion ensures that your foot remains comfortable as it gently matches the contours of your feet.
  • Despite the added features for comfortability, these boots are still a long short from being ergonomic and can irritate the feet.
  • Not the most durable footwear and can hardly last six months.

What the Rocky Ry008 lacks in durability, it more than makes up for it in aesthetics. In fact, we’ll go out on a limb here by saying that these are the most ideal tactical boots for a night out. The Rocky Ry008 are quite intimidating though, crafted with an EVA outsole for added durability.

The presence of an Xtremium composite ensures the toes are protected from sudden equipment drops or compression injuries. Inlet holes on either side of the boot ensure ample air-ventilation to keep your feet cool regardless of high temperatures.

  • Despite being manufactured by black leather, the shoes have great ventilation to ensure your feet remain cool in arid regions
  • Have one of the most lightweight designs on the list.
  • The boots are partially resistant to water.
  • Due to the highly pronounced arch in the boots (the boots are up to 9 inches long) you might feel slightly unusual and uncomfortable.
  • The stitching starts to wear and tear after wearing the boots for a couple of weeks.
  • The interior cloth inside the boots starts to rip off as a result of friction between the leather and your feet after wearing the boots a couple of times.

For decades, Reebok has been one of the biggest brands in the shoe game. Widely known for their sports shoes, the company also produces some of the best army shoes that are just as durable as they are appealing.

One of the most notable features of the RB8894 Rapid Response is its safety toe cap, which provides extra room for your toes and prevents them from the painful effects of cramping and pinching. An F2A cushioned heel guarantees even distribution of weight from the heel down to the toe for maximum comfort and support.

For enhanced flexibility and water-resistance, the boot uppers are manufactured from high-quality suede, as well as fastened with nylon panels to ensure effective ventilation in arid environments. And for healthy feet, Reebok went with an inner sole lining manufactured from Cambrelle and Tailex to prevent bacterial infections especially if the boots are worn for a long time.

  • The presence of an EVA midsole ensures maximum comfort for your foot with added cushioning.
  • For enhanced grip in the most unforgiving terrains, the boot comes with a highly pronounced tread pattern.
  • The superior quality fabric makes the boot chemical and oil-resistant.
  • The stitching on the Velcro flap is pretty lose, and it will steadily separate from the sole after a couple of wears.

Widely known for manufacturing high-quality boots, the 5.11 ATAC work boot is famous for its shock-absorbing features. Indeed, the boot comes with an inbuilt shock migration system that enhances comfortability in the most unforgiving terrain. Long lasting boards fastened with non-metallic shanks further reiterate its shock-absorbing feature.

For a boot having such a sturdy design, the 5.11 ATAC is pretty lightweight and hence, can be used in just about every scenario; from military excursions, to industrial work, to camping over the weekends!

The uppers of these boots are fastened with breathable material to enhance ventilation and air flow; keeping your feet cool and dry even in the hottest and wettest of environments.

  • A water-resistant lining to ensure moisture does not penetrate and cause irritation the foot.
  • The boot comes with hidden pockets to keep extra accessories such as pocket knives.
  • Unfortunately, the 5.11 is also known for poor ankle support and hence, might cause ankle stress and strain if worn on the regular.

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Combat Boots

So, you’ve been thinking of purchasing a cool pair of combat boots to add to your nifty collection of shoes…awesome.

But before you spend your hard-earned money, you’ve got to know the nitty gritties around combat-boot shopping, and the various features that make certain boots ideal for you.

Here is a compilation of the most ideal features to consider before purchasing a combat boot:


A large number of combat boots, regardless of the manufacturer or brand, are usually made from the highest-end quality material in the textile industry. Indeed, boots are made to withstand the most unforgiving terrain and harshest climatic conditions.

For this reason, material will usually vary from nylon to high-fade leather for durability and enhanced ventilation.

Material is also selected based on the intent and purpose of the boots. If the boots are for military excavations, then the toughest form of leather is normally used while still factoring in comfortability.

If the boot’s purpose is industrial, the boot can still be tough, but the composite toe is usually made of metallic substance to prevent toe injuries.


One important thing to note is that not all combat boots have 100% protection against moisture and its related properties.

Indeed, a majority are usually water-resistant, which means that water can still penetrate the boot.

However, depending on your preference and budget, you can select water-resistant or waterproof. Keep in mind that waterproof boots are usually more expensive than water-resistant.


There’s no doubt that buying combat boots in the right size is essential in keeping your feet protected and comfortable.

However, certain features for each of the combat boots can either make your feet feel slightly cramped or overly-spacious depending on the boots.

Indeed, boots can either be slightly pronounced or smaller depending on the various design features incorporated to the boot.


Combat boots are some of the most expensive shoes to purchase in the market. Hence, it is illogical to buy boots that will only last a couple of months before the wear and tear becomes irreplaceable.

You should definitely consider its tested durability from reviews on websites such as Amazon.


What is traction? Well, this refers to the ability to comfortably walk on difficult terrain and slippery slopes without losing your balance or grip.

In work intensive environments, slippery surfaces are the number one cause of multiple injuries. As such, if you’re buying boots solely for work-related purposes, then looking for a boot with great traction is a must-have feature.

Perfect fit

A common phrase tossed around is that, “if the shoe fits, then wear it.’

It’s the same with boots.

Finding the most ergonomic boots for your feet is very vital; especially if you plan to wear your boots during happy hour, or go to work with them!

Fortunately, ecommerce sites such as Amazon provide you with the option to select your shoe size prior to ordering it.

Boots can be quite uncomfortable in small sizes. Therefore, ensure to insert the correct measurement before making an order.

Leather Upper

The leather upper refers to the section of the boot starting from your ankle all the way up to the middle part of your shin. In standard boots, the leather upper is usually a height of 8 inches. However, there are boots that come with the option of six-inches depending on your preference.

There are some people who prefer the conservative six-inch as compared to the 8-inch feature.

Laces or Zippers

For years, combat books have come with either the option of zippers, laces or—in some special cases—both. Each has its advantage and disadvantage. In the case of zippers, it can be much easier to wear or remove the shoe thanks to the fast mechanism of the zipper. But the downside with this is that they occasionally get stuck, and thus, can be quite a nuisance.

On the other hand, laces come with the advantage of having a super-tight grip depending on how tight you tie. The only downfall is that they can be quite exhausting to untie after a long day. Additionally, most laces are made of a weaker type of leather as compared to that of the boot. Hence, they tend to wear and tear much faster.


Lastly, we have to factor in comfort.

Indeed, there’s nothing more frustrating than having sore feet after a full-work day; especially if you work in a labor-intensive environment. Wearing boots that do not provide adequate cushioning on the insoles can be a massive contributor to aching feet. So, if you work in an industry, or plan to go dancing, then ensure that your soles have enough cushioning to maximize comfort when wearing them.

Our Verdict

In closing, we believe the Smith & Wesson Tactical Zip Boots 2.0 is the most ideal boots to purchase in 2019. Not only does it meet specifications such as comfortability and grip, but its lightweight design makes it the most ideal boots for both work and leisure purposes.