Denim Guide


Modern Man’s Essential Rules When Wearing a Denim Jacket

Versatile and casual fashion trends are always admired. Everyone likes that piece of clothing that easily matches any composition, is functional, and still adorns the look. Well, if that is so, then a man’sdenim jacket ticks all boxes.

A hit in the ‘90s, the jeans started to trend again in 2017/18, bringing denim jackets back to the shelves of many stores. This is great, after all, it is the kind of garment that matches with virtually any visual. Although it is a good bet for cold days, there are no restrictions on using it in other seasons as well, and with so many interesting patterns, it becomes a key piece in any wardrobe.

Nowadays, models, as well as the fabric itself, have evolved a lot: Forget those huge, heavy and baggy cuts we used to see many male fashion icons wear back in the day. Jeans jackets have become lighter, with new washes and effects, eclectic colors –  in addition to the generic denim blue – and countless shape possibilities.

Below you will find our guide on how to wear denim jacket for guys, from why wearing it is a good idea to style suggestions that will hopefully inspire you to adhere to this revived fashion trend.

Why You Should Wear Denim Jackets

Here are a few key points on why you should get yourself a denim jacket outfit:

  • Denim jackets enhance your casual look. Let’s say you are going out to meet friends dressed in pants, a plain t-shirt, and sneakers or flat shoes. In this case, a jean jacket outfit will contribute to creating a more charming and sophisticated touch to an otherwise very casual look.
  • They also bring a relaxed tinge to smart looks. You can always bet on a mix of a denim jacket and formal look by wearing it under a blazer or coat, for example. This new trend has grown a lot in the past year because it adds a relaxed touch to what is often seen as a more serious style, without affecting its elegance.
  • It goes well with any type of pants. Indeed, another strength of a denim jacket outfit is that it matches all kinds and cuts of pants, t-shirts, and other outfits. You can throw it over a red printed t-shirt or wrap a grey scarf around your neck – the harmony is maintained.
  • Wear throughout all seasons. Although it tends to be used the most during Autumn or Winter, it is not uncommon to opt for a lightweight denim jacket in early Spring or on a cool Summer’s evening. More than keeping you warm, it has the ability to “fix” any look at any time.
Why Wear Denim Jacket

How to Wear a Denim Jacket

Jeans With Jeans Sweatpants

The mix of jeans and sweats is a strong trend that is sure to increase and transform in the next few years. The two fabrics are extremely comfortable and together create a perfect sports look for the mid-season and colder days. When combining another piece of jeans, such as a pair of pants, choose skinnier pants in order to balance the proportions of a wider jacket. Also, avoid pieces that have the same tone – seek different washes, details or even styles so as not to look like you are wearing a uniform.

Jeans With Regular Sweatpants

Similar to the aforementioned jeans with jeans sweatpants combination, you can also opt for creating a look that mixes a denim jacket with other sweats. Indeed, this can be a trickier visual mix than most – mainly due to the highly opposing fabric textures – but so long as you are more cautious about other aspects such as color and style it should work fine. If you still wish to steer away from the obvious, choose black sweatpants as opposed to the regular grey ones. Alternatively, a black denim jacket goes well with a lighter tone of sweats.

How to Wear Denim

Casual Jeans With T-Shirt

Not many pairings are as classic and casual as jeans and plain t-shirts – hence a denim jacket plus t-shirt outfit is bound to tick all casual dressing boxes. If you wish to stick along these lines but veer towards a less casual option, pick a darker tone of blue for your jeans jacket. You can match this style with neutral tones of twill pants such as beige and polish off with moccasin shoes.

Jeans With Shorts

Jackets and shorts is a combination we see more and more often, especially when the topic is Autumn looks. So, it is not a surprise to see that denim jackets – both full denim and with cotton sleeves – works harmoniously with either loose or straight cut shorts. In order to wrap up the look, you can wear long socks and a pair of shoes in the same tone as the shorts.

Clear Denim Jackets

The denim jacket has become increasingly clear, diverting even from the characteristic blue tone of the piece. Some types are rather bright and interesting to use as a stand out feature in the look, matching very well with other shades of blue in addition to gray, beige, brown.

Moreover, clear denim washes look cool when worked on in contrast: opt for darker, eye-catching pieces such as black jeans or even a pair of twill pants. On the feet, this kind of denim jackets fits a lot with boots. Feel free to incorporate it in a casual and formal style –  it goes well on both occasions.

Denim Jacket Man

Denim Jacket With Chinos

The neutral, clean design of chinos makes it an ideal pair for jean jackets. Complementing your denim top with a bottom such as chinos allows you to be more adventurous with the jacket design you choose, creating your own version of casual. Alternatively, go for a more classic denim jacket style with beige chinos, for instance, and you have a smart enough look to go to work. Another key feature of the chinos-denim combination is that it allows you to fiddle with colors, either matching or contrasting tones – something jeans-jeans wouldn’t usually grant.

A Golden Tip on Denim Jackets

To wrap up our guide on how to wear a denim jacket, let’s leave you with one last (often underrated) tip: pay attention to the length of your denim jacket – it shouldn’t be neither too long nor too short, neither too tight not too loose. The ideal combination is to have a bottom part slightly longer than the jacket.