Enter the Gym With Style: The 9 Best Gym Bags

Who says you cannot make a style statement when you go for your workouts? Some of the best gym bags carry everything you need (e.g. your workout gloves, running shoes, or a knee sleeve), with an added splash of style and sophistication: like your aftershave. But it’s not just about the looks, a good gym bag also needs to be tough and hardworking.

Here’s presenting some of the best bags that will only enhance your gym cred…

The Select 9 Gym Bags

The reason why the Mier Duffel bag makes it to the top of the list is because of its minimalism, coupled with intelligent design. Rarely do you see a duffel blessed with the multi-functionality that the Mier exhibits.

The body is composed of a single, slim, streamlined tube: Almost perfect to navigate the crowded commute and walkways while making a strong style impression at the gym as well.

Take a closer look, and you realise why the Mier is regarded as one of the best gym bags. There are smart embedded pockets that provide the convenience of compartmentalising your various workout accessories. Your shoes, sweaty clothes, face towel, and valuables can all be stored in different pockets.

The minimalist design that makes the Mier one of the best gym bags for men is also its Achilles heel. You need to be careful not to overload the bag for the shoulder straps may not support the excess weight.

  • The design allows for maximum interior room without being bulky.
  • Extremely lightweight at 18oz.
  • Can be used for traveling too.
  • Cannot carry excess weight.

Who doesn’t like to be a big shot? That’s exactly what North Face offers with its sleek, black gym bag. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the bag is beautiful to look at, a tempting eye candy. But the looks are just the cherry on top of the cake.

The Big Shot has probably one of the most comfortable shoulder straps ever created. You can carry the world inside the bag, and it will still feel like a fluffy cloud on your back. Its ergonomic design enables you to maintain a correct posture while walking.

The part that should most appeal to you is the ability of the bag to double up as a fully-functional college or office accessory. You can carry all that you need for the day, including your laptop, safely and securely. This allows the Big Shot to function as a handy messenger bag as well.

On the flip side, the very ability of the bag to function on so many levels can make it feel a bit bulky and OTT for the gym. 

  • Superior comfort.
  • Superior space.
  • Versatile.
  • Perhaps a little too versatile for the gym.

If you ever need a bag that announces you are a fitness freak, the Grip Power it is. There is nothing subtle about this gym bag for men, which means it usually draws a strong reaction. However, enter the gym with this hybrid backpack-cum-duffel and everyone will know you mean business.

The Grip Power has stuck to the basics of providing a large compartment where you can stuff all your workout accessories without giving it a second thought. You also don’t have to give a second thought if a sudden downpour were to greet you on your way to the gym. The bag is tough PVC, making it water-resistant as well as wear and tear resistant.   

The simple, almost spartan design of the bag provides its negative traits too. There are no additional pockets, on the inside or outside, to compartmentalise your belongings.

  • One of the most economical bags.
  • Perfect size to carry to the gym.
  • Tough, durable body.
  • Not much in terms of visual aesthetic to speak of.
  • No additional pockets.

The Diablo never announces itself; perfect for those who are not looking to make a loud statement. The small gym bag is a subtle style accessory to carry around. Now there may be some voices who say that it is more unisex than an out-and-out man’s bag. The all black design and strong lines that run along the border make it masculine enough to enter the list of best gym bags at No.4.

The highlight of the bag is its ability to be carried three different ways: You can sling it on your shoulder, hold it in your hand, and carry it as a backpack.

The comparatively small size of the bag does not restrict you from carrying all of your workout accessories, and a bit more.

The subtle, simple vibe of the Diablo may not appeal to the more style conscious, which then counts as a drawback. It is more of a single purpose bag and has been built for it.

  • Tough outer body.
  • Water resistant.
  • Ventilated compartment.
  • No pockets.
  • Low on the style quotient.

Another classic bag that you can carry to a lot more places than just the gym. The BB, as it is fondly called, is a straightforward, no-nonsense accessory that can store all your workout essentials comfortably.

The duffel is essentially designed to be a jack of all trades. The large body makes it one of the most spacious bags on the list. You will also find the multiple pockets a convenient design function to carry a variety of essentials, right from an extra pair of socks to your wallet and smartphone.     

The standout feature of the bag is its memory-foam padded shoulder strap. The weight you carry feels like a breeze on your shoulder.

The BB is extremely functional – you can even fold it down when empty – but leaves a bit to be desired on the style front. The other issue with the bag is its size: It may feel a bit big for the gym.

  • Extremely spacious.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Waterproof nylon construction.
  • Can feel a bit bulky.
  • Not high on visual aesthetic.

Another workout bag that carries the tag of versatility and multiple-functionality as easy it carries your workout stuff. The Everest is perhaps the only bag on the list that has been designed to meet the specific requirements of your fitness needs. For instance, the multiple sized pockets that adorn its front. The easy-to-access pockets are ideal for storing sweaty socks, armbands, weight straps, and even your precious protein shake. In fact, the containers have been specifically designed for wet (aka sweat) storage.  

One of the best gym bags, the Everest strikes a fine balance between size and storage capacity. The large interior compartment will hold the big, heavy stuff, while the outer pockets can carry the smaller essentials – from water bottles to deodorants.

As with any gym bag focused on functionality, the Everest cedes ground when it comes to eye-catching style. The front pockets kind of take away from the visual appeal of the bag, even though they provide much of its practical appeal.

  • Ventilated compartments for soiled accessories.
  • Multiple pockets, including discrete interior pockets.
  • Can feel a bit big and bulky.

You can always expect Nike to deliver on quality, and with the Brasilia 6, the brand certainly does not disappoint. The smartly designed workout bag maximises space, enabling you to carry your entire workout, without being bulky. A special feature of the bag is its ventilated pockets that allow you to conveniently transport sweat-soaked gym wear. There are exterior pockets as well to store easy to access essentials such as your phone and wallet.

The only downside to the Brasilia is its shoulder strap which could with a little more padding. Considering the high standards Nike sets, the straps feel like a let-down.

  • Premium quality.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Streamlined design.
  • Obtrusive brand logos distract from the bag’s sleek appeal.

The Legacy is all form, all functionality, and all style: for those who have cultivated a refined taste.

The bag looks simple enough, but in its simplicity lies its sophisticated style. Draped in black, the Legacy sports a rectangular body finished in water-resistant cordura. The polyester adds a layer of steel-like toughness that prevents wear and tear even after rough usage.

The highlight of the design is the inner pocket where you can store your precious valuables securely.

The Legacy is a tough cookie that will appeal to those looking for an all-weather accessory. But one aspect of the bag that feels a bit of a let-down is its unisex appeal. The hardcore may prefer a more straight-lined aesthetic.

  • Guaranteed style statement.
  • Intelligent design.
  • Tough, water-resistant body.
  • Unisex appeal.

The list began with a duffel bag and it ends with the same. The Under Armour Duffel is a nod to the hardworking fitness enthusiast, providing them with an extremely tough gym bag that works as hard as them to keep their accessories protected from the elements. There is a minimalism to the Duffel that is certainly appealing: one large compartment and a side pocket.

Whether you workout indoors or outdoors, the bag ensures your accessories and valuables always stay safe.

The flip side to the high performing bag is that it can feel a bit big to carry around. The bag’s understated elegance can make it less appealing to those looking for a bolder style statement.

  • High performing bag.
  • Water-resistant body.
  • Spacious.
  • Can feel bulky.
  • Understated style.

Gym Bags Review – Expert Speak

Now that the best gym bags have been selected and reviewed, time for the experts to give their two cents’ worth on how you can choose the ideal gym bag:

  • Space - One of the most important considerations. Depending on how much you need to carry, your workout bag should be large, or small, enough to accommodate the various accessories. Experts opine a medium-sized duffel bag is ideal.
  • Pockets - Apart from the main compartment, you will certainly need additional pockets to store your valuables, footwear, and sweaty apparel. The best bet is a bag that provides inner and outer pockets.
  • Toughness - The workout bag is meant to be as tough as hardworking as you. Water-resistant and wear and tear resistant materials are the ideal choice, according to the experts.

Workout Bags Review – The Winner

After careful consideration, and lifting a few dumbbells, the Mier Backpack Duffel not only takes the No. 1 spot on the list, but also the accolade of the best gym bag. The intelligent design and unique style makes the Mier a durable accessory to carry around without compromising on style.