The 5 Best Dry Bags

When you seek adventure, your backpack needs to be as tough as you are, sharing the same spirit. That is exactly why you need the best dry bag. It will keep your essentials protected from the elements, especially water, and go wherever you go without ever letting you down. If you are just heading for work or are on your way to the gym, you might need another solution. If you want to go all out, we’ve got you covered here!

Here’s presenting the standout options…

The Top 5 Dry Bags

Waterrpoof, check; tough outer body, check; lightweight, check; compression, check. When it comes to dry bags, the Sea To Summit is probably one of the best qualified. All of the features and characteristics you would want from the best dry bag is on show here.

What will particularly appeal to the adventurer in you is its lightweight nature: Perfect to carry around on a weekend hike or kayaking. The near impenetrable 70D nylon body will defend against the harshest of elements, keeping the contents inside dry and safe. Though the outer skin is tough and durable, it feels soft and comfortable on your back, which makes it easier to carry around for longer hours if required.

The highlight of the Sea To Summit is its patented eVent compression. It allows you to stuff the bag to its maximum, then the air-permeable base pushes out all of the air stuffed inside making the bag as light as possible even when full.

The dry bag is a top performer on dry land as well as on water. The 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating allows the sack to repel moisture and crashing waves without letting a drop of water inside. Prolonged submersion, however, is its Achilles heel.

Because of its lightweight nature, the Sea To Summit does not afford a large carry capacity like some of its peers. You will need to be wise with what you wish to carry. The other downside is that the outer skin is not conditioned for rough usage.

  • Lightweight.
  • Waterproof.
  • Compression.
  • Limited carry capacity.
  • Not suitable for rough usage.

The Osprey Ultralight is as straightforward and a no-nonsense dry sack that you will ever find. In fact, the manufacturer seems to be telling us that there is no need to fuss about any of the bells and whistles when it comes to the best dry bags; all you need is a sizeable carry compartment and an outer skin that will repel the elements, keeping the contents safe and dry. Osprey has done the simple things well; something they have built their reputation on.

Talking of the Ultralight, the dry sack is crafted from 40D ripstop nylon. In plain speak what that means is that it will roll with the rough and tumble of your adventure: Whether you are hiking in the hills, camping in the mountains, or rafting on a wild river. The waterproof skin along with the top clasps keeps water and other harmful elements away from the contents. You may be surprised with its tough, durable nature when you feel the thin, outer skin. But you can be rest assured with the Osprey guarantee.

One of the highlights of kayak dry bag is its slightly odd rectangular shape. The oddity transforms into a supreme practical feature, allowing you to set the bag down on the ground without having any fear of it rolling over.

On the flip-side, the very minimalistic and lightweight nature of the bag restricts the amount of stuff you can carry. It may not function as a primary bag.

  • Tough, outer skin.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • A bit small to be the primary bag.

When it comes to waterproofing your contents, there is perhaps no better bag in the market than the ZBRO. Constructed from top-grade PVC, the dry sack forms a protective, air-tight seal with a simple click mechanism that allows you to lockdown the top.

Talking of the impressive features of the ZBRO is one of the easiest things to do. The bag is fully equipped to function not only as an outdoor accessory but as a complete waterproof backpack. Where most other dry sacks have only a singular compartment to store your stuff, the ZBRO features outer mesh pockets that allow you to separate the wet gear from the dry essentials. There is also a detachable inner pocket where you can keep your wallets, phones, and keys.     

To complete the bag’s all-round versatility, there are padded shoulder straps to enable better load distribution, making it easier to carry the bag throughout the day. If you feel the straps are not required, you can easily remove them. Another reason why the ZBRO features on the list of the best dry bag.  

Another detail that will impress you is the reflective stripe with the brand name etched on it. The stripe is a handy safety feature to have, especially at night.   

Where talking of the bag’s impressive features is easy, pointing out its negatives is conversely hard. You could say that the inner compartment can be a bit wider to accommodate more stuff, and that the shoulder straps are a bit stiff in the beginning; they take a while to feel comfortable on the shoulder.

  • Exterior mesh pockets to store wet gear.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Can function as a backpack.
  • Stiff shoulder straps.

Now this is a bag that is to the water born. It is as if someone imagined what a perfect aquatic bag would look like and then went ahead and designed the Adventure Lion. Right from the choice of material – soft, flexible PVC, – to the choice of colour – neon yellow – the waterproof sack has got the details spot on. What this means is that if you are into fishing, kayaking, river rafting, the Lion Premium is probably your best choice.

What makes the bag stand apart from its peers is the ease with which it provides top-grade protection from the elements. Try this out: Allow a bit of air inside when you pack it and see the bag float on the water while keeping your contents bone dry. Or seal it air-tight and you can take the bag  snorkelling with you.

The Adventure truly lives up to its name.

What makes the dry sack a top choice is that it is quite amphibious in nature: Just as comfortable it is in water, the bag is equally comfortable on land. In fact, the lightweight nature of the Lion makes it an ideal accessory for those long hikes or weekend camping trips. You could even take it on a cycling tour, the bright colour doubling as a warning for motorists.

The only negative with the Premium is that the soft PVC may not be best suited for rough, rocky surfaces. They may scratch or cause minor tears on the skin.

  • Superior waterproof protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wide range of carry capacities.
  • Not suitable for rough usage.

The Acrodo makes it to the best dry bag list because of its tough, no-nonsense approach. A single glance is all you need to know that the bag means business.

To start off, there is the 15-litre carry capacity that allows you to take all that you will ever need for your outdoor trip. The tough outer skin stands up to the test even in harsh conditions. During the heat of summer, or the snow of winter, the bag is designed to maintains its shape and provide high-grade protection for the contents inside. The Acrodo looks rough, rocky surfaces in the eye and does not flinch when you drag the bag through.

The patented buckles that line either side of the bag is the standout feature. They allow you to clasp other bags and accessories to the Acrodo, freeing your hands. The buckles can also be used to secure fishing gear.

An issue with the bag is its slightly bulky design. The large carry compartment and the buckles give it a bloated look.

  • Tough, durable outer skin.
  • Multipurpose buckles.
  • Large carry capacity.
  • Slightly bulky aesthetic.

The Best Dry Bag – Expert Speak

Choosing a dry sack may seem like a simple task; however, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The experts say that you need to consider a few important factors to pick the dry bag that is just perfect for you:

  • Construction - What kind of material will best suit your needs? You can opt for a lightweight construction that is easy to carry around, or choose a more durable construction that offers long term protection. The experts advice to choose a tough construction that will last longer.
  • Carry Capacity - Different people prefer different carry capacities. That being said, it is important to remember that dry bags are meant to carry just about enough articles for your outdoor adventure. You would like to strike a balance between size and compactness.
  • Waterproof Protection - The most important consideration when you pick your dry sack. The material must offer a high degree of protection if not complete waterproof defence. The very purpose of a dry sack is to keep moisture and other elements away from its contents. Check the degree of protection before you buy.

And The Winner Is…

Each bag on the list deserves to be the winner. But only one can be crowned. After careful deliberation, considering all pros and cons, the title of the best waterproof backpack goes to the ZBRO. The all-round features plus its top-grade protection make the dry sack a premier choice.