The Best Fanny Packs – Top 9 Choices

The fanny pack is back. Having been relegated to the uncool pile, the ubiquitous accessory has picked itself up with a new generation of stylish waist packs. They offer an impressive flexibility, with the ability to carry the various essentials and keep your belongings protected. It might not be ideal for work or when you are heading to the gym, but is just perfect when you are going out for a relaxing walk.

The best fanny pack is out there waiting for you. Here are some top options to choose from…

Top 9 Fanny Packs

When it comes to bags in general, Herschel has established its name as a brand that produces top of the line carry accessories that rank high on the style meter as well. The same can be said about their Seventeen Hip Pack.

Why it features high on the best fanny pack list is quite easy to explain: The outer body is constructed from high grade, durable polyester with a sliver of nylon lining to protect against the elements. There are enough pockets to organise whatever you wish to carry around, whether you are traveling or working on a film set. The zippers are designed to be waterproof, creating further insulation for your essentials.

The minimalist style of the waist pack ensures that you look cool while carrying it, without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

With such a premium product, it is hard to find faults. The only issue here is that the Hip Pack is prone to producing a jangling noise during excessive moment.

  • Waterproof zipper.
  • Easy to adjust waist strap.
  • Jangling noise during excessive movement.

Travelon has taken the humble, ubiquitous mens fanny pack and transformed it into an intelligent, new-age accessory. The standout features of the Travelon include RFID blocking and slash proof straps that can withstand surprise attacks. The superior build of the fanny pack makes it resistant to abrasion and everyday wear and tear.

Another impressive feature is the sturdy lockdown hardware that makes it near impossible for anyone to snatch the waist bag away from you.

The most appealing aspect of the Travelon is perhaps its ability to convert into a crossbody bag with the adjustable straps.

The Anti Theft is another premium product, but it does have a slight issue with the waist buckle that feels a little less sturdy compared to the rest of the bag.

  • Organisational pockets.
  • RFID protection.
  • Waist strap a little less sturdy.

For those looking for a sophisticated, stylish fanny pack, the Piel Leather Waist Bag is the ideal carry accessory. No durable or cheap materials here, only luxurious leather. Where one usually talks about the toughness and practicality of waist bags, the Piel can say that it has been handcrafted for a signature style. Perhaps the best part of the leather construction is that as it ages, the waist bag will only look better with a rugged, masculine texture.

The Piel does offer much more than its sophisticated style. There are two front pockets to hold small and medium accessories. There is even a hidden rear pocket to store emergency cash and valuables.

For such a high end product, the Piel can feel a bit of a let down when it comes to the stitching. There are reports of the seams coming a bit loose.

  • Premium leather accessory.
  • Roomy pockets.
  • Seams can come apart.

With Billabong, the sense of adventure is never far away. Staying true to its roots, the brand has crafted one of the best fanny pack that money can buy. Wherever you carry it, be rest assured that excitement is just around the corner.

The Java has been styled to reflect the casual, surfer-cool chic that makes the waist pack stand apart from the rest. And it provides practical features too. The polyester finish allows you to carry maximum capacity without causing any wear and tear on the waist pack. The body is resistant to abrasions as well. The one big pocket contains additional inner pockets for easy organisation.

On the flip-side, the bag’s sleek style may not allow you to carry a lot of stuff around.

  • Sleek, urban style.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Limited carry capacity.

From one surf brand to another. Quicksilver has been producing some of the coolest surf-related merchandise for decades. Now they too have entered the fray for fanny pack mens with a stylish, minimalist accessory.

The Lone Walker is pure eye candy to look at. The rectangular body boasts strong lines to give the carry pack a rugged, macho appeal. In fact, the waist pack is considered to be one of the toughest in the segment, with a near-indestructible outer shell. What’s more, the outer skin also insulates its contents from harsh elements. The pack is designed with smart pockets to store all your essentials and have them ready at your fingertips.

The one issue with the Lone Walker is that that bottom section is prone to wearing out a bit.

  • Tough outer body.
  • Multiple pockets for easy organisation.
  • Bottom section is prone to wearing out.

The FREETOO is a throwback to a time when fanny packs were designed to carry stuff around. No bells, no whistles, just a waist pack with enough storage pockets. That is exactly what the FREETOO manages to achieve.

You have a no-nonsense, smartly designed accessory in an all black colour tone with 5 spacious pockets. Easy organisation and easy to access. The outer shell is constructed from 1000D polyester, which in plain speak translates to wear and tear resistant. The material allows the waist pack to be tough and strong when it matters, while being soft to touch.

Because of its build and design, the FREETOO is an ideal accessory at can be used for a wide variety of activities – from hiking to cycling to international travel.

What makes the fanny pack a little less appealing is the inner lining behind the zippers. The thick lining can cause the zippers to get stuck mid way.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Retro design.
  • Messy zippers.

If you were to choose a fanny pack to just stand out from the crowd, pick JanSport’s Fifth Ave. Everything about the bag screams ATTENTION. The pebble-shaped body gives it a chic aura while the dozen or so colour options allow you to select one in your favourite shade. No more black and boring.

On the utility front, the JanSport presents two pockets that are easy to access and which can hold all of your essentials. The different sized pockets makes organising your stuff that much more convenient. The one thing that you will probably fall in love is the waist pack’s headphone jack. Now you can stash your iPod/smartphone safely inside and listen to your music on the go.

What will truly surprise you about Fifth Ave is that when it comes to cheap fanny packs, there is perhaps none more economical.

There is so much to love about the JanSport fanny pack, which makes it difficult to say that the buckle is not as sturdy as it should be. The waist pack can also feel a bit bulky to carry around.

  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Buckle not sturdy enough.
  • Bit bulky.

For those who prefer the outdoors, the Buxton is perhaps the best fanny pack.

The accessory features an all-round construction and design that makes it easy to carry around wherever you go; especially while cycling. The oval-shaped pack has a slim, elongated aesthetic that allows you to stash essentials and valuables without ever feeling the weight. What also helps is the arrangement of three pockets for easy organisation.

With the body constructed from a mix of leather and nylon, the sophisticated style is complemented with tough durability.

Where the Buxton can certainly improve is with its nylon straps. They are not as sturdy or durable and can break loose.

  • Premium style with durable build.
  • Sleek design.
  • Nylon strap can break loose.

The Patagonia may be last on the list, but it certainly is not the least; not by any stretch of the imagination. The waist pack combines the most durable materials in a style that will impress even the fashionistas. In terms of utility, there are storage pockets that will safely stock your belongings.

Where the stylish fanny pack truly makes a mark is in the ability to fold back into its own pockets, and then expand out when required. You could keep doing this throughout your lifetime and the nylon ripstop fabric will not show any signs of strain.

As perfect as the Patagonia seems to be, the body design can feel a bit bulky on the hip.

  • Extremely durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can compress inside own pocket.
  • A bit bulky.

The Best Fanny Pack – Expert Speak

There are a lot of cool fanny packs around. But when it comes to choosing the very best, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Material - Polyester, nylon, and leather: These are three main materials used to construct a waist pack. Leather offers a distinguished style, while nylon and Polyester offer a lifetime guarantee. The experts opine that a durable material is the best choice.
  • Pockets - Most fanny packs come with two pockets; some with even more. What you need to consider is whether the pockets offer easy organisation for your essentials. Inner mesh pockets can come handy.
  • Anti Theft - Another important feature is the waist bag’s anti theft properties. Will it hold against slashes and cuts, or for that matter, block digital hacking of your private information? The experts feel that a fanny pack that provides a high level of safety and security is preferable.

And The Winner Is…

It is hard to pick a winner from so many good options, but if we had to choose one, it would be the Travelon Anti Theft fanny pack. It represents the next step in the evolution of the handy carry accessory with RFID blocking among many other impressive features.