RIVBOS TAC Sunglasses Review

There are few temptations that we men face that are as strong as the allure of the outdoors on a perfect sunny day. It is coded in our genes. And while going out for a hike or for a fitness activity comes highly recommended, your eyes will need premium protection from the harmful rays that can cause permanent damage to your eyesight. Worry not, our TAC glasses review has picked out an impressive piece of eyewear that will go to battle with all the harmful elements.

The Rivbos sunglasses offer great protection at a great price. We take a closer look.     

RIVBOS TAC Glasses Review

The sunglasses stand apart from the rest of its peers with its high-quality construction sourced from Switzerland, and we all know how the Swiss value their quality. In a day and age where even the premium brands are sourcing cheap materials from low-cost suppliers, it is refreshing to see Rivbos stick to the best materials instead of opting to cheap out for unbridled profit.

The TAC glasses offer style, function, and versatility at a decent price: There is perhaps nothing more you could ask from a pair of protective eyewear. Our review takes a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the outdoor sunglasses.

King Of Versatility

If there were ever a pair of glasses that you could carry wherever you go, and use it for whatever purpose you intend, it is the Rivbos. The glasses have been designed to perform a multitude of functions while adjusting to different outdoor settings and scenarios: Perfect for adventure junkies and fitness enthusiasts.

Wear it during a hike, and your eyes will stay protected from the harsh sun; wear it during a run, and the lens will cut out any glare from shiny, reflective surfaces; take the sunglasses for a bike ride, and your precious eyes will stay protected from harmful elements such as excess wind and tiny dirt particles. But the glasses are not just limited to outdoor activities.

The protective sunglasses can also be used if you are playing a sport like baseball or tennis, and even for an outdoor crossfit session. The frames stick close to your face, enabling you to engage in dynamic movements without ever slipping off.

Now you know why our TAC Glasses Review calls the Rivbos Sunglasses the king of versatility.         

All Action Lens

If the pair of sunglasses was a superhero, it would be more like the Avengers rather than a single meta-human. The reason being that the lens packs in various abilities that cover the entire range of protection.

The mirror coating on the lens surface acts as a one-man army, keeping out harmful rays and even more harmful glares. The glasses offer 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Plus they are polarised to cut out excessive brightness of a mid-day sun. But these specs can be found in just about any other pair of sunglasses.

What makes the Rivbos polarised sports sunglasses truly worth your loyalty is the superior protection it offers from harmful blue light. The eyewear cuts out the light up to 400nm, offering your eyes the very best protection it deserves.

And that’s why the sunglasses deserve our high respects when it comes to the TAC glasses review.

For all of its superhero abilities, the lens’ kryptonite is sharp objects. If the sunglasses were to fall on a ragged stone or pointed surface, it could leave behind a few scratches on the lens. The other minor issue is that the shape of the frame may not suit all face types.

The Whole Nine Yards

When it comes to sunglasses and protective eyewear, most brands offer the pair along with a perfunctory carry case. Not so the Rivbos.

When you purchase a pair of their sports sunglasses, you get all the requisite accessories to keep the glasses looking fresh and new for a long, long time. Your purchase will include a hard case that you can use for your outdoor camping and hiking trips, a soft case for everyday use, and a cleaning cloth to gently wipe off particles and accumulated dirt from the lens. Look at any TAC glasses reviews and you will find these accessories are a complete care package for the lens and the frame.

  • Great price.
  • Great choice of lens colours.
  • Versatile.
  • Durable.
  • Constructed from Swiss materials.
  • The lens can scratch against a sharp object.
  • The frame shape may not suit all face types.

The Alternative

The Rivbos glasses are near perfect when it comes to sun protection. There is, however, stiff competition in the segment, and the best example of this intense competition is the Oakley Valve.

Just the mention of the brand is sufficient to get your attention; such has been the rich reputation that Oakley has earned among reviews on TAC glasses. The Valve follows in the long line of superior eyewear that offers high grade protection from harmful elements.

Reading out the list of the sunglasses features is a bit like reading the lineup of an NBA All-Star game. The patented O Matter frame is lightweight and simultaneously able to resist a large amount of stress. The patented Unobtainium nose pads and ear pads offer a secure no-slip experience, even in the most sweat-inducing conditions. The patented Plutonite lens technology filters all the harmful rays and glares, keeping your eyes fresh and ready for the challenges ahead.

The list of patented technologies mentioned in the above paragraph should only re-establish what a premium, high-functioning accessory the Oakley Valve is. And the signature style means you always make a statement no matter where you wear them.  

The one issue with the Valve is that it is non-polarised.

Conclusion – TAC Glasses Review

The Rivbos has got a lot of things going for it: A more than decent brand name, a lens with superhero abilities to thwart harmful rays and glares, a sleek frame that certainly does not skimp on the style factor, and perhaps the most important of all – a great price. In our humble opinion, the protective eyewear is a great piece of investment.