Slim Wallets For Men – The Buffway Minimalist Wallet Reviewed

Once upon a time, the bigger the size of the wallet, the more popular it became. And wallets needed to be big to carry cash, coins, and ID. Then came plastic money, changing the game forever. In the new millennium, big and bulky have been replaced by slim wallets for men. The sleek wallets offer more slots for cards and ID, minimal space for cards, but more importantly, provide hack protection from digital thieves.

We have trained our sights on one of the top choices in slim wallets – the Buffway – taking a closer look at whether the accessory lives up to its reputation.

Buffway Minimalist Wallet Review

The wallet in review certainly represents the next step in the segment’s evolution. As you move to a more plastic, and for that matter, a more virtual, form of currency, the need to carry bulky notes and coins diminishes drastically. The Buffway has taken this into account and fashioned an accessory that meets the modern demands of your new lifestyle and the new technology that surrounds you.

Though the slim wallet eschews the frills of the older generation, it retains some of the strong fundamentals that made wallets an essential men’s accessory in the first place. The review takes a closer look at these fundamentals.

Nothing Beats Leather

No matter how advanced technology becomes when it comes to raw material, few come close to the superior comfort and style provided by leather. The look, feel and touch of genuine leather elevates an accessory to the top echelon of fashion and culture. Case in point, the Buffway wallet.

The brand has sourced only genuine, high-grade leather to craft its wallets. And we are only glad for it. The advantage with the material is that it offers a premium storage space to slot in your cards and cash. Genuine leather will never scratch or stain your money. The other benefit is that the minimalist leather wallet will last long, toughing out the daily grind with you. Despite its toughness, the material maintains its plush, premium feels as you go about your business.

Leather has many impressive features, and one of them is protection from excess moisture. The best material offers a fair amount of waterproof protection. What this means is that the slim wallet will certainly survive accidental spills, but may not survive is a heavy downpour. And that is one issue with the leather wallet: You will have to be a bit careful with wet surfaces and wet conditions that the wallet encounters. 

Slim Design

Perhaps the greatest selling point of the leather wallet is its minimalist design.

The brand has found a way to reduce the body to the bare necessities while enabling you to carry a generous amount of cards and a decent amount of currency notes as well. There are 7 slots provided, plus an easy-access pocket to store cash. It is totally up to you to personalize the usage of the slots and the pocket. You can slide your cards, work ID, driver’s license, and a photo ID as well in the rear of the wallet with a clear slot. The easy-access pocket can be used to hold cash or you could carry additional cards in it.

This is what impressed us the most when it comes to slim wallets for men: They offer a high degree of personalization and flexibility. The cherry on top of the cake is that the slim design allows the wallet to be discreet, slipping easily into your front pocket.

The minimalist styling also earns the wallet top marks for style. In fact, with the range of colors available, you could easily own a couple of Buffways to match the color of your suit or ensemble. The wallet will not feel out of place at the office, at the local pub, or even at the most expensive eatery: Such is its universal appeal.  

One issue with the slim design is that you will not be able to carry a lot of cash, which may irritate some old school gentlemen. 

New Age Protection

New technology gives birth to a new kind of mischief. Where once pickpockets targeted bulky wallets in crowded spaces, today you have hackers stealing private, high-value information from your cards. The wallet then has to do much more than just hold your money – it needs to offer the first wall of protection. That is exactly what the Buffway minimalist wallet does.

The plush leather body is embedded with a top-level RFID blocking technology. What this technology does is repel electric waves that hackers commonly use to steal information. Once you slot your card, it remains protected from digital thieves.

With the degree of protection the wallet enjoys, you are then free to carry your money everywhere you go without any fear of anyone getting access to your information. RFID blocking has become an important feature in modern-day slim wallets, and the brand certainly does not disappoint in this regard.

  • Slim design.
  • Genuine leather.
  • RFID Blocking.
  • Economical.
  • Not completely waterproof.
  • Carries a limited amount of cash.

Slim Wallets For Men – The Alternative

You will find many wallet reviews that give you a lowdown on the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. We walk that extra mile and present an alternative option to the wallet in review, broadening your buying horizon. The Buffway wallet is a top product, but it has competition in the Fidelo Minimalist Wallet.

Constructed from high-grade aluminum, the Fidelo offers all the unique advantages of slim wallets. You can store multiple cards, IDs, and even carry a bit of cash. The wallet keeps all of your money hidden within its frame, with a quick lever that releases the contents inside.

Since the body is made from aluminum, you can rest assured that no hacker will be able to steal any kind of information from your cards. The other advantage is that, even in a heavy downpour, the cash and cards will remain bone dry.

What makes the brand even more appealing is that you can also choose a leather case, if that is your style.

The issue with the Fidelo is its price. The minimalist men’s wallet is relatively expensive when compared to other options in the segment.

Slim Wallets For Men – Conclusion

The Buffway is an excellent accessory to carry cards, cash, and more. But the million-dollar question is whether the wallet is worth your money? Our answer is yes: The minimalist wallet is fashioned from genuine leather, features top-grade RFID protection, and is slim enough to carry everywhere you go. And the price point just makes it even more attractive.