Casio Military Watch – The Tough Is Back

What can be tougher than the military…? And what can be tougher than a Casio watch…? The two seem to be a match made in heaven with the Casio military watch.  

The much cherished brand has taken the manly aspects of the military – toughness, durability, and rugged looks – to deliver a timepiece that spells M A N. A single glance is enough to say that the watch has the cojones to take on the world without taking a step back.

The Casio military watch is more than just a testosterone-fuelled accessory, it actually performs as an excellent time-keeping device as well. The alpha that the timepiece is, you can pair with the best hiking sunglasses for your outdoor trip, or wear it with the best workout gloves to optimize your fitness routine.

We take a closer look at what makes the G Shock military one of the best.

The Review

Let’s first talk about the singular feature that sets the Casio watch apart from the rest – its unique style. Sporting flashes of military fatigues in a handsome black body, the military watch is like no other when it comes to a striking visual aesthetic. Wear it, and you will stand out from the crowd. Any crowd.

Here’s a deep dive into what makes the G Shock Military an essential accessory for the essential man:

The Toughest B*st**d You’ve Met

The one thing you can absolutely trust Casio with is their build quality. The reason why their watches have earned the rightful place among the top echelon of form and function is because of the top-grade materials used in the construction of their wearable timepieces. You have none of the cheap, ‘Made in China’, components at play here; everything here is sourced from the brand’s origin – Japan.

The Casio military watch has been moulded from über tough, high-grade materials that come endorsed from none other than the military itself. Try this out: drop the watch from a height, or throw it about, and it will still tell time accurate to the millisecond. And that’s why the Casio G Military Watches, and the GA 100 in particular, are some of the toughest b*st**ds you will meet.

The true beauty of the build quality is that while the material is strong and tough, it feels quite lightweight on your wrist.

A slight concern here is that glass case is not entirely scratch proof. While it will certainly survive the day-to-day grind, coming up against a sharp object could leave its mark.

Life-Proof, Adventure-Proof

The superior build quality of the watch imbues it with a sense of near-indestructibility, which it proudly wears in the form of shock resistance and magnetic resistance. In fact, any G Shock watch review will feel incomplete without a nod to its ‘Superhero’ abilities of being able to withstand falls, drops, and other kinds of trauma.

To add to that list, you can include the anti-magnetic ability as well: Take a magnet near it, but the watch’s time field will not be affected. The icing on top of the cake is that you can even dive with the watch, up to 200m.

Classic Military Style 

As we mentioned before, the USP of the Casio military watch is its style. The watch does not hide from its masculinity, and proudly displays it in its colour combination. The outer body features a bold, black design with a sprinkle of military green that gives the watch its unique style. The inner portion of the strap too takes a similar shade, which makes for a cool style statement. When you strap it on, the tinge of green stands out on your wrist against the black body.

What truly makes the GA 100 one of the best G Shock watch, at least in terms of style, is its larger than life bezel. The design feature stands out loud and proud of its unique individuality, just like you should.

Attention To Detail

Sometimes, it is the small things that make a big difference. The same can be said of the Casio watch. All of its functions and features are just a button away. You can adjust time, set an alarm, view different time zones, and do much more with the four buttons found at convenient corners on the bezel. A feature that we especially like is the Auto-LED illumination. When the watch goes from light to dark, the screen illuminates on its own to help you keep track of the time.

  • Rugged style.
  • Excellent features for an economical price.
  • Auto LED.
  • Big bold bezel.
  • The glass case is not anti-scratch.
  • Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

The Alternative To The GA 100

As far as competition goes, probably no other brand can match the Casio military watch. But there is another model of the G Shock that comes close to competing for top honours – the G Shock Analog-Digital.

Sporting a similar military aesthetic, the classic Analog-Digital offers the same degree of toughness and durability that you have come to expect from Casio. Moulded from high-grade materials, the watch has been assembled in the USA, eschewing the cheaper components of low-grade assembly lines. You can almost instantly feel the top quality fo the watch when you wear it on your wrist.

There are two standout features of the Analog-Digital that makes it a popular choice. One is its smaller bezel. For those looking for a more subtle touch, the discreet watch in black may seem a better option when compared to the bigger GA 100. The second standout feature of the watch is the protective glass window that offers a high degree of anti-scratch ability.

If you are looking for a bit of subtlety without compromising on rugged masculinity, then the G Shock Analog Digital provides a worthy alternative to the GA 100.

Casio G Shock Review – Conclusion

The Casio military watch is a statement. No doubt about it. The toughness, ruggedness, durability, and the high-grade components are all on display. What sets the G 100 apart is that it has not been designed to shy away from the attention that it will receive. If that is who you are, then the watch is a must buy.