The 9 Best Running Shoes For Men

We were born to run. Where our ancestors once ran to hunt food, we now run to stay fit and healthy. Running shoes have therefore acquired more importance. They keep your joints protected, your feet fresh, and empower you to run more.

Here’s the list of the best running shoes for men.

The 9 Running Shoes For Men

Most of you may think that a running shoe review would probably begin with a Nike or an Under Armour. Well, think again. Saucony has made a quiet entrance into the highly competitive
segment of running shoes; one reason why they may have taken many by surprise, giving us one of the best running shoes for men.

The Grid Extension wraps your feet in pure comfort, enabling you to run more miles and, more importantly, get more out of each stride. The responsive sole generates maximum momentum
without overbearing your precious knee joints. The 3.5” arch support provides that crucial stability that allows your feet to maintain the current posture while running, that results in a
better body balance.

The Grid Extension’s outer body is composed of synthetic and mesh material. When your feet sweat during your run or workout, the material works overtime to whisk away the moisture and
keep your feet fresh and dry: No more smelly feet even after a strenuous, sweat-dripping workout.

No running shoe can make it to the best list with only function and no form. Saucony realises that importance of form and has created different stylistic varieties for you to choose from.

An issue with the Tr10 is its comparative size when compared to other, sleeker shoes. Because it provides all-round features that help you run on any kind of surface, the Grid Extension can
feel a bit bulky for the indoor gym or treadmill.

  • 8mm heel to toe offset.
  • Arch support.
  • Breathable body.
  • A bit bulky.

Yes, the pair of Under Armour running shoes is a sequel; but it also that rare sequel which is a bit better, a bit more evolved than the original…Kinda like the Empire Strikes Back.

The Charged Bandit 2 is perhaps the most stylish pair of running shoes on the market. With a wide variety of colour options, you can now match your shoes to the workout clothes instead of
the other way round. And with Under Armour, you get much more than just a style statement.

The pair is probably the most rounded running shoes on the market. The design team has made the structure of the shoes an important component: An internal heel cup has been inserted to
lock your feet into a more stable, secure position. This protects those ankles from twists and strains. Then there is the Bemis tape that wraps around your skin to protect it from chafing. The
low profile arch gives your fast feet more space, more room, and more cushion to land on, powering you on and on.

The only downside to the Clean Bandit 2 is that the shoes may be better suited for paved roads than uneven surfaces.

  • High on style.
  • High on comfort.
  • Better suited for paved roads.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • There is a Clean Bandit 3.

One of the best running shoes brand on the globe, Nike makes its first appearance on the list with a model that launched sneakers into the top echelons of consumer culture – the Air. It now
returns in its latest avatar, Pegasus, to once again give your feet some tender, loving care as you pound them across road.

The Air Pegasus bears all the hallmarks of the excellence usually associated with nike running shoes for men: superior comfort, superior construction, and superior style. Take the insoles, for
instance. The Air Zoom cushion increases the responsiveness of each stride you take, reducing the pressure on your joints as well as the wear and tear on the shoes themselves: Two birds,
one stone.

The patented Flyknit technology gives the shoes a lightweight, breathable outer skin to keep your feet fresh on those long runs.

The premium Air Pegasus comes at a premium price: an aspect that is a negative because it will make you consider other brands.

  • Lightweight.
  • High style.
  • Superior construction.
  • Expensive.

Such is the status of ASICS in the running community that any runner worth his salt would have owned a pair at some point in time. It is certainly not an exaggeration to state that the Gel is one of the top running shoes out there, if not the best.

The ASICS Gel will appeal to the serious runner in you: Its straightforward, no-nonsense, high performance nature has made it a popular choice. What sets the pair apart front the rest is the
attention to detail. Biomechanical aspects, such as the degree of pronation, is accounted for to give you the ultimate comfort while running. If you fear stinky shoes, then the removable sock
liner allows you dry them separately, giving the shoes a ‘fresh’ breath of life.

The ASICS Gel is the true nerd in a classroom of running shoes.

The only negative to the pair is that its style may be considered spartan, when compared to some of the other ‘cooler’ options.

  • Gel insoles.
  • Supreme comfort.
  • Long lasting.
  • Simple style.

When it comes to the best running shoes for men, New Balance had ceded ground to the competition. They are back now, with a super comfortable and super durable range of trainers
that offer the best of both worlds – style and substance.

The Comfort Ride’s USP is the foam insole that provide something like pillows for your feet. The insole offers a soft landing, a quick response back, and protects your joints from the high stress. It may even save the world if called upon; such is its multipurpose ability.

Along with the high functioning insole, New Balance offers an optimum arch that increases stability, gives you a closer feel of the ground, while providing maximum protection. One of its
best qualities is that it sticks to your feet, not too tight, enhancing support.

A negative trait of the New Balance is that it may not function at its optimum when tested on trickier, wetter surfaces. It is more of a flat track shoe.

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Optimum arch support.
  • Flat track shoe.

There is perhaps nothing that the Reebok Speed Tr 2.0 will not do for you: Run on the road, you bet; go hiking, no sweat; workout in the gym, bring it on; do the laundry…maybe not.

As you can see the Speed is one of the most versatile choices out there when you are out to buy running shoes. The rubber sole has serrated edges that allow your feet maximum traction
even in tricky conditions. Now rain can never be an excuse to not run. The outer body of the shoes is created form Cordura, giving it a tough, durable, yet lightweight feel. You can probably
run the hell out of the Speed and it will not fade away.

One of the highlights of the Reebok Speed is its EVA midsole. It offers a strong arch support that increases the stability and level of comfort for your feet while reducing the wear and tear on
the shoe.

The one thing that may discourage you from instantly picking the shoe is that it can feel a little heavy, compared to other lighter options.

  • Tough, durable shoes.
  • Highly versatile.
  • Slightly heavy.

One of the lightest shoes on the list, the Alphabounce will make you want to bounce around…in joy. And we do not say this in jest. The running shoes has been specially designed to absorb
maximum impact and transfer the energy back to your feet. This means you can run harder, faster, with considerable less effort.

The mesh body will fit your feet like a sock more than like a running shoe. In fact, the USP of the Alphabounce is that it becomes more of an extension of the feet, rather than footwear.

You may wonder whether such a lightweight shoe may last the course after repeated usage. The good news is that the engineered mesh is as tough to the tear and rip as it is easy and
comfortable to the touch: One reason why it makes the list of best running shoes for men.

One issue you may face with the Alphabounce, like with any premium shoe, is its pricing. You may be tempted to choose a more economical option.

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Maximises performance.
  • Expensive.

Another ASICS, another running shoe that provides optimal arch support. The GT-2000 is one of the best running shoes men can buy. Consider the 3.5” base that is designed to keep the feet
in a neutral position while your work out, promoting ideal balance and posture.

What makes the running shoe stand out is its unique, patented ComfoDry sock liner that will prevent any kind of sweat buildup on your feet, no matter the intensity of the run. Then you have
the gel cushioning near the front, cushioning the balls of your feet when they absorb maximum impact.

With a high level of functionality, the only area where the GT-2000 does not perform is on the style front. The shoes can appear a bit plain when compared to other stylish options.

  • Arch support.
  • Superior comfort.
  • Plain looking.

Nike makes its second appearance on the list. The fact that anything we say about the brand or the shoe will be something you have heard before is testament to Nike’s continued excellence.

The Revolution 3 rates high on form, function, and style. Of special note is its foam insole that never tires of keeping your feet fresh and energetic. The running shoe has been designed for
optimum ergonomics that offer optimum support to the joints.

With Nike, a style statement is never far away. With over 30 colour options, the Revolution 3 will match any outfit you wish to wear.

You will, however, need to consider its price point. As with any Nike, the Revolution 3 is a tad expensive.

  • Arch support.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Breathable body.
  • Expensive.

How To Buy Running Shoes

There are a few factors you need to consider when shopping for the best running shoes for men. According to the style experts, here’s what is important:

  • Arch Support - No good running shoe is complete without proper arch support. It becomes even more important depending on the degree of pronation of your feet. Look for optimum arch support.
  • Lightweight - The best running shoes are light in weight while offering heavy duty protection for your feet. The best shoes feel like an extension, making your forget you have them on.
  • Usage - Advanced runners are more prone to heavy usage than beginners. Depending on how often you plan to use the running shoes, you may want to consider the thickness of the sole and durability of the outer skin.

Running Shoes Review – The Winner Is…

The usual suspects are all there on the list…the Nikes, Reeboks, and the like…And since most lists would have one of the popular brands, we have decided to go with the Saucony Grid Extension. They are economical, offer premium support, and can become your best running mate.