The 7 Best Garment Bags for Your Suits (Review)

There is an unwritten law when it comes to business travel: Always pack a suit. You can forget your shaving kit, but packing a suit is a must. Now travelling with business-wear can be a tricky exercise. You need to ensure that creases or wrinkles are not formed on the suit, and that it arrives at the destination as fresh as you packed it. This is where the best garment bag comes into play.

The best bags offer not only protection from creases and wrinkles, but also enough space to store other travel essentials. Since most garment bags are constructed from tough polyester, you can be rest assured about their durability and toughness.

The other advantage a garment bag affords is that you don’t have to worry about how to pack a suit in a carry on. Just place your formal jacket, fold the bag, zip it up, and you are good to go.

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

The Travel Select Amsterdam combines all the lightweight features of a typical suit bag and combines it with the versatile features of a suitcase. The one negative is that the wheels are a bit stiff.

Premium Pick

Spacious carry capacity, lightweight design, and an irresistible price point: The WallyBags is an ideal choice to carry suits. The flip-side is that there are no external pockets.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Economy always plays an important role in any buying decision, but it should provide some value as well. Nothing does that better than the ZEGUR Garment Carry On Bag. The only issue is that the zippers are a bit lightweight and prone to coming apart.

Mini Shopping Guide

Suit bags go a long way in preserving your suit when you travel. The list we have developed focuses on certain features that allow you to pack and travel stress-free. Especially your suit. The best bags need to be spacious enough, be tough enough, and should offer no problem in transportation. Keeping this in mind, we have shortlisted some top choices.      

The Best Garment Bag

What makes the WallyBags a popular choice in garment bags is its ability to function as more than just a carry case for your suit. You can use the bag as a safe storage option for your clothes on your business trip, with the WallyLock clamp that enables you to hang the accessory in closets and cupboards.

Apart from its versatile features, WallyBags also earns top marks when it comes to space and portability. You can carry an entire week of clothes, along with your suit, in one bag. Its foldable nature enables you to simply pack, fold, and travel. No hassles, no stress.

Constructed from 600 D Polyester, the material is durable and waterproof. A twin combo that is perfect for your suits and formal clothes.    

Where the WallyBags drops its level is in not providing any external pockets to store smaller accessories, such as pocket squares or ties.

  • Versatile carry case.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Easy to handle.
  • No external pockets.

The Modoker is a perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover. At first glance, the duffel-shaped garment bag may not look like an appropriate carry case for your suit. But when you unzip the bag, its impressive features are revealed.

You can easily slip your suit into the large, main pocket without ever worrying about creases or wrinkles. Where the Modoker outperforms its peers is in the wide range of inner pockets that allow you to pack accessories and other clothes along with your suit. The large carry capacity ensures you never run out of space. The cherry on top of the cake is the external pocket that can stow shoes.

The issue with the Modoker is that even with generous carry capacity, you cannot store more than one suit.

  • High style.
  • Large carry capacity.
  • Carries only one suit.

If minimalism is your mojo, and you are looking to carry only the one carry bag, Travel Select has all your bases covered.

What makes the Amsterdam one of the best garment bag is that it allows you pack in everything you need for your trip by combining lightweight efficiency with easy portability. Crafted from 1200 D Polyester, the outer shell presents the near-perfect protective cover for your suits and clothes. The inner compartment maximises space, allowing you to carry suits and formals wrinkle-free and crease-free. In other words, stress-free.

The Travel Select has been designed to carry laptops and tablets as well with padded pockets.

Where the Amsterdam lets you down a bit is that the wheels are not designed to carry excess load. You will need to be careful not to overpack.

  • One bag to carry everything you need.
  • Rolling garment bag.
  • Lightweight wheels.

The Prottoni ticks all the right boxes for a top suit bag. Lightweight, check; durable, check; pockets, check; easy to carry; check and check.        

The outer polyester material ensures that your suits are protected come rain or hail. The waterproof, durable fabric may even outlast the clothes that you carry within.

Zip open the bag and you will be greeted with multiple pockets to store various accessories. There are four medium-sized compartments that can store additional clothes, footwear, and even a tablet or laptop. The large, main pocket can carry multiple suits. All of this can be folded in one easy motion, and zipped up.  For additional storage, there are more pockets located on the outer body.

A negative trait of the Prottoni is that the shoulder strap provided falls a bit short. You will have to carry the bag in your hand.

  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Durable fabric.
  • Short shoulder strap.

When you travel for work, you may as well travel in style. The ZEGUR ensures that you do.

Strong, sleek lines define the outer, protective case, bestowing a touch of rugged masculinity on the travel garment bag. The style is but an icing on the cake. What makes the ZEGUR one of the best garment bag is its ability to carry all that you need for a business trip. The spacious main compartment stores suits in pristine condition. Embedded on the main compartment are multiple pockets that can store various accessories including shoes, casual wear, ties and belts. The pockets are designed to even carry portable electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. Once you pack the essentials, the bag easily folds in half for easy portability.

The impressive quality of the ZEGUR is that it offers top quality even in details such as the shoulder strap, which is well padded for complete comfort. The bag also pays attention to minor details such as providing a dual buckle in the inner, main compartment that keep you suits wrinkle -free.

The downside to the ZEGUR is that the zippers can break if the bag is stuffed to the brim and you pull hard to open the bag.

  • Multiple pockets.
  • Masculine style.
  • Lightweight zippers.

For those of you who wish to add a touch of royalty to their travels, the Buckingham will do just that. The large bag, that doubles up as a suitcase, allows you to travel just like the esteemed royals of the past did, bringing everything and anything that was deemed necessary. Minimalism never existed in their dictionary.

The bag may not look very big, but when you zip it open, you realise the impressive design feature provides maximum carry capacity by compressing space. The Buckingham opens like a book, with a large cavity reserved for your suit. The cavity comes with a tight buckle that will keep the suit in place. Then there are the compartments that range from small to medium to big, where you can store various accessories and clothes. The cherry on top of the cake is the separate pockets provided to store shoes.

A negative trait of the London Fog is that the wheels do not roll as easy as one might expect.

  • Separate pockets for separate items.
  • Easy to carry the suit.
  • Wheels are a bit stiff.

If your ideal travel bag is a straightforward, no nonsense accessory that can carry multiple formal and pinstripe suits, then the Sleeping Lamb Breathable Bag may just be the perfect fit for you.

This is minimalism at its very best. You have a large interior compartment where you can store up to 7 suits. As an alternative option, you can also pack your formal clothes – shirts and trousers. The advantage with the large compartment is that you can use it just the way you want to: There are no pockets or buckles that obstruct the space. 

Apart from the main compartment, there are two pockets provided on the outer body. These can be used to store footwear and other essentials.

The Sleeping Lamb offers an economical but intelligent option as a travel accessory. It knows its strength and sticks to it.

What you may find a bit disappointing about the bag is the lack of inner pockets. The accessory also cannot be used for long haul flights.

  • Simple, affordable.
  • Not suitable for long travel.

Best Garment Bag – Expert Speak

The best bags for your suit have three important features, according to the experts. They are:


The outer body of a bag is one of its most important assets. If the fabric were to scratch or tear easily, your suits and clothes may suffer damage as well. The experts contend that the outer material should be tough, last long, and offer a fair degree of waterproof protection. This allows you to carry your precious suits with full confidence and no stress.

Carry capacity

Different people pack differently. Some of you may prefer carrying the bare essentials, while some may like to travel like a king. Depending on your style, choose an appropriate garment bag that will hold all your belongings without cramping them up. You would also want to check on the number of pockets that are available. The pockets allow you to pack separate accessories – such as shoes, ties, and belts – separately.


The third aspect is more personal than the previous two. You can choose a bag that can be wheeled around, or you could choose one that can be carried. The bags with wheels often double up as a mini suitcase, enabling you to pack in all of your essentials in one place; including laptops and tablets. The other advantage with wheels is that transporting the bag around becomes easy. Just roll it along the ground.

Best Garment Bag For Suits – The Winner

You will see a lot of top choices in our list of the best garment bag. Each of the seven offer an excellent choice. But there can only be one winner and that honour goes to WallyBags. The bag is spacious enough to carry multiple accessories with a tough outer skin that is waterproof. The pricing too easily fits in your budget. There is probably nothing more we could ask from a garment bag.