The 5 Best Shoe Shine Kits

Of all the fictional tv characters that have graced my life, I’ll admit it; I have a man-crush on James Bond. Everything from his demeanor, his cool, collected conversational skills, and his taste for the finer things in life make him the quintessential man to emulate.

But there’s one thing that Bond does best:

Yes, even when he is dropping giant mercenaries left and right, or seducing the damsel starved of affection, Bond never seems to have a pair of dusty dress shoes on.

Which got me thinking…

Could proper shoe cleaning and maintenance be part of his irresistible charm?

Could it be that his perfect shoe game enhances his appearance, making him quite intimidating to his arch nemeses?

Social experiments have proven time and again that people pay attention to our shoes when they first meet us.

So, alongside a positive persona and a bright smile, your shoes are vital in sealing that first impression.

This means that every man ought to know what encompasses a great shoe shine kit. Fortunately, I’ll be doing a detailed review of the best shoe shine kits around. If you’re strapped for time, here’s a quick review of the most notable picks from our list!

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

The Otter Wax Leather Care Kit is a great shoe care option for your leather shoes, and it provides you with all the tools you need to enhance your footwear. While it does get the job done in the shining department, it leaves your shoes with a relatively unpleasant smell.

Premium Pick

The Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet is a great option to consider if the price isn’t a deterrent for you. This kit brings the complete package in terms of accessories, and you can use it to polish just about any dress shoes in your closet. Its high price can be pretty discouraging though.

Best Bang for Your Buck

If you’re on a tight budget, the flexible and affordable Downtown Supply Shoe Shine kit is definitely up your alley. Great for traveling, this kit comes in a modest size with two brushes and three buffing cloths for the ideal shine. However, you might find it challenging to use the brushes as they are pretty small.

Shoe Shine Kit Mini Buying Guide

So, you’re shopping for a shoe shine kit that will transform the image of your shoes forever.

Good for you:

But before plunging blindly into the deep waters of shoe kit shopping, you’ve got to be prepared.

And that’s why we’re here to help you steer your ship to land yonder, and find the perfect shoe kit for your shoes.

There are plenty of things you’ve got to know about a shoeshine box before buying it. For example, it’s a collection of different accessories that enhance the cleaning and maintenance of your shoes.

The detailed consumer’s guide below will also delve into the different factors to consider before purchasing a kit — factors such as the brand, the price, and the items it contains.

The guide will also answer FAQs regarding shoe shine kit shopping such as:

  • What essentials does a shoe cleaning kit contain?
  • What should you expect with your first shoe shine kit?
  • What polish options should you consider?
  • How long should you shine your shoes?

As well as other important features touching on these kits. But before that, here’s a detailed review of the top five options.

The Best Shoe Shine Kits

“An Organized Kit for Shining Your Shoes”

If you’re looking to take care of your leather shoes the best way possible, then the Otter Wax Leather Care Kit is a great option to consider. Indeed, this all-natural leather care system comes in a well-organized box made from durable cardboard, ensuring that all your tools are in prime condition.

Inside the box are essential tools such as the leather salve, boot wax, and saddle soap that will help condition and clean your leather shoes.

The box also comes with an applicator cloth and a soft flannel buffing for maximum cleaning.

  • One of the best kits for cleaning and conditioning leather
  • Ample space means that you can add personal cleaning accessories to the mix
  • Missing a few essentials such as a horsehair brush that should be used together with the saddle soap.
  • Not the best-smelling scent around.

“Shine Your Shoes the Military Way”

The Moneysworth & best Military Shoe Shine Kit is considered the go-to kit for military men. And now, you have the opportunity to keep your shoes spick and span just like our noteworthy servicemen do!

This kit is designed to provide you with all the essentials required in cleaning your boots and shoes so that nothing goes amiss. It comes with items such as a sturdy brush, a dauber, a cloth, and shoe polish to get the best out of your shoes.

While it might be ideal for soldiers, you can benefit immensely from having this travel shoe shine kit as part of your luggage as you travel. Indeed, you’ll always be on your toes to look the best you can.

  • The accessories come in a light and portable travel kit, meaning you can carry the items anywhere without breaking a sweat.
  • Has a tough zippered case
  • Cleans military leather or service shoes best
  • The wax polish dries out much faster than most wax polishes in the market.

“A Premium Pick For Professional Shoe Shining”

The Kiwi Select Shoe Care Valet Kit is one of the most elegant picks on our list, packing all the essentials required for polishing your shoes like a professional valet. In fact, this is a great way to begin your journey towards improving your footwear game.

The kit is ideal for black leather. But you can use it for other shoe types such as brown leather or tan shoes; just don’t clean them with too much of the shoe polish!

  • Geared primarily for cleaning black leather shoes
  • Provides protection and shine for an extended time.
  • The brushes are made from natural ingredients and hence, environment-friendly.
  • The kit is quite expensive
  • Designed more for professional valets.

“A Great Shoe Shine Kit for First-Timers”

If you’re looking for a shoe shine kit that is reliable in shining your shoes and making them look brand new, then the simple shine premium horsehair applicator set is one for the ages. As an outstanding leather care product, it is an arrangement of essential materials that work in harmony to polish your shoes for exemplary results.

There is only one itsy bitsy problem. With this kit, you only get the brushes, nothing more. This might be okay if you have a cabinet stacked with shoe polish, but the regular replacements will put a dent in your wallet.

  • The brushes have ergonomic handles
  • The brushes are designed with horsehair bristles to target high-quality leather goods.
  • The bristles wear and fall out quickly.

“Affordable Kit for Regular Shoe Shining”

This is no doubt one of the best shoe care kits for cleaning your leather shoes and boots. At a super cheap price, you get the essential shoe shine materials in a lightweight travel case for convenient use.

Moreover, the kit comes with three buffing cloths and two shoe brushes to give your shoes the quintessential shine.

What makes the downtown supply shoe shine kit a bargain is the fact that you can use it with practically any kind of shoe and it will keep your footwear looking great!

  • The kit comes with more than one shoe brush and buffing cloth.
  • Can be used for any shoe
  • The cloth is designed with microfiber shine for a maximum clean.
  • The brushes are tiny, about the size of an index finger.
  • The brushes lose a lot of bristles after a couple of shines.

Shoe Shine Kit Consumer’s Guide

There are a lot of factors you have to consider before selecting the ideal shoe polish kit for your footwear. Fortunately, we did the homework for you, and we have provided these factors in a detailed manner. These are:


There’s no denying that cost is an essential factor when it comes to shoe shine kit shopping. From our comprehensive review above, you’ve probably seen that some kits are on the higher end, while others are about the price of a Happy Meal at McDonald’s!

(Perhaps you should go easy on the fries this weekend, ey? 😉)

Depending on your budget, you can go big, but not necessarily go home because there is a kit for everyone.


So, what does a shoe-shine kit entail? This is a question we have to ask before coughing up our hard-earned money. A standard shoe kit comes with some essentials, with the most basic being shoe polish, brushes, wax, and a cloth.

Take it up a notch in the price department, and you’ll find some kits coming with high-end sprays and shoe polishes.


If you’re a classy man, then it’s a given that you don’t pick whatever looks good on paper.

No, you have to get the facts right about the quality!

You have to get the best value for your money, and that applies to shoe shine kits too.

 So, we only provide reviews for products whose brands have an original mark of quality.

What Should I Expect with My First Shoe Shine Kit?

Great question! A standard, high-quality shoe shine kit will come with the following essentials to maintain the allure of your shoes.


Let’s face it; without polish, you’re just expending energy rubbing a brush over your shoe, which isn’t doing much. Polish ensures your shoes glisten like jewelry under the sun!


Can’t get to work with a messy shirt, right? So, it’s best to use the gloves that come with the shoeshine kit to polish your shoes.


The ideal brush to consider is a horsehair brush. Such brushes are durable enough to shine your shoes for a year. They are also not sharp enough to damage the surface of the shoe.


A cotton cloth is excellent as a final touch to add that professional gleam to your shoe.

What Type of Polish Should I Consider?

When it comes to shining your shoes, there are two main polish options to access:

Wax Polish

If you want an impressive shine, then wax polish is perfect. The only problem is that it reduces the lifespan by acting as a sealant.

Cream Polish

When it comes to increasing the longevity of your shoes, then wax polish is the way to go. In fact, cream polish usually sucks into the leather providing your shoes with that much-needed revitalization.

How Should I Use My New Shoe Shine Kit?

Once you’ve bought a kit, here are some essential tips to get started with.

  • Always shine your shoes before wearing your attire for the day.
  • Put a protective layer to cover the floor (such as a newspaper) when shining your shoes.
  • Blue wax is a much better option for shining than black wax … surprised? 😉
  • If your shoes have creases and wrinkles, use a hairdryer to straighten them out.
  • Lastly, the first shine is always the toughest. So, relax and don’t stress yourself about it!

You can also check out our detailed review on how to shine shoes.

For How Long Should I Shine My Shoes?

Well, that depends. How much time do you have to spare? As a safe bet, always take roughly 8 minutes to shine your shoes. That’s enough time to brush, spray, and wipe the shoe before wearing it.

After How Long Should I Shine My Shoes?

Contrary to what shoe shining commercials show, you should polish your shoe only once a week, especially if you’re using wax. Daily shoe shining wears the shoe and reduces its lifespan, forcing you to go to the store and buy a new pair!

Can I Use One Brush to Shine All My Shoes?

A massive NO! By doing this, you inadvertently darken any lighter shoes you have, and it can be hard to clean them back to their original state. As a rule of thumb, always buy a new brush for a different color of paired shoes.

Our Verdict…

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the Kiwi Select Shoe Shine Kit wins this contest only because of the high level of detail with its accessories. Other than that, the price is a little too steep for the best shoe cleaning kit, so second place goes to the Otter Wax Leather Shoe Shine Kit because of affordability.