The Best Freediving Watch – The Ocean Is Your Playground

Free diving is more than just a sport, and certainly much more than just an activity. For many, it is a calling. The challenge of testing yourself in an environment that the human body is not entirely suited to makes deep diving an act of courage as much an act of adventure. To conquer the steep obstacles, you will certainly need the best freediving watch.

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

Wear the Suunto D9tx and the world will know that you are serious about deep diving. The watch has been made for the ocean, with the only drawback that it is quite expensive.

Premium Pick

Combining all the essential features and some cool tech with an affordable price point, the Ocean Geo 2.0 is our premium pick. The watch, however, falls a bit short on the style quotient.

Best Bang For Your Buck

The Mares Smart Wrist offers some premium quality and some sensual styling at a standard price. That makes it the best choice for value. The only drawback is that it has a limited logbook.

Mini Buying Guide

Free diving is a test to your mental and physical state. In the depths of the ocean, you would want a watch that gives an accurate reading. To compile our list of the best freediving watch, we have taken into account the quality of the material, the range of features available, and the price point. After all, deep diving is a test of your watch as well.


The Best Freediving Watch

The Oceanic prides itself as a straightforward, non-nonsense diving accessory that is sure to appeal to beginners as well as the more professional.

Where the F-10 feels a step ahead of its peers is in its origin – the watch has been designed by free divers for fellow free divers. You can be rest assured that all the important information you need underwater is presented with crystal clear clarity on the screen. Not only does it tell the depth you are at, but also the amount of time you have spent underwater. This allows for more control when you free dive.

Another impressive feature of the freediving watch is that you can preset depth alarms, which will sound when you have reached the appropriate depth. The impressive bit is that you can set up to 3 different depths, allowing you more safety when your free dive.

What makes the Oceanic F-10 one of the best options is the high grade materials used in its construction. You don’t have to worry about the watch cracking under pressure.

A negative trait of the watch is that it can take come time to become entirely comfortable with all of its features and settings.

  • Countdown timer options.
  • Can be used for competitive diving.
  • User-defined surface depth recreation time.
  • Takes time to understand all the features.

The Omer is the watch that you would want to wear for a professional deep dive. The accessory presents a heady combination of modern technology that comes packaged in one of the highest grade materials you can find – carbon fibre. The combination makes for an irresistible dive watch computer.

When we say high tech, the impression that it may give is that the watch is difficult to use. On the contrary, the intuitive UI enables you to get acclimated to it as quickly as a fish does to water. The overdone fish and water reference aside, the Omer provides a wide range of alerts that enhances safety and control of your free dive. But where the watch outshines the competition is that it has a storage function where you can input information of up to 250 dives. This feature alone makes it one of the best freediving watch, but there’s more.

The Omer comes with a heart band that monitors your vital functions underwater. The information can then be used to increase your endurance and stamina during your deep dives, thereby increasing your maximum depth.

In terms of pure performance, the UP-X1 is a top choice.

And because of its performance, the watch is certainly not cheap. The price may seem excessive for the casual free diver: One of the Omer’s negative traits.

  • Multiple alerts.
  • Carbon fibre construction.
  • Heart rate ring.
  • Expensive.

You would have certainly heard of Web 2.0, and now you have the Oceanic Geo 2.0. The similarity is that the former unleashed the true potential of the internet for the human race, while the latter is keen on doing the same for free divers around the world. One of the best dive computer watch, the Geo feels more like a computer than a watch, as far as its performance is concerned.

Packed with features, one of the highlights of the watch is its 4-mode system. This allows you to switch from casual dives to more serious dives with a simple press of a button. What this feature also allows you to do is gradually graduate from a beginner to a more advanced level.

The most impressive feature of the Oceanic Geo 2.0 has got to be its Nitrox mixing option: You can switch between nitrogen and oxygen, or mix the two, while you are underwater with a minimum of fuss.

The only issue with the watch is its simplistic style.

  • Firmware auto update.
  • Loud alarms.
  • Gauge mode with run timer.
  • Simple style.

If there were ever a watch made for the ocean, and for free diving in particular, it is the Suunto D9tx. Combining style, technology, and no less a material than titanium, the accessory is a dream come true for the free diving enthusiast.

For starters, the Suunto freedive watch claims to be the very first in the segment that functions as an all-in-one accessory. And we believe it. Here’s why: You can switch between no less than 8 different gases with a simple press of a button; the watch enables Trimix support that includes oxygen and helium; three dive modes are enabled – air, gas, and gauge. And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

What makes the Suntoo one of the best freediving watch is its intuitive UI that can be easily accessed via its screen. Now the screen itself is constructed from sapphire glass; in other words, it will not crack under pressure.

The Suntoo D9tx is a premium dive watch, and as with any premium accessory, it costs a small fortune to own one: The only negative about the watch.

  • Suunto Technical RGBM algorithm.
  • Trimix support.
  • Sapphire glass case.
  • Expensive, and some more.

The freediving computer watch makes our list because of its impressive all-round abilities. It remains one of those rare watches in the segments that ticks all the right boxes.

The first box it ticks is performance. Offering a clear, easy-to-read face  featuring the Wisdom3 format, you can access multiple modes and switch between them without losing a second, thanks to the button functions. The buttons also allow for straightforward navigation, which is nothing short of a blessing when you are 400m below.

One of the standout features of the Sherwood Amphos is the different alarm notifications for different gas levels. When you are deep down in the ocean, the alarm will tell you about which gas is running low without having to look at the watch. There is also a Deep Stop countdown feature that allows you to set an appropriate time for your free dive, and then resurface when the alarm notifies you.

The second box it ticks is the price point. The watch has been positioned as an affordable alternative to some of its more illustrious peers. What you get is an impressive range of features without breaking the bank.

The one box the Sherwood Amphos does not tick is the style box. The watch may appear a bit simplistic for some – one of its negatives.

  • Four operating modes.
  • DSAT Decompression model.
  • Logbook holds 24 dives.
  • Simple style.

Love at first sight – that’s perhaps the best way to describe the Mares Smart Wrist. The reason being that you will be hard pressed to find a better looking free dive watch on our list. But the Mares is much, much more than just a pretty-looking accessory. 

The ergonomics of the watch is a class apart from its peers. Buckle it on your wrist and it will feel as luxurious as velvet and as light as a feather. The strap has been specially designed to graze the contours of your hand and remain firmly stuck to it.

One of its impressive features is the multi-gas capability. You can switch easily between gases, depending on your skill and ability. What this means is that you can go from beginner to intermediate to advanced with a single watch.

A special note must be made about the mineral glass screen. Whether you are on the surface or in the depths of the ocean, the display remains sharp and clear, allowing you to read information at a single glance.

The only issue that you may face with the Mares is that logbook is a bit limited, when compared to other watches on the list. 

  • Ideal ergonomics.
  • Easy operation.
  • Limited logbook.

Owning a Cressi Leonardo is a bit like buying your first car: Budget is first and foremost on your mind, and then come the features. The Cressi offers a standard set of features for a free dive watch, but at a price point that will certainly endear it to those looking to take their first steps into the exotic world of deep diving.

The Cressi may be available at a rock bottom price, but the features that it provides is as good as the more expensive options. The watch has a single button that allows you to access the different modes and different settings. It also has distinct alarms for different notifications, enabling you to grasp information without glancing at the screen.

Where the Cressi falls a bit short is that does not offer a full range of features like the more expensive options.

  • Economical.
  • Ideal for casual free divers.
  • Limited range of features.

The Best Freediving Watch – Expert Speak

When it comes to purchasing a free dive watch, there are three important considerations:


Some of you may require a logbook that can store more information, while some of you may not need it at all. Different watches come equipped with a different range of functions. Some offer more than the others. Depending on our skill level, you may want to choose a watch that matches your ability in terms of the features it provides.

Quality materials

Deep diving will test you as much as it will test the watch. The experts opine that the freedive accessory must be made from high grade materials. You wouldn’t want to the screen to crack, or the strap to break when you are deep in the ocean.


The third and final consideration is price. Again, depending on how serious you are about free diving, you may want to choose a watch that fits your budget while offering a full range of features. The experts suggest that beginners start with lower priced models and then work their way upwards, towards pricier options.

The Best Freediving Watch – The Winner

Picking out the winner was not an easy choice. The list features some of the best options, with each one of them a winner in their own right. But if we had to choose one, it would be the Oceanic Geo 2.0. The freediving watch offers a wide range of functions that will suit divers of different abilities. The price point makes it an affordable option too.