The 7 Best Messenger Bags

Best Messenger Bag

Men need to carry stuff too, and more importantly, look good while doing it. Wallets and the best messenger bags can carry your cards and currency but what about laptops and iPads.

With a simple sling around the shoulder, the bags can carry all that you need during the day, and more. We have picked out some of the best bags that will add style and grace to your everyday routine. Here’s presenting the list that includes the cool, the interesting, and the simple…

The Magnificent Seven

1. Wowbox Satchel


  • Eye-candy design.
  • Smart storage.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Twin flaps make it a bit difficult to access your belongings.
  • The leather finish requires a bit of maintenance.

The humble, sturdy briefcase may be breathing its last, but it still inspires urban, hip messenger bags such as the Wowbox Satchel.

The design and construction is reminiscent of the retro rectangular briefcases that was the de rigueur office bag. Perhaps it is this sense of familiarity that endears the Satchel to the millennial men. The whiff of nostalgia is topped up with a premium leather construction ably supported by a tough but smooth canvas body. The contrast makes for eye-candy visual appeal; a temptation you may find difficult to resist. The design team has indeed spared no effort in making the Wowbox one of the best messenger bags, at least in terms of looks. There is, however, much more to the bag.

Flip it open and you will find smartly designed pouches and pockets to carry just about everything you will need during a regular work day: From notebooks to pens to tablets to laptops and even a deodorant to keep you smelling fresh. The piece de resistance is the 100% shockproof compartment that will safely carry your laptop and tablet, enabling them to survive the rigours of the day, and even a fall or two.

What may distance you from the bag is its old-school flaps that need to be buckled in, then buckled out to access your stuff. This could make it difficult to remove a notebook or tablet when you are commuting.

2. Timbuk2 Classic


  • Durable and spacious.
  • Can carry multiple items without breaking a sweat.
  • Multipurpose.


  • Nylon finish gives it a less glamorous appeal.
  • Minimal padding.

For those of you looking for a no-nonsense, all weather, near unbreakable bag, consider the Timbuk2 Classic an answer to your prayers. Everything about the bag spells functionality and convenience. The large carry compartment can hold all your computing devices plus a notebook or two. Then there is the additional zipped pouch where you can stock smaller essentials. The partially concealed flap buckles are easy enough to open and close, enabling easy access even when you commute.

The Timbuk2 makes it as one of the best messenger bags for men because of its durability. The design team has stuck to its vision of providing an accessory that the modern man can take just about anywhere: From campus to office to even grocery shopping. The added benefit is that you will need just the one bag, allowing you a freedom and flexibility like few other men’s shoulder bags.

The strength of the messenger bag is also its weakness. The bag’s simplicity and no-nonsense attitude may put off those of you looking for a more premium offering. The Timbuk2 Classic is certainly not one to make a style statement, unless you decide to go for a bright colour option.

3. Mobile Edge ECO


  • Supremely functional.
  • Supremely affordable.
  • All-natural cloth canvas.


  • Not the best-looking bag in the market.
  • Minimum water protection.

The accessory will certainly appeal to all those of you who are conscious of the environment and of your carbon footprint. Fashioned from all-natural and eco-friendly canvas, the Mobile Edge is easily a top contender for the best shoulder bag. What makes it so is the supreme functionality it affords to the user: There is a wide variety of pouches and compartments, carefully designed to hold all your work essentials, and then some more. Three separate compartments are available to carry notebooks and reading material, your iPad, and a laptop a well. The large, laptop compartment has additional padding to protect your device.      

The Mobile Edge is considered one of the best messenger bags because of the attention paid to minor details. For instance, the individual pen pockets attached to a horizontal belt, or the ID holder that you can remove from the bag and attach it back, keeping your ID always at hand.    

With the focus of the ECO on going green, one area the messenger bag lags behind from its peers is in visual design. Though a great accessory to carry around during the day, you may think twice before taking it to office, especially if you are looking for a high style accessory.

4. Sony PlayStation 1


  • Cool retro design.
  • Original Sony accessory.


  • May not suit formal workplaces.

Halfway through the list and perhaps the best time to introduce one of the coolest messenger bags out there – The Sony PlayStation 1.

Based on the iconic game console, the original Sony accessory is sure a trip down memory lane for all the avid gamers out there. The design team has got the look spot on, recreating the very best of the 90s: the era when the PlayStation dominated, and an era of our childhoods. The bag, however, has got much more going for it that 90s nostalgia.

The simple off-white design, replete with the console icons, makes the bag a definite attention-grabber. Flip it open and you will find a zipper compartment that can conveniently carry office or study materials, iPads, and laptops. The rear of the bag contains another smaller zipper pouch where you can store additional supplies and essentials.

The bag features on the list not just because of its pop culture appeal, but also because the bag is waterproof. This gives the accessory a higher standing than its peers who may not offer enough protection against the rain gods. 

The PlayStation 1 has such an endearing quality that talking about its negative traits feels hard to do; but messenger bags reviews do need to be objective. The accessory can feel like a bit of a gimmick rather than a functional carry bag. The off-white colour can also get dirty faster during the daily grind.

5. Buffalo Hunter


  • Retro appeal.
  • Premium finish.
  • Laptop compartment.


  • Buckle straps can take longer to open and close.
  • Minimal water protection.

This is a man’s bag; no doubt about it. Inspired from a time when men were the sole protectors and providers, the Buffalo Hunter seeks to rekindle that ancient spirit of male bravado and courage. What truly sets the accessory apart from other messenger bags for men is its authentic, almost raw, appeal.

The bag looks all rough and tough on the outside, but it will surprise you that the accessory is crafted by leather artisans using premium leather mixed with canvas. Run your hands along the surface and it will feel smooth.

The Hunter means business. Apart from storing all the daily essentials, the bag has a padded section that will securely hold your computing devices. This makes the accessory one of the better laptop messenger bags out there.  

With focus on old-school machismo, the Buffalo Hunter certainly makes for an interesting choice; however, it does fall short in certain aspects. The leather-canvas mixture helps the bag weather rough usage but not water. If you are caught in a sudden downpour, your laptop and iPad better be insured.

6. Scully Squadron


  • Ultra-cool style.
  • Secure compartments.
  • Premium leather finish.


  • Expensive.

The list would have been incomplete without including a top-of-the-line messenger bag that was not a direct descendant of the retro briefcase. The Scully Squadron is very much that bag, along you to carry your entire office along with you, wherever you go, and making you look like the coolest cat while doing so.

The Squadron is very much an ode to the briefcase with multiple compartments that enable you to carry your laptops and iPads and whatever else you need. There are also zipper pouches to safely store your wallet and smartphone while on the go.

Everything about the Scully spells premium, right form its modern construction to its leather finish.

The best messenger bags don’t come cheap and that is one of the negative traits of the Squadron. You may think twice before investing in an expensive messenger bag.

7. Sweetbriar Classic


  • Total value for money.
  • Easy access.
  • Tough construction.


  • Not high on style.
  • Insufficient padded protection for computer devices.

If you are looking for a messenger bag that is rough, tough, not afraid to get dirty, and is dirt cheap, look no further than the Sweetbriar Classic. The bag is as blue collar as it comes, delivering on every penny you spend on it, and exceeding every expectation.

The canvas messenger bag has a Velcro flaps that is easy to open and close. The interior has enough space to hold all work or study material, with a zipper pouch where you can store your valuable essentials. The USP of the bag is that it is very easy to access, making it ideal for college and camping.

Because the Sweetbriar focuses on the basics, it is not a bag that you would want to make a style statement with. Laptops and iPads also may find the lack of sufficient padding a concern.

The Best Messenger Bags – Expert Speak

The fashion experts have weighed in on some of the best bags available and this is what they have to say:

  • Choice Of Material: You have three options to choose from: leather, nylon, or canvas. Each material offers its own advantages. Leather offers a sophisticated style, while canvas and nylon are a bit more budget friendly.
  • Choice Of Style: It all depends on the style you are aiming for. You can go old- school with briefcase -inspired models, or just be fun and casual with choices in canvas. The experts recommend leather: it separates the men from the boys.
  • Choice Of Features: In today’s digital times, laptops and iPads have become the most valuable accessories for work and play. You may want to choose a messenger bag that offers padded protection for computer devices and smartphones.

And the Winner is…

Messenger bags have become the new style icon for men to flaunt. Our carefully curated list reflects what is popular and what is trending. To pick the best messenger bag is indeed difficult, but we have gone with the Mobile Edge ECO. The nature-friendly vibe of the bag is hard to ignore, especially given the times we live in.

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