Train Hard With The Best Knee Sleeves

As you pound your body through rep  after rep, set after set, your joints will suffer wear and tear, especially the knee. It is only natural. And that is why you need to ensure that your precious joints remain protected with the best knee sleeves. Not only will they offer protection, they will also aid in recovery, enabling you to train harder and faster while minimising risk of injury.

Our Recommendation

Value Pick

The Rehband Rx offers all the protection you would want from the best knee sleeves without pinching your pockets too much. They may not be advanced quality, but good enough for beginners and casual lifters.

Premium Pick

Nothing spells premium knee sleeves quite like the Bauerfeind. They offer the best protection money can buy, that is if you wish to invest that much currency in the first place.

Best Pick

The Nike Knee Sleeve is a great accessory to have when you train. They are lightweight, breathable, and whisk away excess moisture in an instant. The only issue is the limited range of sizes available.

Mini Buying Guide

Knee support is an advanced form of protection. The reason being that the joint flexes and stretches when we squat, deadlift, run, jump, or skip. The support too needs to adjust to the changing position, all the while compressing the tendons and ligaments. When it comes to the very best, what you are looking for is right amount of flexibility and stability. A lightweight fabric is important too.

The best knee sleeves on our list offer all of these attributes, and more.       

The 11 Best Knee Sleeves

Superior comfort, superior protection, but slips a little

The Nordic can be used by just about anyone in the gym – from the rookie to the casual lifter to the professional. The knee sleeves offer the right balance of padded comfort and flexibility to aid optimum support to your precious joints. You can feel the cushioned support at work when you are in the depth of your squat, trying to push up, or at the peak of your deadlift, trying to maintain balance.

Designed from modern neoprene, the material provides compression that not only prevents injuries, but also aids in recovery post workout. The soft, flexible nature of the support sleeves make them easy to wear and remove.

The one concern with the Nordic is that, due to the pair’s compact size, it may slip a little during the workout.

  • Soft, flexible neoprene.
  • Superior compression and protection.
  • Can slip a bot during the workout.

High performer, true all-rounder, and  a bit expensive

For its sheer versatility, the Bear KompleX deserves a loud round of applause. One of the best knee sleeves, the pair can be used for just about any form of physical activity: The lIst includes, squats, deadlift, running, cycling, skipping, and even Olympic-style clean jerks.

Your knees will feel certainly the love when you slip on a pair of Bear KompleX.

You can choose from a thin, 5mm pair of sleeves, or a relatively thick 7mm sleeves. No matter the thickness, the pair will work overtime to support your joints and provide a safe, stable platform from which you can push, and push hard. The material of the sleeves aid in increased blood flow to the joints, preventing injuries and stiffness.

For all of its outstanding features, the Bear KompleX lands on the higher side of the price scale – one of its negative attributes.

  • Sticks to the knee.
  • Versatile.
  • Style.
  • Expensive.

Blessed with all-star features; the size can be an issue

The PowerLix has taken all the best features that a knee sleeve should possess and crafts a pair of support sleeves that feel like an all-star.

You want optimum support, you got it with the soft flexible material. You want comfort, you got it with breathable mesh fabric. You want protection, you got it with the sleeves wrapping around the joints like a glove.

What makes the PowerLix one of the best knee compression sleeve is the four-way flex that allow for maximum movement while minimising injury.

The only issue here is that getting the right size can be an issue.

  • Superior performance.
  • Economical.
  • Size may be an issue.

Advanced knee protection that can feel a bit stiff for regular use

This is a pair that is as serious about knee support as you are about your health and fitness.

The Mava provides an advanced level of protection., especially for those suffering from long standing issues such as arthritis or tendonitis. The support provided by the compression knee sleeve is, in fact, even recommended post surgery. You can be rest assured that your knees are in the best sleeves possible when you slip on a pair of Mava Knee Support.

Because of its superior protection, the Mava can feel a bit stiff for regular use: One of its negative traits.

  • Superior knee support.
  • A bit stiff for regular use.

A good all-round sleeve that is prone to slip

The Rehband Rx is your one-size-fits-all type of knee support. You can use it for a variety of workouts, and the crossfit knee sleeve will work with you, providing stability and comfort to your joints.

Crafted from flexible material, the 5mm-thick sleeve strikes the fine balance between comfort and support, giving your skin a lot of love while being strong for your knees.

Slippage is an issue.

  • Versatile.
  • Economical.
  • Slippage.

Hi-tech knee support that comes at a price

The Alvada follows in the proud tradition of knee support that goes just beyond protecting the joints.

The brace is crafted from a hi-tech 3D knitting process that allows for maximum compression while providing maximum comfort. You will also find silicone gel that lines the borders, offering a high degree of non-slippage. The Alvada will stay in place throughout your workout.

Where you may find an issue with one of the best knee sleeves is the price. The hi-tech features certainly don’t come cheap.

  • Hi-tech support.
  • Anti slip.
  • Expensive.

Extraordinary knee support but with ordinary style

The Sports Support is one of the strong knee sleeves you will find out there. The upper and lower portions of the sleeves are sturdy and thick, while the portion around the knee joints is flexible and stretchable. This allows the Sports Support to take the shape of your knees, offering a superior level of protection that make them eon of the best knee sleeve.

The sleeves’ anatomical design allows you to train hard and recover faster to train harder the next time.

The one issue you may face with the Mava Sports Support is its style. They may seem too simplistic for some of you.

  • Crafted from bamboo charcoal fibre.
  • Flexible around the knees.
  • Ordinary style.

Premium protection that comes at a premium price

If you had all the money in the world, your knees would want you to own the Bauerfeind Support Sleeve. The single piece comes with an awe-inspiring level of performance and support that you can carry around with you – from play courts to the gym.

The contoured knee pad targets specific areas around the joint to alleviate pain. The knitted fabric allows for greater breathability and for better moisture control, wicking away excess sweat.

You may have to think more than just twice before purchasing the Bauerfeind Support Sleeve. They come at a steep price – a negative.

  • Premium comfort.
  • Superior knee support.
  • Expensive…and some more.

Ultimate Strength support, plain looking, however

When it comes to knee sleeve for squats, or any power move, Iron Bull Strength ensures that your precious joints stay protected. Crafted from Neoprene Flex material, the support sleeves fit your knees in a comfortable, contoured shape. You can count on maximum support, optimum breathability, and top level injury prevention.

Where the Iron Bull truly makes its mark is in distributing the stress your knee joints go through, helping them recover sooner.

The one issue you may have about the knee sleeves is that they are plain looking.

  • Strong support.
  • Flexible.
  • Plain looking.

An excellent knee support with limited range of sizes

No list of best knee sleeves can be complete without one from Nike. The brand is known for creating some of the best athletic accessories and the sleeve follows in the same tradition.

The highlight of the knee sleeve is the quick-dry material that whisks away excess moisture, keeping your skin dry and comfortable, while also maintaining shape for a longer period of time. The lightweight support offers maximum support with an easy pull-on design.

On the down-low, the Nike knee support is available only large and extra large. The sizing can be a problem.

  • Brand Nike.
  • Excellent protection.
  • Limited size.

Top level compression that feels a little stiff

When it comes to compression and comfort, few accessories can beat the performance of the Mauwi. The sleeve has been designed to take the exact shape of your knee, providing heat and stimulus to the tendons and ligaments. The Mauwi is especially recommended for those who are recovering from serious knee issues. 

The knee sleeves can take some time to break into and feel flexible, which is one of its negative traits.

  • Top level compression.
  • A bit stiff.

Best Knee Compression Sleeve – Expert Speak

When you are looking for knee support that will not let you down during the crunch moments, here’s what you need to consider:

Degree of compression

One of the most important aspects of a knee sleeve is the compression it offers to the joint. Too much and you will feel stiff, too little and you will not feel enough protection. The best knee sleeves offer the right balance between comfort and compression to allow the knee to move as naturally as possible, while keeping it safe.

Anti slip

Even the best support can sag a bit after repeated usage. The bare minimum you should expect is that the sleeve does not slip while you are performing a repetition or a set. Experts opine it is best to choose a sleeve that can wrap around your knee, taking the shape of the joint.

The right size

One of the most overlooked aspects in knee sleeves is choosing the right size. If you choose support that is too large or too small for you, even the best brands will feel like China-copies. Experts suggest you measure the thigh circumference around 5 inches above the knee, and the calf circumference around 4 inches below the joint. This will give you a good idea of the size of the sleeve.

The Best Knee Sleeves – The Winner Is…

You will find a lot of top, top products on our list, but we need to hand the winner’s prize to the Nike Knee Sleeve. The quality, the performance, the air-dry material, and even the price make it the best knee sleeve money can buy.