The 11 Best Insulated Food Bags

It’s been a family tradition for ages. Indeed, there is nothing that spells ‘wholesome’ more than enjoying the cool, calm breeze of the ocean as you bond with family and friends.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a leisure walk along the coastline while enjoying a pack of delicious sandwiches washed down with vintage wine, or a cookout at a public garden while relishing some ‘dad’ time with the kids—having the right food bag completes the equation. If you are looking for an option when it comes to preparing your lunch for work, you might want to check out the best meal prep containers.

Through the years, insulated food bags have been considered the ideal solution to prevent your food from going stale when you’re out and about with friends and loved ones.

And when the idea of a picnic does not tickle your fancy, you can still use an insulated food bag to carry your grocery shopping, as well as other worldly delicacies, such as the stuff you were buying for the epic BBQ party you are hosting next week!

As such, we have taken the time to compile a detailed review of the 11 best insulated food bag brands in the market, as well as how you can navigate your way effectively through this urban jungle to find the right one… just in time for you to dig in!

The 11 Best Insulated Food Bags

THE Nz 2 Pack Insulated Food Bag is one of the top picks on this list primarily because of all the outstanding features it has. For one, a high-quality zipper ensures your food remains effectively insulated when you’re out and about at a picnic or a cookout.

This bag can also be used to carry groceries; especially if you plan to do some hefty shopping for the month.

In terms of durability, the bag is reinforced with a thick layer of thermal insulation to keep your food warm; with dense handles that provide a firm grip as you carry the bag.  

  • Has a multipurpose design for grocery shopping, or packing food for a cookout.
  • A highly durable zipper makes the bag usable for many years.
  • The bag is reinforced with a thick insulation to keep your food warm for hours.
  • Dense handles make it easier for you to carry the bag without any stress or strain.
  • The insulated bags are generally thinner than what they are marketed out to be.

When it comes to having the quintessential picnic with friends and family, The Kibaga is ideal in keeping your food at the right temperature for the whole day.

Why this is so is mainly because of its thick layer of insulation; which prevents heat from permeating to the environment for hot foodstuffs, while keeping the cool ones chilled.

And in case you’re worried about your food getting soggy in humid conditions, the bag is fitted with a water repellant covering so that no water penetrates the bag.

The repellant also serves the dual purpose of preventing any stews or sauces from soaking the bag and dirtying your car seats after a spillage.

  • The thick layer of insulation makes sure your food stays at the right temperature for hours.
  • This bag is considered the ideal insulated food bag to purchase for food delivery services.
  • The outer layer of the bag is water repellant so that no unfortunate spillages from the bag move on to the car seat.
  • This bag is pretty compact; which means that you can fit it into the back of your car without breaking a sweat.
  • The stitching along the handles does not hold and one of them might tear after you use it for a while.

If you’re looking to spend money for value, then there’s nothing more enticing than the Earthwise Insulated Food Bag.

Sold as a pack of two, this is one of the best bags to have especially for carrying your monthly grocery shopping.

The bag has a leakproof feature to prevent any unwanted spillages from permeating and causing a cleaning disaster.

The bag’s size is also impressive. A 40-pound capacity means that you can store large amounts of food and drink, while still fitting in all your grocery shopping in one go!

  • The bag has ample space for you to easily store your food.
  • The bag is extremely durable, which means you can use it for years.
  • A thick layer of insulation keeps your food warm or chilled for hours.
  • The bags are very susceptible to wear and tear.

The term ‘commercial’ says it all. This is one of the highest quality bags in the market mainly because of its zipper, which is crafted from high-tensile material.

As such, the Ateny is used in professional spaces; primarily in the food delivery business.

With this bag, delivery workers are more than capable of handling large amounts of orders while carrying them in one go.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it for your grocery shopping or if you plan to carry food for your next picnic.

Being extremely flexible, you can use this magnificent piece to carry just about any kind of food; from pizzas to hand-sized pastries that taste like heaven!

So, whether you plan to venture into the food-delivery business, or you’re just an ol’ fashioned lad who loves to grill him some pork chops on the weekend, this bag right here has got you covered.

  • You can use it for years thanks to its durability.
  • The bag comes in the ideal size for carrying food to host cookouts with more than five or more people in mind.
  • The presence of a thick layer of insulation makes this bag a great choice for both your cold and hot foodstuffs.
  • The inclusion of a flexible inner compartment means that you can store both hot and cold beverages without having to worry about the mitigating effects of heat transfer.
  • The size tends to be smaller than what was advertised.

While it’s possible to find an insulated grocery bag of any size in this day and age of ecommerce, most people prefer to purchase a bag that meets all their immediate requirements in one go.

The BlueVoy certainly does not disappoint in terms of space—while still giving you that much-needed room to fit an extra bottle of wine to dull the senses as you enjoy nature’s subtle pleasantries.

Apart from having ample space for your foodstuffs, the bag is further encased in an 8mm foam insulation to ensure maximum retention of heat or cold depending on what kind of food you are carrying.

Plus say goodbye to soggy food and undesired spillages thanks to the bag’s water-resistant lining that prevents stews or sauces from permeating the bag and leaking all over the floor.

With a highly durable zipper, this is a bag for the ages. You can make this your own personal hand me down for generations to come!

  • The bag comes with plenty of space for your food containers and grocery shopping.
  • High quality zippers
  • The presence of a water-resistant lining prevents any unwanted spillages from leaking out of the bag.
  • The bag is crafted from commercial grade material, making it extremely durable.
  • The bag does not have a divider so you can’t store hot and cold foods together.

If you prefer doing your groceries once a month, then you probably know that the Picnic Plus is the mother of all food bags in terms of space. So much so that it boasts one of the most unique adjustable dividers in the market.

While it’s a big bag, you’ll certainly be surprised by how light it is so that you don’t have to worry about putting any strain on your aging back while carrying it.

In case the contents that you’ve put in the bag are too heavy for you to carry (that gym membership is looking enticing just about now) it comes with a great set of handles to make things easier for you.

  • It has a great adjustable divider for separating both your hot and cold foods.
  • The bag’s outer material is encased in high-grade aluminum to keep your food at the desired temperature.
  • High quality YKK zippers that make the bag durable for years.
  • Food gets colder faster than what was advertised.

Considered the go-to thermal bag in the market, the Etz Heavy Duty is an emblem of comfort in the food and delivery industry. One of the most impressive things about these thermal bags is their sturdy side handles, which make it easy for you to carry just about anything from your groceries to packed lunch for a picnic.

The Etz is encased in a double-layer insulation to provide both thermal efficiency and cooling depending on what kind of food you’ve kept in the bag.

  • Has one of the best side-handles on this list to make carrying your food more ergonomic.
  • The presence of an insulated divider ensures you can store both hot and cold foods in the same bag. No more roundtrips!
  • The presence of a double zipper makes the bag extremely durable.
  • A bottom-liner that bends after a couple of uses.
  • The backpack straps feel uncomfortable at times.

The Rachel Ray Chillout Tote Bag offers one unique feature that most bags in the thermal category seem to overlook, aesthetic value. Indeed, these bags are pleasing to the eye, coming in a wide array of colors to suit your preference.

Besides, ain’t it about time you put some swag and sauce to your grocery shopping?

In terms of space, you certainly won’t be disappointed, as this bag boasts a five-gallon capacity meaning that you can fill the bag without having to worry about how much space you have left.

The exterior of the bag also comes with added pockets to give you more storage options.

And for extra protection, the inner lining of the bag has antimicrobial properties to prevent any annoying bacterial growth as a result of undetected food spillages.

  • One of the easiest bags to clean thanks to its leakproof feature.
  • The bag comes with an impressive 5-gallon capacity
  • Extra slip-pockets for you to add additional features in the bag.
  • Complaints about the plastic zipper breaking after a few uses.

The Homevative is manufactured from high-grade nylon making it one heck of a durable bag to carry your picnic essentials.

With this cool bag right here, you don’t have to worry about your food missing the mark as you serve it at a cookout; as the bag will maintain your food at the right temperature for hours!

A three-quarter inch insulation further ensures that your food is kept face—regardless of whether you’ve fixed up a hot-plate or an ice-cream Sundae.

Plus, the bag’s vibrant red color makes it a pretty nifty accessory to have when you’re out and about doing some grocery shopping!

  • High-grade nylon makes this bag one for the ages, and a quintessential hand-me down.
  • You can use this bag for just about any activity; from grocery shopping to running a food-delivery business in the heart of the city.
  • Quality of the zipper is also questionable after breaking down after a couple of uses.

The B&C Home Good Insulated Food Bag could be one of the top picks if you’re crazy about space.

Heck, you’ll definitely be blown away with all the handy side mesh pockets for you to put those last-minute essentials while you’re out and about grocery shopping.

In terms of durability, this bag does not disappoint thanks to its high-quality zipper that secures your food.

Worried it might tear? Don’t break a sweat; you’ll dub this bag the terminator because no matter how many hits it takes, it always gets right back up.

Plus, you can cast your stale food problems aside; this is the perfect contraption to ensure your pastries, steaks, and cold beverages remain at the desired temperature for your lovely day at the picnic.

  • The bag comes with extra side-pockets to put those nitty gritties like barbecue sauces neatly tucked inside.
  • A commercial size design makes this bag a must-have for all your grocery shopping.
  • A thick insulation layer ensures your food remains at the ideal temperature for up to 6 hours.
  • Some customers reported a bad odor emanating from the bag.

The Arctic Zone Insulated Food Bag is your go-to accessory if you plan to keep your food at the right temperature over short trips. Being that it has a lot of space, you can fit anything from baked pastries, to casseroles, to lasagna dishes.

So that by the time you get to your desired picnic spot, your food is at the ideal temperature for consumption.

You also have the option of selecting a wide array of colors that tickles your fancy. And thus, it’s no surprise this wonderful bag makes it onto the list!

  • The best bag to have if you plan to carry food over short distances, or if you’re going for grocery shopping.
  • Ample space for you to fit all your essentials.
  • Doesn’t keep frozen water frozen for as long as you would expect.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to Insulated Food Bags

So, you’ve read the reviews of all the food bags that we’ve mentioned.

That’s great!

But we’re sure you’re wondering how we came to these particular choices, right?

Don’t worry, there is a science to our madness.

Here are some of the essential features you need to analyze as a consumer before buying the best insulated grocery bag just in time for your picnic adventures.


If you’ve been thinking of getting a food bag, then you’ve got to know your stuff when it comes to quality.

Ideally, you would want to have an insulated food bag that keeps your food and beverages at the right temperature.

And what’s the point of purchasing an insulated food bag if it can’t have some sentimental value by lasting longer?

That’s why it’s ideal to purchase a bag that’s manufactured from high-grade commercial material.


Despite the fact that most insulated bags to keep food cool are not expensive, we understand that everyone has a budget that they have to stick to. A such, we really did our homework to compile the best priced bags in the market that don’t sacrifice quality for not placing a dent in your pocket.

Features to Pay Attention to With Insulated Food Bags


The ideal size of thermal bags for food depend on what you’re planning to use it for. For example, if you’re a restaurateur looking to add food delivery to the mix and satiate your customers, then large bags will be your best match.

Conversely, if you want an insulated food bag simply to handle the intricacies of grocery shopping, or to host cookouts and picnics, then a relatively medium-sized bag will be your forte.


For most insulated bags, the choice of material lies primarily between vinyl and nylon. Generally, nylon food bags cost more than vinyl, but nylon is considered better mainly because it provides more space and breathability to keep your food at the right temperature.

Moreover, it lets steam escape from the bag so that you don’t have to worry about serving soggy food to revelers at your picnic.

Unfortunately, vinyl bags do not offer these essential features, but they certainly hold their own in terms of pricing. So, if your plan is to only use a food bag for picnics and grocery shopping, then the vinyl bag would be the most economic purchase to make.

Foam Insulation

The insulation that keeps your food at the right temperature varies from one bag to another. In most cases, you’ll find yourself selecting between polyester, PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Out of the three, PVC is the cheapest material and is resistant to basic chemicals and oils around the house. Bags with PVC insulation tend to be more affordable than other bags in the market.

As for PU, you’ll be amazed by the material’s flexibility. Bags encased with this insulation are generally able to withstand wear and tear for longer periods. These bags also have an open-cell design to protect your food from getting soggy.

When it comes to polyester, there’s no denying that it’s the best of the three due to its high tensile strength.

The substance can be used to transport any type of food while still keeping it at the right temperature for hours. As such, be prepared to fork out a fortune if you go the polyester way.

That being said, if you’re looking to start a food delivery business, or are simply hosting a picnic that’s a long drive away, then a polyester bag is the right choice.

HardBoard Bottom

The hardboard bottom is the underside of the bag, and it plays a monumental role in ensuring your food stays at the right temperature.  Additionally, it maintains a flat profile to prevent food from knocking against each other and causing any unwanted spillages.


An extra pocket is always a plus for any bag regardless of the occasion because you can use it to carry extra cutlery that couldn’t fit in the bag. Some compartments can serve as thermal pockets to keep sensitive items such as sauces or sachets of flavoring.

How Long Can Insulated Bags Keep Food Warm or Cold?

This depends on the type of insulated bag that you purchased, its quality, and whether you will be using it to store hot or cold food.

Generally, insulated food bags are believed to lose about 5 degrees of heat for every hour your hot food remains in the bag.

Which means you can’t cook a delicious steak and expect it to remain piping hot as you travel across the country.

As for cold items, it’s a different story. They tend to stay chilled for much longer. That’s because the insulation protects the cold items from absorbing heat from the surrounding environment. So, with the right bag, you can bet your frozen items will stay frozen for up to three days.

Our Verdict

Indeed, the Nz 2 pack is the ideal choice for picnics and grocery shopping because of its sturdy design, ample space, and thick insulation. Additionally, its fair pricing makes it a bargain buy for anyone looking to get a great bag as a first-time buyer.