The 7 Best Thin Watches For Men

As a modern man, it’s essential to be in tune with the latest fashion trends. Lest you look like the odd one out in your social circles!

Indeed, knowing your fashion fortes and weaknesses helps you dress like a sophisticated man in tune with the 21st Century.

For years, the desire for an ultralight and minimalistic design with our watches has led to some breathtaking ingenuity.

In response to recent releases, we will be reviewing the seven best thin watches for men. Before going into the detailed review, here are the top picks from the list:

Our Recommendations

Our Recommendation

When it comes to the best thin watch that stays true to simplicity, the Fossil Thin is the best approach to take. Aesthetically captivating and durable, this watch can withstand water pressure to depths of 165 ft.

A great ergonomic design also ensures it rests comfortably on your wrist.

However, individuals with slimmer wrists might find this watch a bit too bulky for their preference.

Premium Pick

The Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Silver Thin Watch is an eccentric watch that can dazzle guests in whatever social function you attend. With a spellbinding stainless-steel bezel, this watch is a marvel to bestow as you strap it around your wrist. Its awe-inspiring design and sturdy build further ensure you keep time for years on end.

Unfortunately, you might not find its glow in the dark feature as effective because of the low level of illumination it emits.

Best Bang for Your Buck

The Bulova Men’s 98A167 Classic is a stylish watch with a genuine leather band and impressive quartz movement. What it may lack in terms of battery life, it certainly compensates for with affordable pricing!

A Brief Guide to Thin Watches

What makes slim watches a class above their complex heavy-duty counterparts is their durability and the tactical engineering that goes into manufacturing every one of them.

For the best keepers of time, a thin watch is everything you desire and more. Long gone are the days of bulky designs, which when worn badly felt like shackles on your wrists. 

Today’s minimalistic watches are manufactured with a streamlined style to accentuate your look, as well as ensure you enjoy all the perks of having a modern watch.

Our guide will provide plenty of information regarding the subtle features you should consider before purchasing a thin watch. We will be looking at critical areas such as analyzing brand history, looking at slim watch designs, and how to determine the overall quality of a watch.

But first, here is our detailed review of the seven best thin watches and what makes them tick!

The Best Garment Bag

“Slick Design Made From Pure Calfskin Leather”

Despite the company not having a rich history that spans a century or more, they still pay homage to a classic design that oozes quality in every dress watch they make.

If you’ve been searching for a high-end watch that speaks volumes about your refined taste, but at a reasonable budget, then a classic Sturhling thin watch is the ideal option.

At an affordable price, you will be getting all the essentials that an elegant watch has to offer. For starters, these thin watches sport impressive water resistance up to a depth of 165 ft.

That’s because they are manufactured with a Krysterna crystal dial that protects the interior components of the watch.

Another distinct feature that captivates is the strap made from genuine calfskin leather.

For added comfort, the interior of the watch has plush padding which feels flexible on your wrist as you move it.

  • Impressive water-resistant feature to a depth of 165 ft
  • Crafted from durable stainless steel
  • Robust exterior strap manufactured from genuine leather.
  • Dial window made from Krysterna crystal
  • Analog display with Japanese quartz movement
  • The leather tends to tear and peel after wearing the watch for only a month
  • The minute hand looks identical to the second hand
  • The watch sometimes loses minutes so you will have to adjust it once a week.

“Essential Minimalist Watch That’s Bound to Catch Anyone’s Attention”

Fossil watches are considered one of the essential minimalist brands due to their simple designs endowed with plenty of features.

For example, the minimalist watch’s case is designed with an 8mm depth to provide comfort to your wrist as you wear it.

You also get to read the time thanks to the concise white-gold and blue hands that enable you to get the time as quickly as possible.

It’s not recommended to expose the leather strap to water.

But in case of an accident, you’ll be glad to know that the watch has water resistance to a depth of 165 ft.

Which is excellent if you accidentally fall into a public pond (heaven forbid!), or are waiting for the missus in the downpour.

  • The watch comes with a dial window crafted from mineral crystals.
  • For concise time readings, the watch has an analog display with quartz movement
  • Tough exterior stainless-steel protection.
  • The watch has a very classy look
  • The watch can be a little too big for individuals with a small wrist.
  • The chrome on the face of the watch is easily susceptible to scratches

“Keep Time with Elegance and Style”

Citizen rarely fails to impress when it comes to their watches, and their Eco-Drive series is no less immersive.

For the Citizen’s minimalist, in particular, the brand crafted it with a 5mm depth with a 36 mm case. Meaning you have a stylish watch that maintains a low profile on your wrist.

It comes with a modest water resistance of up to 99ft, as well as a sapphire crystal dial window to improve the watch’s scratch resistance.

An excellent bracelet strap ensures you get a one-of-a-kind look with the watch, improving your overall aesthetics and ensuring that you keep time concisely through the day!

  • The watch comes with a scratch-resistant crystal dial window that made of sapphire
  • Has an impressive water-resistance depth of up to 99 ft
  • Tough, durable, stainless steel casing
  • If you have a slim wrist, you might find it a little challenging to wear because the links can only be fitted full-sized and not half-linked.

“An Exquisite Piece for you to Always Be on Time”

Are you looking for an authentic watch that comes with a ton of flair? If that’s the case, then the Hamilton Jazzmaster Silver Dial Watch is definitely worth your while. Despite its simple design, the watch does not come short in terms of supremacy, boasting a robust analog display powered by Swiss quartz movement.

You’ll be intrigued to find that the watch comes with a dial window crafted from anti-reflective sapphire crystal, making it scratch resistant. Such a sturdy dial window further provides water resistance to a depth of 165ft

This thin watch is further finished off with a breathtaking stainless-steel bezel designed to emphasize minimalism in the most spectacular way.

  • The watch comes with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal to protect your eyes from sun glare. This further makes the watch scratch-resistant.
  • The strap of the watch is crafted from durable alligator leather
  • The presence of a Swiss quartz movement for easy interpretation of time
  • Not the most ideal watch for people with massive wrists. Might feel a little tight
  • The glow in the dark feature is not so effective.

“A Watch Fit For A Man of Mystery”

A watch that looks like what James Bond would wear it to one of his top-secret missions to the Swiss-Alps. Indeed, this is a modern piece of art that emphasizes the true meaning of ‘minimalism.’

One of the thinnest watches in the world, the Titan Mineral Thin Watch slips comfortably past your hand to settle on your wrist and compliments whatever apparel you have on.

In fact, the plush leather strap can make you look like a total boss, even on your worst day.

And you colleagues might even find its minute crown ticking rather alluring.

While it is undoubtedly ultra-thin, don’t underestimate its high-end features.

Are you lost out at sea? No worries. You can still tell the time up to a depth of 99ft thanks to its impressive water-resistant features.

A watch of such high caliber certainly does not miss a sapphire crystal dial window, protecting the analog display that comes with an accurate quartz movement.

  • An impressive water-resistant feature up to 99ft
  • Maximum protection from high impact objects thanks to its sapphire crystalline feature.
  • A long-lasting, durable leather watch-strap.
  • Quartz movement
  • Has a dial window made from sapphire crystal
  • The leather strap is susceptible to wear and tear

“A Masterpiece That’s Withstood the Test of Time”

The Junghans brand of watches might not clinch the gold for the most popular keepers of time, but these are still the classiest ultra-thin watches your eccentric grandfather might wear from time to time.

With a history spanning more than one-hundred and fifty years, the company still crafts some of the priceless pieces, albeit at a steep price.

With one of the most beautiful displays on the list, the Junghans Max Billl Automatic thin watch is undoubtedly a head-turner in any function that you attend.

Though the plexiglass dial window might not be as durable, the watch certainly impresses with its abrasion-resistant feature.

 Ensuring your watch remains as new as you had purchased it!

  • The watch’s band is crafted from genuine leather
  • Lightweight design with the watch weighing a paltry 1.6 pounds
  • The plexiglass dial window protects the inner components of the watch from abrasions
  • Rose gold case
  • A costly watch
  • Plexiglass is not as durable as sapphire when it comes to the dial window so the watch may be a little fragile.

“All the Time in The World At the Comfort of Your Wrist.”

What does the brand Bulova represent? A classic style that is fused with an ageless design.

Indeed, this is what the company has managed to achieve with their Classic 98A167 minimalist watch.

While most thin watches are made from leather, the Bulova classic ensures only the most exceptional quality, and genuine leather is in the design process.

Which means your wrist will be enveloped in comfort.

You are guaranteed up to 99ft of water resistance thanks to a mineral crystal dial that ensures everything stays protected in the harshest environments.

A simple, thin design makes this watch as enticing as they come.

  • A robust, durable crystal dial window for protecting the inner components of the watch.
  • It comes with up to 99ft of water resistance.
  • A tough stainless-steel case.
  • Lightweight design with the watch weighing a paltry 9.9 ounces.
  • Quartz movement
  • There have been numerous complaints of the watch coming with a drained battery

Thin Watches Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve analyzed the seven best ultra-thin men’s watches in the market, we’ve got to figure out what makes them, well…tick (pun intended).

There’s no denying that thin watches are some of the most attractive devices on the market primarily due to their slick, modern design and an ultralight feel.

With that said, here are some of the most burning questions you should address before deciding on the next thin watch you want to purchase.

What Should I Look for In Terms of Quality?

The best thin watches on the market certainly need to reach a certain level of quality. You can’t just be buying any slim watch only because it looks good.

Indeed, one of the biggest problems that most people face with thin watches is ensuring that the watch remains strong and durable regardless of any situation.

As such, most thin watches’ quality is judged from the material used to construct the movement/display, the dial window, and the case material. This is why we have taken the time to highlight all three features in each thin watch review.

What Constitutes A Great Design for A Thin Watch?

Unlike most products, the term ‘design’ has a very different meaning when it comes to thin watches. Here, we will be discussing how the watch functions, as well as how its style affects the functionality. Unlike bulky watches of days past, slim watches are designed with simplicity making them easier to maintain.

You’ll be surprised to find that ultra-thin watches are some of the easiest and least-expensive devices to handle and repair in the market.

That’s because most minimalist watches do not come with multiple (and rather unnecessary) functions such as luminous hands and date windows.

It’s 2019…we can tell the date with our phones 😉

As such, when considering design parameters, make sure the watch remains uncomplicated so that it lasts longer!

What Brand Should I consider?

As much as we would love to say that the brand doesn’t play a vital factor in the quality of the thin watch you purchase, the reality is that it does!

You see, one of the most significant issues plaguing the thin automatic watch industry is the rise of many inexpensive knock-offs that don’t last the stretch.

Hence, thin watches with the mark of a reliable brand are like the lighthouse guiding you to shore upon a stormy sea.

There are numerous cheap brands in the market today looking to turn a quick buck by duping people with dubious knock offs.

As such, always purchase thin watches with the mark of a reputable brand that has a rich history.

Make sure that the company also has a reliable customer service center, repair plant, and warranty fulfillment before making a purchase.

What Is My Budget?

While some watches here comfortably fit the bill, others might be a bit of a stretch depending on how much you plan to spare to purchase a ‘minimalist’ watch.

There’s no point in breaking the bank only to buy a thin digital watch for the sake of style. On the bright side, thin watches usually cost way less than most watches in the market, so you might revel in buying an affordable watch!

And the Winner Is…

Without a doubt, the Fossil minimalist is the best slim watch for men. It has a durable dial window crafted from a mineral crystal that ensures water resistance up to 165 ft. Let’s not forget it’s impressive 8mm case depth that guarantees a lightweight feel on your wrist for maximum comfort. Indeed, what more could you ask from a thin watch?

Oh, and let’s not forget! A great watch on a sunny day is always complimented with devilish sunglasses. Heck, if you’re going to kill them with a stunning look, might as well make sure they are six feet under!