Fitness Right at Home with the Best Free Weights

Who says only a gym can provide a decent workout? With the best free weights, any spare corner in your apartment or house can turn into a fully functional fitness space. The beauty about these free weights is that they do not consume much space, and are easy to transport about. You can even carry some of them on your trips abroad. That way, your fitness goals are never compromised. Don’t shy away from complementing your fitness gear with a nice pair of workout gloves!

Our Recommendation

Value Pick

If budget is your top consideration, then the AmazonBasics Dumbbell Pairs are your best bet. They offer quality, colour, and a decent workout. The range of weights may not suit more advanced gym goers.

Premium Pick

BowFlex SelectTech is a high quality fitness accessory that any fitness enthusiast would be proud to own. The only concern is the price.

Best Pick

The Power Block mixes innovative technology with old-school sensibility to provide a quality set of free weights. Easy to use; but they are a bit expensive as well.

Mini Shopping Guide

A pair of dumbbells have a magical quality about them: They bring fitness right to your doorstep, rather than force you to step out of the door to the gym. Free weights accomplish a wide variety of functions, including boosting muscle mass and burning up excess fat.

The best free weights enable you to workout in a safe manner by providing high quality components and superior handle grip all at a decent price. These are the main considerations for the list that we have compiled.

The 12 Best Free Weights

A great accessory for beginners, but limited range of weights 

For those of you who have always wanted to start a fitness regimen, one of the best free weights you can invest in is the AmazonBasics Dumbbell Pairs. The set offers a great launch pad to begin burning off the excess body fat.

Designed from Neoprene, beginners will especially like how the dumbbells feel in their hands. There is a safety measure hidden in here as well: the soft outer material will not hurt you if the dumbbell were to accidentally slip from your hands.

The issue with the AmazonBasics set is that it is more suited for beginners. 

  • Soft to touch.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Limited weight range ideal for beginners.

High quality set with a tad difficult locking rings

The CAP Barbell is an ideal set of free weights that anyone can use at home to get the best pump, and to tone the muscles as well.

The CAP comes with a solid barbell that you will find easy to grip. The biggest advantage here is that you can load and unload dumbbell plates according to your preference. The level of flexibility, in terms of weights, should appeal to fitness enthusiasts.

The barbell and dumbbell plates are manufactured from the highest quality cast iron. And this top quality product is available for an economical price.

The downside with the dumbbell set is that the locking rings that keeps the plates in place can be a bit difficult to operate.

  • Flexible range of plates.
  • High quality cast iron.
  • Locking plates is a bit difficult.

Innovative training accessory that comes at a steep price

Technology makes its mark with the Power Block.

Rather than bear the hassle of loading and unloading plates, you can simply put a pin in the amount of weight you want to lift, and you are good to go. The convenience of the Power Block is similar to the weight stack machines you find at the gym.

The other unique feature of the set include a stable wrist support to prevent injuries.

One issue with the Power Block is the price.

  • Easy to change weights.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Expensive.

Superior dumbbell system that requires an investment

The BowFlex is your one-stop destination to all your training needs. You can switch from light to heavy in an instant, without requiring to add or remove additional plates. All you need to do is turn the unique dial system located on each dumbbell.

The adjustable free weights will satisfy workout enthusiasts of different abilities, strengths, and skills. The one aspect of the BowFlex that everyone will appreciate is the superior grip it provides, keeping your wrists stable throughout the workout.

The one aspect that you may not appreciate about the SelectTech is its price – one of its negative traits.

  • Unique dial system.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Expensive.

Go light to heavy in an instant; locking system is a minor issue

For all those of you who prefer the old school style of stacking cast iron plates, the Yes4All will feel like your prayers have been answered.

Unlike some other dumbbell sets, the Yes4All provides a high range of  plates. You can switch from 2 pounds to 200 pounds without breaking much of a sweat. And there is that additional satisfaction you will feel of the cast iron plates pumping and toning your muscles. They do no call it pumping iron for no reason.

One issue you may face is that the locking system can take some time to get used to.

  • Great range of weights.
  • Locking system takes a while to warm up.

Instant mood lifter,  but a little light for the serious lifter

It is hard to make a list of the best free weights without including kettlebells. And Tone Fitness has produced one of the most impressive sets.

The kettle bells have been coated with soft Neoprene, making them that much easier to grip and workout with. The additional benefit here is that even if the set were to fall from your hands, neither the floor nor you will suffer any damage. A special mention must also be made about the peppy colours of the kettlebell. They will lift your mood up instantly.

The flip-side to the kettle bells is that they are ideal for light workouts. The more serious lifters will be left unsatisfied.

  • Easy to use.
  • Available in uplifting colours.
  • Not for serious lifters.

An entire range of weights that take a bit of space

The Solid Hex Dumbbell Rack has the potential to turn your spare room into a serious weight training room in an instant. No longer do you need to worry about changing plates, like some of the other workout sets. The Hex provides a wide range of weights that you can lift off a rack and place them back after the workout.

What makes the Solid Hex one of the best weights for home is the comfort and convenience they provide. Then there is also the top quality construction.

A negative trait of the Solid Hex is that it can occupy a bit of space.

  • High quality construction.
  • Occupies space.

An inspiring training accessory, but only for beginners

The BalanceFrom free weights set is an ideal fitness accessory to have at home. They are easy to use, easy to transport around, and do not take up much space. In fact, the GoFit is an ideal accessory to increase the challenge of body weight exercises that you perform.

An outstanding feature of the GoFit is its style. The set will look so good in your hands that you may not want to put them down, at all: Additional  motivation to workout. 

The issue here is that the GoFit is more suited for rookies and newbies.

  • Easy to use, easy to carry around.
  • For beginners only.

Ticks all the right boxes; locking system is a bit tight

The TELK ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the best weight set: The plates are constructed from high quality cast iron, the handles feature superior grip, and you get a variety of plates to train with.

What makes the TELK even more impressive is its shelf-life. The chrome coating ensures that they plates and the handles remain protected from rust and other corrosive elements for a long time.

The issue with the dumbbell pair is the locking mechanism. They feel a little stiff in the beginning.

  • High quality cast iron construction.
  • Stiff locking system.

Economical, extremely useful, however, only a single piece

All you need is a single dumbbell to get fit. You can train both your hands individually and also perform a variety of moves that challenge the left and right sides separately. The Hex Dumbbell may not seem like much, but proves to be an extremely useful fitness accessory with the USP being that you can carry it everywhere you go; even while traveling abroad.

The single dumbbell comes in a variety of weight options, but the downside is that you cannot add weight to it, nor remove weight from it.

  • Single dumbbell.
  • Economical.
  • Single dumbbell.

An excellent selection of free weights, but expensive

Chrome-finished handles that offer supreme grip; chrome-coated plates that offer an intense workout; a locking system that is easy to use. In many way, the Unipair offers the very best of free weights for those who are serious about their fitness.      

One of the highlights of the Unipair is that you can go from as light as 5 pounds to as heavy as 200 pounds on the same dumbbell.

For all of its performance and quality, the dumbbell set does not come cheap: One of its negative qualities.

  • Excellent weight selection.
  • Expensive.

Easy dial system, but ships in different packages

The list of best free weights concludes with a dial system set that makes shifting from one weight to the next an absolute breeze. The Merax Deluxe allows you to go from one setting to the next, right in the middle of the workout, without having to pause too long. This makes it ideal for those of you looking to work up a sweat and not compromise on intensity.

A low point of the set is that it ships in different packages. It could take a while to put the entire set together.

  • Dial-system.
  • High grade construction.
  • Ships in different packages.

Free Weights Set – Expert Speak

There are three important considerations when you choose the best free weights:


There may be some of you who may prefer fixed weights, but by and large the better option is to go for a set that allows you to adjust from a lower to a higher range of weights. Keep in mind that the locking mechanism should allow for easy adjustment rather than complicate matters.


Depending on how serious you are about working out at home, you may want to consider the investment that you are about to make. Free weights, especially the best variety, certainly don’t come cheap. It is better if you start with a mid-range brand, then invest in a more expensive option.


An often overlooked feature of dumbbell pairs is how much grip do they afford? This can come into play when you are lifting medium to heavy weights. Check for the handles to see whether they offer a serrated surface that aids grip.

The Best Free Weights – The Winner Is…

Most free weights offer the same bouquet of features: quality construction, sturdy handles, and optimum lock mechanism. The Power Block takes all these features and presents them in an innovative manner. For that, they deserve to be the winner.