Mistakes When Wearing a Watch


Mistakes Men Make When Wearing a Watch

Most men have worn or owned a wristwatch at some point in their lives. Maybe you were a kid and enamored with the functionality of your new watch, with the constant tick and perpetual knowledge. Maybe you had one passed down from your dad and you wear it from time to time to remember him. Maybe you are a watch fanatic and connoisseur who chooses a different watch daily to match your outfit. Each of these instances is an example of the timeless romanticism and connection men have with watches.

Wristwatch Guide

A wristwatch is really the primary piece of jewelry absolutely any man can wear. It can be a status piece or ensemble accessory. But its roots are born in functionality. So there will always be a use for a watch, whether or not they ever go out of style, which is highly unlikely. And its undeniable use and style form the strong connection a man will always have with a watch.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to wear a watch. Ever. But it can be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe even if you only wear one to certain events. And if you are a hesitant newbie to watches or a seasoned veteran, we are all susceptible to mistakes. I’m here to show some common ones and how to remedy them.

Wrong Event

There are many, many types of watches out there. Too many to choose from really. There are rubber sports watches, smart watches, and several types of stylish watches from divers to dress to field and a few others. If you wear the wrong type of watch for the wrong event, you will look out of place or maybe even ruin your watch.

For active events and sports and such, stick with the sports and smart watches. For day to day activities, you’ll want a field watch or dive watch when it comes to style watches. You can have leather or canvas or steel bands, you just want to make sure the watch isn’t too expensive yet still matches your daily style. You want something versatile.

Wrong Event Wristwatch

For a formal event, dress watches are by far the best bet. Dress watches are slimmer so they fit under shirt sleeves easier, and typically look much classier and show your panache. By the way, dress watches always have leather bands, always.

Wrong Watch Size

No matter how great your eye is for a watch or how much you spend, a watch can still look bad and out of place if it is the wrong size for your wrist. Too small and it makes you look like you’re wearing a woman’s watch. Too big and you look like a child or a fool.

The general rule is if your wrist is 6-7 inches in diameter, you want your watch face to be from 38-42 mm. If your wrist is larger than 7 inches, the watch face should be 44+ mm. Also, a well-proportioned watch has a band that is half the width of the face diameter.

Where to Wear the Watch

Most men know just about where to wear your watch on your wrist. And precise placement is necessary. You just want to make sure it isn’t below your wrist bone, too close to your hand. And it shouldn’t be too far up your arm. You want the watch to rest comfortably just above the wrist bone.

Where to Wear Wristwatch

Watch Fit

Another seemingly common sense issue, how your watch fits your wrist. But some men still wear their watch too loose or too tight, with too loose being more common. You want your watch to rest comfortably around your wrist without moving.

If it’s squeezing your skin at all it’s too tight. And if it is able to move freely around your wrist, it’s much too loose. Be sure to have your watch wristband sized correctly when you buy your watch or get it adjusted if need be.

Not Matching Your Watch

If you have several types of watches, or if at all possible, you really want to match your watch to your outfit for the day. This applies to the event you’re attending as well as the specific details of your ensemble. You always want the level of formality of the watch to match the level of your outfit. Some styles of watches like field or dive or aviator are versatile and can be used on several occasions.

Not Matching Wristwatch

You also want your watch colors and bands to match certain elements in your outfit. You can complement the face color of your watch to your shirt or tie color. You can match the face material to your cufflinks or belt buckle or rings. But the most basic rule is to be sure to match your watch to your shoes, this applies specifically if your watch has a leather band.

Too Many Accessories

The watch is a man’s timeless accessory. And today, a multitude of men’s style accessories are more prevalent than ever. Cufflinks, rings, bracelets, tie clips, earrings, belt buckles, all of these can be used as accents to a man’s outfit. And there can obviously be an overload.

Just remember that less can absolutely be more, and a watch is the ultimate man’s accessory. Everyone knows them, everyone notices them, and therefore they are the most accessible and relatable of these accessories.

So please try to match your watch to your belt and your cufflinks and shoes, just don’t overload your perfect cocktail ensemble with too many accessories.

Spending Too Much

While a watch is absolutely a style statement and social status indicator, cost isn’t always the determining factor in how you present these. If you have a great eye for style or an important family heirloom, your statement can be just as powerful as a man who spends $10,000 on a watch because he can. Now, if you want to spend a lot of money on a watch because it is important to you, by all means, go ahead. But you don’t have to in order to stand out.

Expensive Watch

Not Having Any Personality

This relates in a way to the cost issue, but you always want your watch to speak about yourself and your individuality. This doesn’t mean wear the wrong watch to an event, but it does mean your watch should have elements important to you. If you value functionality, make sure your watch has multiple dials. If you value craftsmanship, go with a mechanical watch with handmade elements. A watch is a statement about yourself. Always remember that.

Final Ticks

Whether you’re just getting into watches or you’ve loved them for a long time, it’s important to remember the pitfalls and tips to keep your watch game at its very best, always running and looking smooth. A watch is the ultimate timeless man’s accessory. They will never go out of style and will never be useless. So pick one you love and rock it with confidence.