The 7 Best Backpacks For Work

When you go to work, you need to think of think of carrying all your essentials in a safe, secure manner with a touch of style and class. The best backpacks for work allow you to do just that, and more.

The backpack is an ideal choice for the workplace as its sturdy construction and ergonomic design allow you to carry whatever you need to without breaking a sweat. Come rain or sunshine, the bag will stay strong with you, keeping your essentials secure and dry.

Here is our list of the some of the best office backpacks. They make an ideal and attractive work companion that can double up as multi-functional storage spaces wherever you take it.

The Magnificent Seven

1. Carhartt Legacy


  • Excellent load bearing capacity.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stylish.
  • Rainproof.


  • Only one inner compartment.

When you think of a work backpack, the first impression you have is probably of a dull, dour, purely functional rucksack that you need to lug around. The Carhartt Legacy changes all of that.

Blessed with a clear sense of fashion, and a sophisticated sense of colour, the Legacy is easily one of the best backpacks for work. The reason why it features on top of the list is because of its intelligence, which does not compromise on aesthetics. The bag fits comfortable and snug on your shoulders with the right amount of padded cushion. Realising that you may need different sized pockets to store different-sized stationary, Carharrt provides easy-to-access front pockets with tough zippers.

The piece du resistance of the backpack is the protective cushioning it provides to the large inner compartment so that you can carry your laptops and iPads without breaking a sweat.

The Legacy is certainly a stylish piece of office accessory, and better yet, it is a tough, durable workhorse as well. The outer fabric uses 1200D Polyester that allows you to put the bag through the wringer without leaving as much as a scratch on it. The outer skin is rainproof, enabling you to walk through a drizzle without worrying about the contents inside.

The Legacy is certainly a popular choice, which only makes it harder to find flaws with it. The lack of a separate inner compartment can be considered an issue.

2. Victorinox Almont Professinoal


  • The Victorinox brand.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Über functional.
  • Rainproof.


  • Pricey.
  • No outer pockets.

This is a serious, professional backpack for the serious, professional office-goer. Everything about the bag spells work, with a touch of the Victorinox style that has endeared it to so many.

Perhaps it is best to start with the inner compartment that oozes smart, intelligent design. There are enough pockets and and tactical straps to carry everything you would need during the day, and more: Smartphone, wallet, keys, laptop, iPad, and even a calculator if ever required. One of the truly marvellous design features of the inner compartment is that, with a little bit of a slant, you could turn it into a mobile work desk when you are commuting. The compartment will stay open, allowing you to use the padded base as a makeshift desk for your laptop or iPad. 

Apart from the inner compartment, there are two other zipped compartments-medium and small- that allow you to stock more accessories.

The Almont Professional is a stylish, functional backpack, which is a bit expensive:One of its drawbacks. You may wonder whether it is worth spending the currency on an office backpack.

3. Swiss Gear Lightweight


  • Superior build quality.
  • Intelligent storage.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not a looker.
  • No protective padding for the laptop compartment.

From one beloved brand to another. Swiss Gear has been creating top of the line accessories for men eversince one can remember. The Lightweight backpack reflects their commitment to design and build quality.

The men’s backpack features a number of impressive features, chief among which are the storage compartments. There are three of them, ranging from small to medium to laptop size. Each compartment offers the flexibility to carry the accessories you would need at work, and at play. This is where the Lightweight truly comes alive with its multi-functionality. On the weekday, it is a normal work bag, while on the weekend it can turn to an outdoor bag. Even on the weekdays, the backpack’s intelligent design transforms it into an able gym bag

The icing on the cake is its tough, durable 900D Polyester construction that enables you to use the bag day after day without it breaking down or tearing up.

Swiss Gear is known for its attention to detail, which is why it is a bit of a disappointment to see that the laptop case does not have protective padding. The other issue with the bag is its visual aesthetic: It may look a little bulky and outdoorsy for the corporate workplace.

4. Volher College Pack


  • Retro design.
  • Intelligent pockets.
  • Value for money.


  • Bulky body.

Let the name not mislead you. The Volher College Pack is a proper office bag that makes it to the list of of best backpacks for work based on its superior functionality and its economical pricing. In fact, the College Pack is probably one of the best work backpacks penny for penny. It will certainly appeal to those who have fond memories of their younger days and wish to carry an accessory that reflects that.

The backpack does not sail on memory and nostalgia alone. Its main compartment has a laptop sleeve and an iPad sleeve that is a rare feature. The front organiser pocket allows you to store a number of valuable accessories and utilities. Staying true to its college-styled inspiration, the backpack also sports a headphone jack.

The area where the Volher can do better is with the bag’s slightly bulky body. With all the compartments and pockets, the backpack can fell more like an outdoor accessory than one meant for the office.

5. Oakley Voyage


  • Stunner.
  • Minimalist.
  • Super comfortable to carry around.


  • No laptop sleeve.
  • No organiser pockets.

The Oakley is a stunner. There is perhaps no other office backpack that looks as good as the Voyage Mole. The one thing you can be assured of, apart from the superior quality, is that this bag will have people looking your way. Featuring a stylised rectangular shape, the backpack has been designed to stand apart rather than blend in. If this sounds like you, then the Voyage is your ideal choice.

The backpack matches its visual appeal by providing a tough, resilient carry accessory created from near indestructible polyester construction. If it ever gets dirty, all you need to do is pop it in the washing machine.

For storage, the Voyage comes with one large compartment where you can stuff all that you want. The large carry capacity of the bag is matched with a comfortable ergonomic design that feels light on the shoulder and straight on the back.

Where the Oakley lags behind its contemporaries is the lack of a dedicated laptop sleeve in the main compartment. The bag also lacks organiser pockets that are a common feature of work backpacks.

6. Moleskine ID


  • Minimalist design.
  • Stylish.
  • Easy to carry around.


  • A bit too compact.

If you are looking for a bag that can carry during the week and the weekend as well, look no further than the Moleskine ID. Designed with a minimalist framework, the square-cut design gives it a futuristic look, making it urban and cool. The compact backpack is ideal if you take the crowded public transport for work or cycle to the office.

The large, main compartment is all you need to carry your laptop, iPad, notebooks, and other essentials. The laptop sleeve will keep the device safe and secure as you navigate the tricky city streets. An easy to access front pocket is ideal to store smaller essentials.

A unique feature of the Moleskine is the ID tag attached to the bag’s side that can store clearance badges right at your fingertips.

The very compactness of the backpack that makes it appealing is also a negative. You will not be able to carry a large laptop or large accessories because of its size.

7. Rains


  • Highest waterproof protection.
  • Extremely stylish.


  • No laptop sleeve.
  • Pricing.

The name says it all. Rains is a premier office backpack designed with the best weather protection on the list. It is probably the most sleek and minimalist carry accessory as well, making it an attention-grabber. A front buckle clicks open to reveal a large compartment that can easily fit a laptop and an iPad along with other essentials. There is a front pocket as well to hold smaller items.

The USP of the backpack is its ability to keep its contents bone dry even during a heavy shower. Rains has been crafted from a potent combination of polyester and vinyl that makes it a tough carry bag that can certainly rough it out.

What makes the Rains backpack a little less appealing, despite its standout features, is the pricing. The bag is one of the more expensive options available, which can make you think whether it is worth investing in. The large inner compartment does not contain a laptop sleeve as well.

Best Backpacks For Work – Expert Speak

When you look for work backpacks, the experts opine that you should look for these factors:

  • Laptop Storage: The backpack should ideally be able to carry your laptop and more. Check what laptop size the bag is equipped to carry. Also consider whether you would prefer a separate sleeve and padded protection as well. The experts say that a padded sleeve is ideal.
  • Carry Capacity: Some people need to carry a lot, some people not so much. Depending on the number of things you wish to carry to work, the backpack should have an appropriate carry capacity. Experts say anything above 17 litres is a good choice.
  • Style: There are bags that look completely corporate, there are bags that are a bit more casual, and there are bags that offer a mix of the two. This is a personal choice. Go with what you feel most comfortable with.

And The Winner Is…

There are certainly outstanding office backpacks on the list, which makes it tough to crown one of them. After carefully considering all of the aspects, the Carharrt Legacy tops our list for the best backpacks for work. It offers an ideal balance between style, functionality, and economy.

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