Carry Your Stuff In Style With The Best Duffle Bag

There’s a reason why the best duffle bag is an out and out man’s bag. Just zip it open and you can throw in all you would ever want for a weekend or overnight trip. For the more orderly, the duffle bag provides enough spacious storage to place their folded clothes and carry their essentials. There is perhaps not a better style statement you can make than with a duffle. 

Carry it with you anywhere, and it is sure to attract attention.

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

The Filson Medium is a premium accessory that is as comfortable in a luxury resort as it is on a rugged mountainside. The issue is with its size and weight.

Premium Pick

The Polare Leather is a premium leather product that offers storage pockets to better organise your belongings. The drawback is that it is a bit heavy to carry around.

Best Bang for Your Buck

The Herschel Novel is an ideal bag when it comes to balancing style, functionality, and more style. Plus you have a top brand to carry around. The only issue is the limited storage pockets.

Mini Shopping Guide

Duffle bags serve one purpose: To carry your belongings with style. For that to happen you should be certain about the amount of space you need to carry your stuff. Then comes the bag’s toughness: The outer body should offer an ideal amount of protection for the contents inside. The final consideration is how much you are willing to spend? These are the three factors we are used to compile our list.

The Best Duffle Bag

A high style accessory, but no storage pockets

When you walk around with the Filson Medium, you are not just a man carrying a bag; you are the man carrying the bag. That is the impression that the duffle bag creates. If nothing else, the rugged aura of the Filson will bestow a similar effect on your personality.

There are no streamlined aesthetics here, just pure, simple straight lines for a distinct, hard-edged aesthetic that is sure to appeal to the manly men. The aesthetic is further heightened with genuine twill construction – none of the cheap stuff here – complemented with a stylish leather detailing. Run your hands along its skin, and you will feel a smooth surface that will tempt you to make love to it.

Speaking of smooth skins, the Filson is just as tough and durable as it is soft to the touch. In fact, that is one of the unique features of the bag: Carry it anywhere you go and it will survive any condition, any situation; and survive it with style. You can simply brush off any dirt and grime from the fabric, and the bag will retain its colour and charm.

Speaking of colour, the vintage tan palette certainly gives the Filson an old-school appeal that makes it a popular choice. And the contrasting leather handles and straps complete the rugged, masculine look.

What makes the Filson Medium one of the top choices is the pure quality of the carry-on accessory. The twill fabric is both, water and abrasion resistant, which makes it a longer lasting, more durable product.

The one issue with the bag is that it can feel a bit big to carry around. Weighing more than 4 pounds, some of you may also feel that the carry-on is a bit heavy.

  • Water and abrasion resistant
  • High style.
  • Size and weight.

A premium accessory that retails at a premium price

Ted Baker: A name that instantly connects with high style. And not just surface-level style; the brand’s soul is shaped by substance too. Any accessory that carries that name is sure to be a top-of-the-line product in its category. We can say the same about the Radical mens travel bag.

Handcrafted from genuine leather, the first impression that the bag creates is, ‘I’m sexy and I know it.’ Dressed in a suave, all black design, there is no doubt that a deep sense of sophistication and master craftsmanship has gone into designing one of the best duffle bag. If you cast a single glance at it, chances are you will fall in love with it, and would want to own one. Such is its allure. And to be honest, we expect nothing less from a Ted Baker accessory.

Where the bag is a class apart from its peers is in its fine detailing and design IQ. Where most other bags focus solely on the exterior, the Radical pays close attention to the interior as well. Zip it open, and you will be greeted with a rich tapestry design that lines the inner compartment. High luxury. Then you have smartly placed pockets where you can stash your gadgets, devices, and wallets, not to mention your toiletry kit.

The Radical is a premium, luxury product, and the issue is that it retails for a similar steep price.

  • Ted Baker brand.
  • Luxury product.
  • Premium price.

A sleek, stylish bag with lack of storage pockets

Any conversation regarding bags is incomplete without a mention of Herschel. Such is the brand’s popularity that it usually finds itself in the top 5 of any list. And this reputation has been earned through decades of producing high quality carry accessories. We are almost happy to report that the Novel follows in the long illustrious line of the brand.

One of the bag’s standout features is its wide range of colour options. The variety allows you to add a dash of colour and pop to your otherwise plain routine. You could, in fact, own a different weekend bag for a different set of clothes, creating a matching colour palette. The colours allow you to express yourself rather than limit yourself to the tried and trusted options that are available in the market.  

The style of any Herschel bag is never in doubt, and the brand follows it up with stellar product features too. Take the zipper line, for instance. When you carry the bag in wet conditions, the two-way system ensures that your belongings remain protected from any harmful moisture. Then there is the shoe compartment that enhances the storage option of the sleek bag. 

The one negative of the Herschel Novel is that it does not offer any storage pockets except for the shoe compartment.  

  • Sleek design.
  • Colour options.
  • Look of storage pockets.

A luxurious leather bag that can feel a bit heavy

Another stylish addition to the list, the Polare Leather is a man’s bag. Crafted from genuine leather, the bag will surprise you with how soft it feels. The leather work conveys an aesthetic of sophistication and antiquity. In fact, the more you use it, the better it looks: a good example of things getting better with age.

The Polare is also a good example of what makes a high quality weekender bag. Each and every detail has been paid attention to, elevating the overall design quality. The YKK zippers ensures that your belongings remain sealed from harmful elements. The seams have been double stitched for a longer, durable life. And the hardware detailing elevates the style quotient.

The bag makes our list of the best duffle bag because of its style, durability, premium leather finish, and storage pockets. The Polare Leather offers an external zipper pouch as well as an internal pocket to store additional accessories.

The one issue with the bag is its weight. It can feel a bit heavy when packed full.

  • Storage pockets.
  • Premium leather body.
  • Heavy.

Handcrafted style; heavy to carry around

Freye has been handcrafting duffle bags for more than a century. It is not an exaggeration to state that the brand’s level of expertise, when it comes to design and detail, is second to none. The Logan exhibits all of the legacy accumulated since the brand’s inception, and delivers one of the finest accessories that we had the good fortune of reviewing.

One of the bag’s USP is the handmade inner lining. The fine stitching bestows the carry-on with a longer shelf life, and a tough enough skin to withstand extreme conditions. The toughness is further accentuated with a metal frame that enables the bag to stand upright when placed on the ground.

Another feature that is sure to impress you is the bag’s easy maintenance. When it gets dirty or dusty, all you have to do is hand-wash it, then wipe dry. The bag will appear sparkling new.

One issue you will face with Freye weekender bag for men is that it is one of the heaviest bags on the list. The tough, sturdy nature certainly increases the bag’s lifespan, but it comes at a ‘heavy’ price.

  • Handcrafted bag.
  • Spacious interior compartment.
  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.

The Best Duffle Bag – Expert Speak

Three important factors can help you decide which carry bag will be an ideal addition to your life:


Different men pack different: Some of you may need just the bare essentials for a weekend trip, while some may prefer to carry their favourite toiletries too. Depending on how much you need to carry, you should choose an appropriate size. Now when we say size, it does not necessarily have to be oversized bags. Some accessories maximise their space much than the others. Check the internal compartment to be sure.

Abrasion resistant

Most travel bags for men are water and abrasion resistant to a certain extent; but some are tougher than others. The experts opine that you should choose an accessory that matches your personality and lifestyle. For those of you who head for the outdoors every weekend, you may prefer a bag that can survive the harsh conditions. Others may prefer an accessory that is high on style with a certain degree of toughness.


Duffle babes for men certainly don’t come cheap. Think of it more as an investment that will stand you in good stead. That being said, you would want to think about how much you like to spend on the accessory. Experts suggest that a middle-range bag will be an ideal choice for most. These products balance the two worlds of quality and affordability. But if you are looking for a statement piece, then you can certainly invest more.

The Best Duffle Bag – The Winner

Our list features some of the best bags available. Each and every one of them exhibits fine craftsmanship, and a stellar dedication to quality. If we had to choose one, it would be the Polare Leather. The bag exhibits a fine style statement without compromising on functionality.