The 7 Best Travel Wallets for Men

Vacation preparations are quite stressful, but you know what else is a nightmare? Having to turn out your entire luggage just because you couldn’t find your credit card to pay for an airport snack, to board a pass or any other travel expenditure. From what I have experienced, it can cause extreme anxiety, embarrassment, and increase the rate of pre-travel annoyance. To avoid all these unnecessary mishaps, for any trip you embark on, you should have a travel wallet.

Men’s travel wallet is more than style apparel. It is the life of your luggage because it contains essential items such as passport holders, credit card holders, and numerous other ‘holders.’ Recent men travel wallet incorporates RFID block technologies to protect credit card details against theft.

From all aspect, a travel wallet is essential not only to serve as a travel document holder but also to protect you against unnecessary regrets from loss and delays, thereby resulting in an unhappy vacation.

The 7 Best Style Wallets Travelers Are Raving About

What makes a wallet the best for travel? It starts with it’s simple, built to last yet lightweight features, the smooth feel of its premium finish material coupled with classy design details. The best travel wallet takes care of the security, efficiency, and easy document accessibility aspect of your trip.  Feeling travel conscious already? Below are the 7 best.

You can never go wrong with a Michael Kors which is why this wallet is on the list. The Michael Kors Jetset Wallet was so nice it sold out within its first two days. For starters, the PVC coated canvas exterior wallet is designed to detail with a subtly printed block monogram. Materials used are tanned leather for the exterior and thin fabric on the interior. It comes with 8 card slots and 2 slips in the main wallet. It is completed with a removable mini passcase wallet.

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  • The larger wallet measures approximately 4.25 inches (L) x 3.5 inches (H) x 1 inch (W)
  • Removable mini ID Wallet with ID holder and 3 card slips
  • Two full-length bill compartments along the upper edge
  • Most customer reviews reveal that Michael Kors Jetset Wallet has a fantastic design and a wise choice of material. However, few think that the exterior leather finish isn’t quite pocket friend, feel like Velcro and sticks together.

Any Tumi’s lover can testify that their wallets are of outstanding quality. Just as the name applies, it is designed specially for alpha males, you know the notably strong-willed kind, loves to be in control, exudes a high level of sheer masculinity and is likely to turn heads just by flipping out his wallet at the airport. The unique zip around wallet is one of tumi’s numerous male wallet collections, which means you have so many other options to choose from. It was voted the Best RFID-blocking travel wallet for 2019 on

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  • Tumi’s Men’s Alpha-Zip Around Travel wallet comes in premium leather materials finished with ballistic nylon trimming popular with most Tumi’s product this improves its waterproof capacity.
  • The wallet comes with a three gusseted compartment which serves as a travel document holder, and storage for other essentials.
  • Twelve card slots for credit cards, I.D cards, and passports
  • Most customers applaud the artistry and exceptional design of the Tumi Men’s Alpha-Zip around Travel wallet. However, it does not have RFID blocking technology necessary against theft.

Bellroy Travel Wallet &Document Holder is undeniably one of the best travel wallet and best passport holders in the market.  No more hassles at the airport during boarding as this travel wallet can comfortably accommodate passports, tickets, boarding passes, and foreign currencies all in one place. The wallet provides two slot sections for cash (to help separate currencies), space for a micro pen, leather tailored pouch and pocket-friendly dimensions of 3.8 inches tall x 6 inches wide / 97mm tall x 150mm wide. Voted the best travel wallet overall 2019 on

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  • Made from eco-friendly leather
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Available in colors such as black, caramel, cocoa and navy
  • 10 cards card slots and fits all standard passport sizes
  • Contains a sim pouch with a micro pen slot.
  • Note that not all Bellroy Travel Wallet &Document Holder comes with RFID protection, this feature is present only in certain colors and for an additional cost. The RFID colors are caramel and cocoa.

Much unlike most wallets, the BAGSMART Travel Wallet is a compact zippered wallet designed for travel. It mostly serves as a minimalist passport holder with just enough space for a passport, credit cards and cash making it one of the best men’s travel wallet for people who don’t like to carry bulky wallets. The integrated RFID blocking layer blocks unauthorized scanning of your passport and credit cards.

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  • It is made of water repellant polyester
  • Contains 6 pocket slots and 1 mesh pocket for storing cards.
  • Has a considerably handy size with dimensions Dimension: 4.7x 7 x 0.8 inch (L*W*H)
  • The zipper closure makes sure that although the wallet is of small size, nothing falls off on transit.
  • it is slim lightweight and Weight: 0.12kg/0.26 lb
  • Most customer reviews suggest users would have preferred the wallet in larger sizes, It is believed the wallet is designed to serve for minimalist storage. Although this means lesser storage spaces, however it perfectly suits people who don’t buy the whole idea of a bulky wallet.

Habitoux RFID Blocking Passport Holder Travel Wallet is one of the best passport wallets in the market. It may as well be among the best travel document holders thanks to its spacious configuration. The manufacturer’s painstakingly designed it from premium Crazy Horse leather giving it a stand-out unique feel from others in the market. The wallet has a concealed layer of RFID protection. This stops digital thieves so that you can have total peace of mind for your vacation.

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  • Spacious enough to contain up to 20 bills of paper cash
  • It comes in a special gift box in case you’re buying to surprise your special man
  • Large volume and size configurations with Dimensions: 5.9’’ x 4.25’’ x 0.39’’ / 15 x 10.8 x 1cm. Weight: 2.7oz / 78g.
  • Made from genuine crazy horse leather giving a texture similar to that used for saddles.
  • Additional spaces to fit it travel documents, secure passports, and fit in credit cards.
  • Since it comes with one of the best RFID protects, most customers recommend it. Also, cleaning procedures are quite simple and do not tamper with the RFID block components. It is a fine product, and you should consider getting one.

Unlike most other wallets in the market, Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet Passport $ Document Organizer is made from high grade nylon material, making it totally water/moisture resistant. The high quality wallet comes with several slots for ID cards, credit cards and passports, a phone pouch, a key holder, and a pocket hook.

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  • The water-resistant nylon material gives it an edge over numerous other passport holder wallets
  • The RFID blocking feature
  • Spacious enough to contain 2 passports, 1 pen holder, a phone, 6 cards 1 mesh bag, and a boarding pass
  • It is highly versatile, it contains a removable wristlet, a removable keychain and belt holder
  • The Zoppen RFID Travel Wallet has wonderful user review. However, few customers complain about the zipper design which Is of low quality and most times get stuck to items within the wallet. So if you’re convinced the pros are much greater than one con, waste no further time for one.

The last but definitely the least. If you’re a man that loves all things elegant and classy, this diminutive design is a pure symbol of beauty and usefulness. It was thoughtfully designed from handcrafted from Italian pebbled and smooth leather to give it that lasting quality and style any good wallet should possess. The mini luxury wallet is inspired by small zip around wallets of the late ’70s and provides enough storage for every essential. Streamlined and beautifully functional: this wallet enables elegant organization.

  • Zipper cash compartment
  • Pen holder
  • A passport pocket
  • A sliding pocket for travel documents
  • Dimensions when open: 9.8 x 5.5 x 1.3 IN
  • Relatively large
  • The zippers appear to be a bit “weak”

What to Look Out For When Choosing a Travel Wallet

Now you have the list of the best travel wallets out there in the market, the next step is to give you tips on how to choose what suits you perfectly for your vacation. In theory, a travel wallet shouldn’t be more than a sort of protective cover over a card like and paper like travel essentials. It should be small enough to fit into a pocket or smaller bag yet wide enough to contain cards and folded documents. It should be able to protect these items from wear and tear or even accidental water exposure.

Different manufacturers have different perspectives on what an ideal travel wallet should be. Hence, it’s left to you the user to make your choice based on what suits you most. Here are the little things you should look out for any travel wallet you pick up to buy.

Film Protectors

Having a thin layer of PVC film over the front and back of card slots is way better than having such sections covered with leather material. The advantage is it lets you see what card you’re pulling out before you actually do. The Michael Kors jet set wallet and Bellroy Travel Wallet &Document Holder is the only one on the list that has this feature.

Document case and passport holders

Modern manufacturers have revolutionized the traditional wallet outlook, today’s wallets come with mini document case and passport holders for foldable documents. Although many think that it makes the wallet look bulky and more of a fancy pack, products such as Habitoux RFID Blocking Passport Holder Travel Wallet and Bellroy Travel Wallet &Document Holder have the perfect dimensions for this need, yet look lightweight.

Wallet material

Before you buy a wallet, you should know if you’re a leather person, fabric, nylon, PVC, or any other material. You do not want to buy a wallet that doesn’t suit your style and personality. Although most wallets come in different leather materials, there is a huge range of other durable materials to choose from. BAGSMART Travel Wallet is made from water replant polyester and is undeniably one of the best out there. Similarly, the Michael Kors Jetset Wallet is made from a PVC coated canvas exterior, thus increasing its durability.

The number of Slots/ card holders

It’s vital to pick a wallet which has as much card and passport holders as you have. If you have six credit cards, it will do you no good to buy a portfolio that can only hold three. If the holding capacity is not enough, you may end up losing one of your cards while on vacation. Habitoux RFID Blocking Passport Holder Travel Wallet and Bellroy Travel Wallet &Document Holder have as much as 6 slots to serve your needs.

Modern safety features

Does it have a functional zipper? Does it have RFID protection? How about a Bluetooth seek and find feature to help you search for your wallet in case you misplace it? These are the questions that should run through your mind when you pick up that cute wallet at the mall. Luckily, all except the Michael Kors Jetset Wallet and the cuyana wallet come with these features.


I hate to end this, but the fight for the best among the 7 best travel wallets for men is gradually coming to an end. We’ve seen the “contestants” struggle with who’s the most versatile, stylish, safest, spacious and so on. The winner is clearly the wallet that defines what a modern man should have handy for a vacation. It is the bridge between an exciting peaceful vacation and a stressful one. It is such that the user can’t spend an hour on the trip without picking it out to admire its wonderful features, it is the Bellroy Travel Wallet &Document Holder. Now if you come across one of these, don’t hesitate to buy it.