The 13 Best RFID Wallets

New Age Accessories For Digital Age Currency

A long time ago, men carried cash. This made it easier for those with deft hands to target wallets flush with currency notes. As the world progressed, and cards began to replace old-school currency, those with deft minds began to target the new plastic money with digital hacks. Enter: an new brand of protection; the best rfid wallet.

RFID wallets are not only adept at thwarting the new-age thieves, they do so with a certain amount of style and panache. We have handpicked some of the top choices in the segment to make the decision a tad easier for you.

Top 13 Best RFID Wallets

If you were ever to imagine your dream rfid wallet, the Radix One will probably be it. Sleek, sophisticated, with masculine edges, it is easy to see why the Radix tops the list of best rfid wallet. Where it truly outshines its peers is in the superior protection from virtually any kind of hack. Once you slip your card(s) inside the Black Steel, you can be rest assured that no one is getting through them.

The cherry on top of the cake is its all black finish that spells macho through and through.

The one drawback with the Radix One is that carrying a bunch of currency notes will present a problem. The outer elastic band is ideal for holding just a few notes.

  • Superior protection.
  • Sleek style.
  • Minimalist design.
  • Cannot carry a large number of currency notes.

The Dapper is more than just a wallet, it is a style statement. With a genuine leather body complemented by an edgy steel border, the Dango is the rfid blocking wallet that you will love to show off to your friends and colleagues.

More than just a handsome-looking wallet, the Dapper can easily hold a dozen cards without adding any weight to the pocket. The sleek wallet also provides top-of-the-line hack protection for our cards.

One issue is that although you can carry many cards, when it comes to currency, you may be able to carry not more than a few notes. The attractive aesthetics and secure RFID also comes at a price.

  • Eye candy.
  • Can carry a dozen cards.
  • Secure hack protection.
  • Expensive.

One look at the Traywax and you know that the rfid protection wallet means business. So much so that its mere sight can scare away potential thieves. For that alone, the wallet makes it to any best rfid wallet list.  

The Traywax’s meta body seems straight out military. The finger grooves that run around the border gives it a tactical edge, while providing you with a better grip. To top all of this, there is even a bottle opener built around the edges.

It is certainly hard to find fault with a wallet that touches a man’s heart, but because of its military-issue design, some of the more refined among you may not appreciate its rugged, tough style. Especially corporates.

  • Military style.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Multi-functionality.
  • Not a looker.

From the tough, rugged military to the smooth, suave urban city, the Timberland Security Wallet is perhaps the best rfid wallet based on specifications alone. There is no other on the list that combines the full features of a regular wallet with impressive hack protection. You can carry cash, id, cards, all the while protecting your valuable information.

You can be rest assured of the Timberland guarantee and its touch of sophisticated style.

A negative, if one can call it that, is that the trifold wallet can feel a bit bulky when stuffed to capacity.

  • Timberland guarantee.
  • Multi-functionality.
  • Stylish.
  • Can feel bulky a bit bulky.

Another high brand that justifies its presence on the list of rfid wallets because of the high-grade hack protection that it provides. Tommy Hilfiger is synonymous with stylised accessories and the wallet certainly does not disappoint on that front. The slim, bi-fold body allows you to carry it in your pant pocket, jeans pocket, jacket pocket. Or you can just stash it in your bag.

Though there are no doubts regarding its style or hack protection, one issue you may face is that the wallet is designed to carry cards rather than currency.

  • Slim and stylish.
  • Can be used for formal as well as casual occasions.
  • Difficult to carry cash.

For those searching for a minimalist wallet, the Travelambro is like a manna from heaven. No bigger than the size of your palm, the wallet carries cards, cash, and id without breaking a sweat. Not to mention the rfid blocker inserted in the genuine leather body. The simplicity and sleek style of the Travelambro make the wallet a must have.

The only issue here is that you may not be able to carry a lot of cards and a lot of cash.

  • Minimalist.
  • Sleek.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Light carry capacity.

The Flipside provides one of the toughest shells for you to store your cards and cash safely and securely.

Where other rfid blocking wallets adopt a leather body, the Flipside has instead chosen a crushproof cocoon that can tough out the harshest of conditions. What makes the wallet even more endearing is that a single click gives access to the inner chamber where you can store cash and cards.

The Flispisde scores a bit low on the style front. The cocoon-like shape makes it more functional and less visually appealing.

  • Tough outer shell.
  • Carry it anywhere.
  • Top hack protection.
  • Not visually appealing.

At first glance, the Sharkk looks like a mini bulletproof safe; the kind a super spy carries around. The hard body coated with aluminium is near impregnable, protecting your cards and cash from any kind of crush. A simple click gives access to partitioned sleeves that hold cards.

The Sharkk Aluminium will definitely create enough curiosity, making it an ideal conversation starter. The wallet works best when stashed safely in the bag. Not only will this make it harder for anyone to steal it, even digital thieves will find it near impossible to penetrate its high-grade protection.

The Sharkk has been designed to carry only cards, which is a negative when compared to other multiple-functional wallets.

  • Uber tough body.
  • Can carry multiple cards.
  • High grade hack protection.
  • Cannot carry cash.

Fossil enters the list with a stylish rfid wallet that also makes for a great all-round accessory. The trifold design allows you to carry all of your cards, id, cash, without puffing it up. The leather body makes the wallet a stylish accessory in the office, at a cocktail party, and even in an informal setting. True to the brand, the Quinn offers high quality and a highly durable wallet to carry anywhere you go, while protecting your information from identity thieves.

The only negative to the muni-functional Quinn is that it can feel a bit large and a bit bulky when compared to other entries on the list. You may prefer to carry around a wallet that is more minimalistic.

  • High quality.
  • High style.
  • High functionality.
  • A bit big and bulky.

Alpine Swiss comes from a legacy of finely crafted Swiss accessories that appeals to refined tastes. A similar tag can be attached to their RFID Bifold wallet. There is style, design intelligence, a dash of sex appeal, and a robust rfid blocking. Now you know why it is considered one of the best rfid wallet.

The appeal of the Alpine Swiss lies with its ability to function on many levels. It can be a high-tech accessory, a card and cash wallet, and a style statement.

The only negative with the Bifold is that it can feel bulky when compared to other minimalist wallets.

  • Premium leather construction.
  • Minimalist style.
  • Eye candy design.
  • Can feel big and bulky.

The B R Y K is pronounced brick and not break, which would indeed be ironic because the Stainless Steel wallet is built to be the former.

This is a wallet that is downright gorgeous to look at. The silver finish bestows on it a certain seductive charm that you will love to show off just about anywhere you go – from the office to the café to the pub. Click it open and you will find individual slots where you can store your cards and id. There is even room to keep a few currency notes handy; in case you encounter the digital apocalypse.     

What could make the BRK a little less appealing is the stainless-steel finish that may be a bit flashy for some.

  • Superior hack protection.
  • Can carry cash, id, and cards.
  • Gorgeous visual aesthetic.
  • A bit flashy.

To stand apart from everyone else, just own a Corature.

Made entirely from environment-friendly cork, the rfid wallet makes a unique style statement that is hard to ignore. The minimalist wallet also scores high in terms of practical design with dedicated card, id, and cash slots that allow you to carry all that you need and look really good while doing so.

The only drawback is that you may prefer the sophistication of leather or the smoothness of stainless steel to the unique texture of cork.

  • Environment friendly material.
  • Unique style.
  • Unique texture.

It is only appropriate that we conclude the list with one of the most advanced rfid wallets, when you consider its construction.

The HuMn Mini Slim Wallet is created from aircraft grade aluminium with an elastic band to hold cards on one side and cash on the other. That’s the entire wallet. You may wonder whether its stark minimalism will provide any kind of protection, but the high-grade aluminium provides high grade rfid protection.

Its sleek minimalist will win many style awards, but it can also be a let-down if you wish to carry a surplus number of cards and cash.

  • High grade construction.
  • Intelligent design.
  • Limited carry capacity.

The Best RFID Wallet – Expert Speak

When it comes to choosing a rfid protection wallet, here are a few considerations:

  • Choice Of Material - Some prefer leather, some prefer stainless steel; some may even go or environment-friendly cork. The experts opine that leather is the material to opt for if you wish to portray a formal, classy style.
  • Degree Of RFID Protection - Not all rfid wallets provide equal protection. Experts recommend you check the frequency range the wallet defends against. Some brands provide a higher range of blocking than others.
  • Carry Capacity - Are you a ‘card only’ kind of guy or do your prefer to carry some old-fashioned cash as well? Depending on your choice, you should opt for a wallet that can accommodate an appropriate carry capacity. The experts suggest a wallet that can carry both, plus id.

And The Winner Is…

When it comes to rfid wallets, minimalism and protection are the name of the game. Having considered all aspects, we have crowned the Timberland Security Wallet as the best rfid blocking wallet. Not only does the accessory provide a high degree of protection and sleek, minimalist style, it can also carry the entire range of valuables similar to a regular wallet.