Let Off Some Steam With The Top 10 Punching Bags!

Boxing is no doubt one of the most marvelous sports in the world. The rush, the exhilaration, and the entertainment that comes with main event boxing spectacles are simply unparalleled.

Just a few months ago, we were treated to a spellbinding performance by Andy Luiz defeating the prolific Anthony Joshua with a terrifying jab that—for lack of better words—blew us to Mars and back!

Indeed, boxing is an exciting sport and a great way to build muscle and strength. But even before you improve your boxing technique, fitness starts with a great diet.

And what better way to do so than by meal prepping? Check out our detailed guide on the top meal prep containers and how you can use them to improve your diet and training regimen today.

So, where were we? Oh, right…. boxing!

Just like every other combat sport out there, boxing is not easy. If you really want to improve your skill and technique, you’ve got to be committed.

One of the main ways of doing so is by purchasing a high-quality punching bag to reap all the advantages of the sport; not to mention boost your cardio!

Ideally, you should purchase a punching bag that is manufactured from high-quality material to maximize your workouts.

And to help you get started on this journey, we have compiled a detailed review of the 10 best punching bags in the market.

We have also put together a concise buyer’s guide that factors in all the critical features you need to know about this particular boxing accessory.

Before you read this punching bag review, here are our top picks from the list:

Our Recommendation

Value Pick

If you’re on a tight budget but badly want to train, then why not buy the cheap punching bag Last Punch Heavy Duty? It’s designed specifically for novice trainers, but beware it’s gradual wear and tear!

Premium Pick

If you’re searching for a 9/10 kind of bag, then look no further than the Everlast Traditional Punching Bag. Ideal for combat sports, this bag comes with extras such as MMA gloves, a bungee rope, and a pair of hand wraps to really put your will to the test. You might be disappointed with the straps that hold the bag though, as they wear out after a couple of months in use.

Best Pick

No doubt the RDX Punching bag is a great accessory to acquire for both novice and experienced fighters looking to take their training a little further and work on their technique. Its tough exterior enables it to absorb all kinds of pressure for a quick, lethal workout. Its only downside is its weight, which makes it a burden to carry around!

Understanding Punching Bag Designs

As with all sporting gear, punching bags come in different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose of training. While some punching bags are designed to improve your punching technique, others are made for enhanced kicking; with the rest gearing towards muscle strengthening. With this in mind, there are two main categories of punching bags:

The Freestanding Punching Bag

Generally known as the standing punching bag, it is an ideal unit to have for any individual looking to improve their kicking technique while mixing it up with a few sessions of punching here and there.

Any kickboxers in the house?

The Hanging Bag

Hanging bags tend to be more affordable than their counterparts, and they are designed primarily for strength and muscle toning. These are the preferred bags for heavyweights such as Ruiz, Wilder, Joshua, and Fury.

The 10 Best Punching Bags

The Quintessential Indoor Punching Bag

These punching bags are designed specifically for indoor use, consisting of an air foam chamber whose height can be adjusted to suit your preference. With a round-shaped design, rest assured to get plenty of movement while training to increase your cardio altogether.

Its also a freestanding punching bag that gives you the opportunity to work out your lower core and improve the conditioning of your legs for a full-body regimen to be realized.

Once you purchase the bag, you will notice how easy it is to assemble and prepare for training. Indeed, the Everlast Power Core is able to absorb the toughest jabs and blows to ensure you get your full workout during the full process.

  • The height of the bag can be adjusted from 54 to 65 inches.
  • The bag can be assembled quickly for you to begin your workout
  • Its round design makes it perfect for fluidity and movement when you’re training.
  • The bag is manufactured from high-density material, and you can add sand or water as a filler.
  • When punched heavily, the bag can leak when water is added as the filler.

Test the Limits of Your Toughness

You can now train vigorously with a product that is designed to withstand all manner of punches and blows regardless of how big and strong of an athlete you are. The RDX Punching bag is manufactured from high-quality, resistant, Maya Hide Leather with an additional double-layer to absorb impact from all sorts of pressure.

If you’re looking to improve your stamina, then this is the perfect bag to use while enhancing your core strength.

This punching bag has impressive weight coming in between 25 and 28kgs. Additionally, the bag comes with an awesome design that delivers a great amount of resistance to impress customers during sparring and training sessions.

The fact that this punching bag has a double-stitching makes it durable for years on end, placing it miles above the competition.

  • The bag is durable and waterproof thanks to its Maya Hide leather lining
  • A tough bag ideal for pushing you to the limit in terms of strength and stamina training.
  • The bag comes with insufficient padding hence might fill a little painful at times.
  • The bag is heavy so you might find it hard to carry around.

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

The Century BOB Body training bag is an impressive title bag, coming in at an adjustable height of about 60 to 78 inches. One of the most remarkable things about this training bag is its lifelike torso design, making it easy for you to hit the right spots when training.

While it might not be the most resistant and durable bag in the market, it certainly delivers in terms of mobility.

You can fill up the punching bag with either sand or water to enhance depending on the kind of practicing regimen you are following.

  • A punching bag with a human-body shape for improved striking accuracy.
  • You can use the bag with or without your padding because it is super-soft and somewhat gentle on the skin.
  • The bag is tall with an adjustable height of 60 to 78 inches.
  • The cap of the bag has no rubber seal hence might leak if filled with water
  • Can be quite exhausting to adjust the height of the bag.

It’s All About Martial Arts

The Outslayer Muay Thai Training bag is an amazing creation geared towards providing customers with the best workout during their regimen. In fact, the bag was designed after Outslayer identified the different issues that consumers in martial arts and combat sports face when training with punching bags.

Indeed, it is one of the most durable punching bags in existence, manufactured from high-quality grade material.

You can train for any type of combat sports with this bag: from MMA to Muay Thai (of course), and Boxing!

  • The bag is filled only with fabric so that you don’t have to worry about changing the filler now and then.
  • Does not need support chains to feel stable.
  • The bag is suitable for any type of training
  • The bag is quite heavy
  • Not a versatile bag because you can only fill it with fabric.

For the Defiant Amateur Boxer

Versatility is the genius behind the Century Versys punching bag, a great starter for novices who are making a name for themselves in combat sports. One of the outstanding features of the Versys is that it is ready to use once you purchase it. Which means you don’t have to add any fillers or buy customizable straps.

Some of its most heightened features include a vinyl shell that enhances durability together with a pre-filled sand base to improve striking and kicking for low-impact training.

While it is great for striking, you can improve your lower abdomen reflexes too with all the knee strikes, sit-ups and leg lifts you can do!

  • The punching bag is versatile and you can use it for any type of training regime.
  • The bag comes with an enhanced vinyl shell for durability
  • Ideal for low-impact training activities
  • The bag does not come with dummy parts
  • Not ideal for intense, high-training activities.

Build Your Striking Power

If you would like to enhance your punching strategy, then the Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching bag is your go-to strategy. Made for professionals, it is a great model that is designed to sharpen your skills.

Because the bag comes unfilled, you can fill it up with just about anything filler you desire. From plastic bags to sand, to cotton…and maybe even your old clothes!

As a heavy-duty punching bag, it withstands pressure even from the hardest of hitters.

If that’s not all, the bag is durable and affordable enough to be purchased by just about any individual in the market.

  • One of the most affordable punching bags around.
  • A great punching bag for novices.
  • An ideal fit for individuals with a medium stature.
  • The bag tears pretty fast if used on a consistent basis
  • The bag has a small length of adjustability
  • Not the best for individuals 6’4 and over

Make Your Striking More Versatile

When it comes to heavy-duty, Ringside Leather is one of the most quintessential bags for high-intensity training. Indeed, the bag comes with a number of innovative features including a chain for stability.

This bag was specifically designed to help boxers and combat sports athletes practice their front kicks, hooks, and uppercuts.

You have the option to purchase it either as filled or empty; which means you have the freedom to pick the right filler for your training regimen.

According to professional fighters, it is highly recommended as an ideal bag to work on the speed of your jabs and kicks.

  • You can decide to purchase the unfilled option to select the desired filler of your choice.
  • The bag has a wide surface area to make punching more efficient and effective.
  • You can practice your punches and kicks comfortably with this bag.
  • Not the most desirable bag in terms of durability.

Durable Punching Bag for All Weight Classes

Would you like your training sessions to push you to the next level of your skill and boxing ability? If that’s the case, then the Century Hydrocore is one versatile punching bag to acquire. A product of Century Manufacturers, this bag is in a masterclass of its own in terms of strength and durability.

It comes with a specialized structure that is based on a water and foam core mixture, reinforced by a sturdy vinyl exterior to protect it from high impact kicks and punches.

Indeed, this deadly combination makes the bag feel as realistic as possible, giving you the sensation that you are truly punching an opponent.

It comes in a number of weight classes, depending on the quantity of water that is present within the bag. Nevertheless, you are bound to benefit immensely from its reliability and durability.

  • The bag is easy to carry and transport due to its lightweight
  • Tough water and foam core make the bag extremely durable.
  • The bag comes with a durable vinyl exterior for added toughness and protection
  • The bag spins a lot when you’re practicing hence it might disrupt your workout flow.

The Deal of the Century for Fighters

Let’s go back to the classics, shall we? The Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag is a prime option for any novice looking to climb the ranks. It’s also a great option to shed a few pounds and sculpt your body.

What’s so good about buying this punching bag is that it literally prepares you for war. The package comes with additional MMA-like gloves, hand wraps, and a classic bungee rope to get your cardio going!

For maximum workouts, you can adjust the height of the punching bag thanks to the inclusion of a customizable chain.

What’s even more amazing is that despite all the perks that come with this bag, it is surprisingly affordable and a premium purchase for anyone looking to push themselves to the next limit!

  • The bag comes with additional features for your training regimen including a pair of gloves, hand wraps, and a bungee rope!
  • A durable bag with customizable chains for enhanced support.
  • There have been complaints that the bag does not arrive with all the additions the company promises.
  • It’s durability, especially around the straps, is questionable as the stitching tends to wear out after using it for a couple of months.

Get In Shape The Jab Way

Yes, this is the third Everlast punching bag on the list. And if this was a popularity contest, Everlast would take the crown hands down. But jokes aside, the Everlast 70lb Punching bag is an essential training accessory to have if you want to get in shape and enhance your punching technique.

Manufactured from high-quality synthetic leather, it really emphasizes on durability thanks to the reinforced webbing structure that it has.

For support, security, and safety while working out, the Everlast 70lb comes with high-quality nylon straps, birthed from a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers to provide excellent shock-absorbing features.

  • You can adjust the height to suit your preference when working out
  • The bag is extremely resistant to prevent wear and tear for long term use
  • Since the bag is delivered empty, you have the ability to choose the kind of filler to want to use.
  • You’ll notice the straps start to wear out after several months of use.
  • A bit on the higher side in terms of expenses.

Punching Bags Consumer Purchasing Guide

When it comes to purchasing the best heavy bag for your workout regime, the process can be daunting and sometimes stressful.

Especially for first-timers who have no idea what they need to look out for!

This then leads to lousy purchases that kill a trainee’s momentum. Indeed, the type of punching bag you purchase can have enjoyable or painful results on your training regimen. With that said, here are some features to consider:

External Covering of the Bag

There are different kinds of material in the market used in the manufacturer of both the exterior and interior layers of the punching bag. Depending on the type used, you can have punching bags with varying levels of durability. And there’s no denying that durability is one of the most important things to keep in mind when spending the dough!

Contrary to popular belief, just because a punching bag is manufactured from leather does not mean it’s extremely durable.

There are bags out there manufactures from other sources but still serve the purpose while maintaining durability.

But let’s not slip the fact that leather is the most common material in the market. The only downside is that it is extremely expensive.

You can, therefore, opt for synthetic leather which is much cheaper but still finds the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

Types of Filling.

Depending on the kind of training you want to undertake, you can have different types of filling for your bag. Filling greatly influences how your punches will land and how they will feel when you are practicing. For most trainers, they prefer to use a filling that consists of either foam, sand, or water.

Nevertheless, if you would like to make your training session feel a little more realistic, we advise you to use a punching bag filled with water.


As a rule of thumb, any punching bag you use for practice should be at least half your body weight.

But if the goal is to strengthen your arms and core body, then it is ideal to increase the weight of the bag. We advise you to stick to a bag that is under 100lbs for health and safety concerns.

Bags that tend to be longer and slimmer are usually made for both punching and kicking, while bags exclusively for boxing tend to be slightly shorter and stouter.


Lastly, weight is an integral aspect of determining the right punching bag for your workout.

If you happen to select a kit that is too light, it might hamper your growth in terms of muscle strength and toning.

Conversely, a heavy bag can result in unwarranted injuries on your fingers, hands, and knees due to consistent impact with the bag.

The intensity of your exercise regime may also vary depending on the type of weight you are using.

As such, you might want to consider using a punching bag filled with water because they are the gentlest in terms of impact for your hands and feet.

And the Winner Is

After carefully reviewing the bags, we believe the RDX punching is the best freestanding punching bag for both novice and professional fighters. It really puts you to the test, is durable, and certainly does not disappoint in the weight department. So whether you’re planning to spark a boxing career, or just want to keep fit and tone, we advise the RDX to be on your next shopping list soon!