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Nomatic Basics Wallet Review – Is This Minimalist Slim Wallet Right For You?

Over the past few years, I have been a wallet journeyman, going from different tri-fold wallets to bi-fold wallets and now finally to slim wallets, all with the purpose of gaining more comfort while still maintaining functionality and some style to boot.  If you find yourself tired of sitting on a brick or just want something more comfortable in your front pocket, this review should give you an idea if you want to try the Basics Slim Wallet by Nomatic.  It’s simple, slim, cheap (check the Amazon live price here), and very functional.

Product Overview

The Nomatic Basics Men’s Slim Wallet was a Kickstarter project that raised way over its targeted funding amount back in 2014 and has remained a popular slim wallet since.  The idea for the wallet is to have great functionality, due to a leather pull tab, while allowing you to carry up to 15 cards and some cash with some color options for your own personal style, all for a price among the cheapest on the slim wallet market.

Wallet Build and Material

Nomatic says their Basic Wallet is constructed of medical grade elastic and a small leather patch on the pull-tab. It is not the most common slim wallet design material around, but they provide a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee so they believe this slim wallet will last a long time. I personally have not had the wallet for long enough to determine durability, but the stitching seems solid and the material feels well made, and is even designed to stretch a little while still keeping a nice fit for your cards. I am no materials engineer, and have experience mostly with leather wallets, but the Basics Slim Wallet feels like it will last for a solid amount of time.

Design and Style

The Basic Wallet was clearly designed with functionality as its primary selling point, and it doesn’t disappoint. There are slots on both the top and bottom to load and access your cards in two separate groups, a pull tab to create more space to access these cards, and a small pocket for some cash or a few other slim items like coins or keys. The purpose of this dual loading system is to readily present more cards for you.

This design, along with the material, means that the Basic Wallet sacrifices some style, or at least I think so. With the pull-tab system, your cards are exposed on both ends. While most slim wallets have some sort of card exposure, this one has a little more than I prefer. I don’t think it looks great to have a decent portion of your cards showing, and it could be cause for more unnecessary wear and tear on your cards. Also, the Basics Slim Wallet elastic material is not as sexy as other materials, such as leather or metal, available for wallets on the market today. The available colors of black, red, grey, or mint help in flexibility, but aren’t enough to make it truly attractive. And I personally don’t really care about style that much, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t better looking slim wallets out there. But hey, being as cheap as it is, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Carrying Capacity

You can have up to 15 cards total in the Basics Slim Wallet, but I found that this was only true when every card didn’t have standard credit card thickness.  This stretched the wallet too much.  But in all reality, if you are looking for a slim wallet, you are trying to make your pocket more svelte anyway, and carrying an overstuffed slim wallet is completely counterintuitive to the term slim wallet.  Anyway, I usually carry around 7-8 cards and found that the Basic Wallet was very comfortable in this range.  With regards to cash carrying, the pocket allows for a few bills, folded a couple times.  Nothing extraordinary, and it could be a hassle in a pinch, but in those rare cases you can just keep the extra cash in your pocket.  One note is that the cash does slightly obstruct your access to one half of your cards, which seems like an oversight by Nomatic, but it isn’t that bad, definitely not a deal breaker.


As I stated before, the Basics Slim Wallet was clearly designed with functionality at its heart. Loading the cards into each side of the wallet only takes a couple of tries to get used to, and double sided access to cards is great. Once your cards are loaded, the pull-tab brings the top cards higher up and clears view of the bottom cards. This means you have easy access to both sides of the wallet. Another nice feature that Nomatic added was the flexibility of the elastic material. This allows you to fan out your cards and see larger portions of each card, thus making it easier to find and grab one. The cash pocket is easy to access as well, but as I said before, makes it slightly more cumbersome to get to some of your cards.

Another area of functionality I like to test is fitting and grabbing the wallet from your pocket, as well as comfort in your pocket. I found that the Nomatic Basics Wallet fit great in my pocket. It didn’t have any protruding design elements that made it annoying or uncomfortable, and its slim profile made it minimally noticeable. Handling this slim wallet was easy too, no more difficult than the next slim wallet.

One last note about the Basic Wallet, it does not provide any RFID protection. But again, for the low price that it has, you can’t really expect that to be a feature.

Overall Pros and Cons

  • Functionality – The Basics Slim Wallet allows you to comfortably carry 4-10 cards and some cash to boot.
  • Functionality – The pull-tab gives you greater access to your cards, while the elastic material allows you to fan them out to see each card.
  • Functionality – It fits in your pocket well and is easy to load and use.
  • Price – The Basic Wallet is among the cheapest on the market.
  • Style – I don’t think the material or card exposure is the most attractive slim wallet style I’ve seen.
  • No RFID protection – But with the price, it makes sense.

Alternative Options to the Basics Slim Wallet

DASH Co. Premium Slim Wallet – This slim wallet is a little more attractive for a slightly higher price.  It has a leather material design, but accessing the cards is not quite as easy.

Raw Minimalist Wallet or Infinity Wallet – These slim wallets are around the same price and hide your cards better, but again, access is not as easy to your cards.

Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet – This slim wallet has a nice leather design and RFID protection, but is more expensive the Basics Slim Wallet.

Final Thoughts

The Basics Men’s Slim Wallet by Nomatic is a nice choice for slim wallet newbies. It is designed around functionality, allowing you to carry a solid amount of cards and cash, and makes it easy to access each of these. The design is not the sexiest, but at its low price, you can’t ask for much more than it’s giving you. I would recommend this slim wallet to someone looking to try one out or to someone who cares not about how the wallet looks. With such a low price, you have very little to lose by making the purchase.