Money Clip Wallets – The Magnificent 7

Imagine a classy bar in Casablanca: You enter, dressed in your finest suit. As you stride to the barkeep, All eyes in the room are on you; some of the pretty ones are already batting their eyelids, trying to catch your attention. You order your drink, a whiskey neat, then dip your fingers into the suit pocket and slide out a smooth, suave money-clip.

The Magnificent 7

Money clips are staging a roaring revival back into the universe of cool style. With digital money the preferred payment mode, the need to carry currency and multiple plastic cards is facing extinction. Money clips, just like slim wallets, occupy a fraction of the space, while allowing you to carry all that you need. The time has probably come for you to make the switch from bulky, overweight wallets to modern, minimalist clips.

Here are the 7 best money clips for you to consider:

Sleek and minimalist as anything you have set your eyes on, the M-Clip Solid is certainly an eye-catcher. Weighing just 3.5 ounces, the lightweight money-clip is as practical as it is stylish. The design team has fitted a thin, comfortable grip around the smooth aluminium body to ensure that it will stay secure in your hand, no matter how buttery your fingers are, when you make a cash or card transaction. The enhanced grip also allows you to slip the money-clip in and out of your pocket with a minimum of fuss.

What makes the M-Clip Solid one of the more attractive options on the market is its premium finish. The clip is assembled by hand, ensuring you get a sophisticated accessory to carry around. The style quotient of the M-Clip is further heightened with three choices– anodised aluminium, classic stainless steel, or sparkling silver plate.

There are many things going for the M-Clip. One of the drawbacks, however, is its pricing: You may not consider it value enough.   

  • Style meets functionality.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Premium finish.
  • Pricing is expensive.

This is one accessory that is not for the kids. The reason being that the GDC is perhaps one of the more imaginative money-clips you will find. Along with the cash and cards, you will be carrying a discrete Swiss knife as well, tucked away intelligently inside the clip’s body. But there is certainly more to the GDC than its, albeit limited, self-defence tool.

The money-clip boasts of a high-grade titanium-coated steel that makes it one tough accessory. You can probably take the manufacturer’s word when they say that the product will last a lifetime. The clip is lightweight, but can easily carry 5 cards and a large wad of currency. Then there is the serrated thumb grip that gives you a firm hold.    

A potential downside of the Gerber GDC Money Clip is the Swiss knife that comes attached to the accessory. On the one hand, it can be useful in certain situations; on the other, it can pose a security risk when you travel.     

  • High-grade quality.
  • Multi-functionality.
  • What were they thinking (or smoking) when they decided to include a Swiss knife in a money-clip?

From a Swiss knife to a Swiss money-clip. Presenting the best of both worlds – wallet and clip – the Alpine Swiss is one of the more multifunctional accessories that can perform many roles with consummate ease. Cash, cards, ID, even coins can be accommodated in this sleek money-clip. You can even count on RFID Blocking to keep your cards secure from potential hackers. Even though the Alpine can function as an old-school wallet, it is as light and compact as the more modern clip.  

Fashioned from smooth, soft leather, the Hybrid does not skimp on the style quotient one bit. With an all black finish, the accessory is guaranteed to create a statement no matter where you carry it: One of its more appealing aspects. Pair it with your jeans, or a three-piece suit, the Swiss Alpine will never look out of place.

The only issue with the accessory is that for a money clip, it can feel a bit big.

  • Multifunctional and practical.
  • Extremely stylish.
  • Premium leather finish.
  • RFID Blocking Technology.
  • Size.

A single glance at the sleek Sherman Brands Money Clip may be enough to fall in love with it. The accessory is certainly one of the most stylish options. With a chiseled, carbon-fibre body, the suave money clip makes holding your money and cards look effortlessly easy. All you have to do is press the clip open, slide in your money and plastic, and you are good to go.

On the style front, the diamond-blue finish gives the Sherman Brands the aura of a true fashionista. The design intelligence of the accessory is further heightened with a serrated pattern that offers a stable, firm grip on the clip.

The highlight of the money-clip is its minimalism that marries a high aesthetic design. The clip is extremely lightweight while durable enough to hold up to 10 cards and more than a dozen currency notes. You can slip it in and out of your pocket with absolutely no fuss. 

  • Minimalist design.
  • High-grade construction.
  • Eye candy.
  • Surface may scratch when carried with sharp objects.

Shakespeare had once asked, What’s in a name..? The Alaska Bear has answered it with, Nothing, absolutely nothing…

The money clip may have a quixotic brand name, but let that not distract you from its sheer practical brilliance. A singular stainless steel body is the length and breadth of the clip. Nothing more, nothing less.  

The minimalist design allows you to carry currency and cards with a minimum of fuss and with just about any attire that you choose. The lightweight, space-saving accessory is a special boon for those of you who commute in crowded, packed trains, as well as those who cycle to work. Because of its sleek, minimalist design, just about anyone can use the Alaska Bear: You could be a student, a stock broker, or a Hollywood star.

The only downside is that it cannot carry a large bunch of cards or currency.

  • Great pricing.
  • Supremely practical.
  • Non-magnetic body safe for cards.
  • Limited carry capacity.

Simple. No nonsense. High style. These are some of the adjectives that give a fair, accurate description of the Capricorn money-clip. The simplicity of the accessory is, in fact, its standout feature. There is absolutely no flash and glitter to hook your attention, just an understated elegance. And that is more than enough to convey the money-clip’s purpose– to hold your money safely and securely.

The only design flourish is the hinge that enhances the accessory’s style quotient.The spring mechanism allows you to dispense cash or use your card quick and easy. The only issue here is that the hinge may not be able to weather heavy, everyday usage.

The satin-smooth finish makes the Capricorn an absolute delight to show off to the world. The cash and cards you carry around will probably consider it their honour to be held in this über-stylish money-clip.

  • Gorgeous eye candy.
  • Scratch-free body.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • The hinge mechanism needs to be handled with care.

Why Money Clips - Expert Speak

The fashion experts have weighed in and here are the main takeaways:

  • Premium Finish: Money-clips are meant to exude a certain aura. If you opt for a cheap, plastic finish, the very purpose of carrying one is defeated. Opt for a metal finish. You will be surprised at the number of affordable options that are available. Better yet, go for a carbon-fibre body that oozes style and sophistication.
  • Minimalist Size: The very reason why people choose a money-clip is because it offers a lightweight, compact option compared to an ordinary wallet. The better sense is to choose a clip that is sleek, minimalist, but durable enough to carry currency and cards. Too big a size will make the accessory no better than a wallet.
  • RFID Blocking: Sophisticated technology has led to sophisticated ways of stealing. Hackers and new-age thieves can easily steal valuable financial information from your debit and credit cards. A money-clip that prevents such hacks with RFID Blocking technology is a wise investment.
  • Non Magnetic: There is a real risk of magnetic clips causing damage to debit and credit cards. Non-magnetic clips offer a more reliable and lightweight option, especially if you prefer carrying multiple cards.

Final Thoughts

Money-clips offer a more suave and sophisticated way to carry your money. Everything about them seems to be designed for busy, modern lives that we lead. The style statement these clips offer is an added bonus to their practical, everyday features. The time has come to think of replacing wallets with money-clips.