Get Fit With The Best Stepper Machine

What if you could step your way to a fitter, healthier you? That’s the promise that the best stepper machine delivers on. And the entire process is quite simple as well: Just step on the machine and step your way towards burning fat and toning your body; especially your core.

A unique advantage of the best stairmaster machines is that they enable you to strengthen areas that are often considered the weak spots – glutes and hamstrings. The natural motion enables your body to develop into a stronger version of itself, and you are left with a physique that is sure to attract attention, not to mention envy.

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

Xiser Commercial promises to be a game changer of the segment. It is portable, lightweight, and offers a full fitness workout. The issue is its price.

Premium Pick

The Stamina Space Mate Folding Stepper offers an entire range of high quality features and can be folded away too. What more could you ask for? Well, you could ask for it to be assembled because you have to do it yourself.

Best Bang for Your Buck

The Sunny Health And Fitness Twister Stepper is a great product that suits both beginners and advanced users. One issue you will face is that the machine ‘creaks’ after a while.

Mini Shopping Guide

Stair stepper reviews often take into consideration build quality and price as the main areas of consideration. This allows the reviewers to present an objective analysis of whether the fitness equipment can be a genuine value addition to your routine. We have used the two metrics and added a third of our own to present another dimension to stepper machine reviews. All this has led to us handpicking some of the best products available on the market.  

The Best Stepper Machine

A great equipment for beginners, but ‘creaks’ after a while

This is the stepper machine  you ought to seriously consider while thinking of your fitness goals. The Sunny presents a wide range of benefits, chief among which is that it is an ideal machine for beginners, as well as for those looking to get some amount of exercise during their busy week schedule.

This doesn’t mean that the more advanced users will not find the Sunny an expert fitness companion. The step machine comes with traditional handlebars that enable better grip, better balance, and better posture while you work up a sweat. The other highlight is the wide, anti-slip pedals that your feet can push through during an intensive workout, without any fear of slippage or injury.

The Sunny itself is constructed from high-quality, heavy-duty steel then ensures that the equipment will last for a long time. As long as your desire to stay fit.

The range of motion of the machine targets your core and the weaker glutes; strengthening them, toning them. The motion enables you to build your strength and speed from the lower body, creating a more stable base for your entire skeletal and muscular sculpture. In other words, no more chicken legs.

The Sunny Health And Fitness Twister has many appealing features; but it has some negative ones too. One is that the machine tends to ‘creak’ after you have used it for a while. The other issue is that adjusting the height of the stepper is quite a challenge.

  • LED display to track your progress.
  • Solid steel built.
  • Twist and turn motion.
  • Machine ‘creaks’ after a while.
  • Difficult to adjust height.

A handy, portable trainer that comes at a steep price

The Xiser is a game changer when it comes to the mini stepper machine. Its unique, portable nature enables you to pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. Whether you are going to the park, to the gym, or even on a business trip, the Xiser brings your workout along with it. Compared to other steppers that can weigh as much as 400 pounds, the probable stepper weighs only 14 pounds. The machine is quite easy to set up too: Just place it on an even floor, step on it, and you are now ready to burn fat and build muscle.

What makes the Xiser  one of the best stepper machine is that it allows you to replicate the natural human motion of stepping, and then transform it into a gut-busting workout.

At first glance, the portable stepper may look like a simple enough fitness accessory. Look a little closer and you will see a body crafted from none other than the alloy used to build aircrafts. In fact, each and every part of the machine carries with it a premium build quality that can come only from using premium materials. There is none of the cheap ‘Made In China’ parts – the entire machine has been constructed in the US.

Another feather in Xiser’s cap is that it represents a first for the segment: It is the first accessory that can be used for sprint training in as well.

For all of its five-star features, the portable stepper does have an Achilles heel – the retail price. The money you need to invest may put off some of the more casual trainers.

  • Build in the USA.
  • Constructed from aircraft alloy.
  • The very first step-sprint trainer.
  • Expensive, and then some more.

The Gold’s Gym brand of fitness; hydraulics turn noisy.

When it comes to fitness and exercise, the Gold’s Gym brand can never be too far away. Having provided a temple for some legendary bodybuilders, the brand has now entered the step segment with a portable stair stepper that promises a fitter, healthier you.

The obvious benefit of having a portable fitness accessory is that you can carry it with you anywhere you go, or simply use it at home. If the indoors get too boring, you can carry the Mini Stepper outside and bust out a quick workout in the sunshine.

Replicating the motion of climbing stairs, the machine allows you to get started nice and easy. Once you get into a rhythm, simply quicken your pace. There are no fancy adjustments or workout levels – YOU decide how much you want to exert. That’s something that certainly impressed us.

Where the step machine truly earns its stripes is by targeting your glutes, your entire legs, and abs. One session on the machine, and you will immediately feel a tighter core and stronger lower body.

Working out on the Mini is real easy, and risk free. The anti-slip pedal provides a large enough surface to really push through for a more intense workout.

The one issue you may find with the Gold’s Gym Mini Stepper is that the hydraulics tend to turn noisy after a while.

  • Monitor to track progress.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • The Gold’s Gym brand.
  • Hydraulics turn noisy after repeated use.

A near perfect fitness accessory, but requires assembly

The Space Mate delivers on the full range of features you can expect from a top-of-the-line fitness accessory; and because of its foldable nature, you can count on it as one of the best stepper machine for home.

You can often tell how good a home stepper is by its handles.  The Space Mate delivers a comfortable, foam-infused pad that your hands will simply love to grip. The added benefit here is that the cushioning on the handles enable you to get a better grip, thus keeping you well balanced during the entire workout.

To appear on our best stepper list, the machine needs to have top quality hydraulics and pedals that ensure an intense, yet injury free, workout. The Space Mate delivers on both counts: The hydraulics allow for a smooth range of motion – great for beginners – allowing you to increase the resistance level. The pedal offers a spacious footbed with the industry standard anti-slip cover.

A negative trait of the Stamina Space Mate Folding Stepper is that you will need to assemble the product once it is delivered to your doorstep.

  • Monitor to track your progress.
  • Top hydraulics.
  • Foldable; saves on space.
  • Requires assembly.
  • Expensive.

Targets the entire body; not suited for plus size people

We began our best stepper machine list with the Sunny Health And Fitness, and we are ending with another stellar product from the same brand. The reason being that Sunny has established itself as one of the foremost names in the stepper segment, having delivered countless quality products. The portable stepper with resistance bands is no different.

The best stairmaster machines target your core and lower body, but also offer a full body workout. That is exactly what the Sunny Stepper achieves. The anti-slip pedals allow you to target your lower and abs; the resistance bands that you can attach to the side of the pedals allow you to tone your arms and chest in a singular motion.

One of the highlights of the Sunny stair stepper is its hydraulics system. Not only do they allow for a smooth, friction-less motion for an ideal workout, the system does not ‘creak’ or emit noises even after repeated usage.

One issue you may find with the Sunny Stepper is that it is not suited for plus size users.

  • Resistance bands targets upper body.
  • Portable.
  • Not designed for plus size individuals.

Best Stepper Machine – Expert Speak

Stepper machines are a great fitness accessory that allow you to get more than a decent workout right in your home. According to the experts, there are three important factors that determine if the machine is the right fit for you:

Build Quality

When we talk about build quality, we use it as an umbrella term that covers the entire machine – right from the handles to the hydraulics to the foot pedals. First, the handlebars. They need to offer a firm grip and should be ideally covered in cushion. The hydraulics should ensure a smooth stepping motion. And the foot pedal should offer a firm launch pad for your feet to exert.


The monitor is a personal choice, according to the experts. Reading how many steps you have taken and how many calories you have burnt can be a great motivational tool if you are a beginner. The more advanced users may not find a digital monitor on the best stepper machines as too much of a value add. That being said, it is always better to have a monitor that displays your workout info.


A unique advantage with the steppers is that you don’t have to break the bank on most models. But you may still want to check how much you wish to spend on the equipment. For some of you, it may be a primary mode of exercise. For others, the machine may just be a top up on their current fitness routine. Depending on how often you plan to use the stepper, you can invest an appropriate amount.

Best Stepper Machine – The Winner

Considering some of the top quality products on our list, it was certainly not an easy task choosing the winner. But choose we must, and we have selected the Stamina Space Mate Folding Stepper. The machine exhibits all the fine characteristics of a high quality accessory, and the fact that it can be folded away nudges it ahead of the stiff competition.